Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some known issues

Just a few of the beta issues that we're tracking (updated @ 10:27AM 4/16):
  • Layout is wacky in Internet Explorer - if you're using IE, some things may look broken
  • Sometimes the list of videos on the right hand side doesn't load
  • Can't delete items from your Recent Activity right now
  • "Send message" link not available yet
  • Can't move modules around (left, right, up, down)
  • No sort controls yet (e.g. Most Viewed)
  • Subscribe button currently doesn't display when you're logged out (and note that we don't show you a subscribe button when you're looking at your own channel)
  • Yes, EcoGeek, the view counts need some commas :)
  • Honors aren't shown right now - no, these aren't going away (thanks nerimon)
  • Can't choose your featured video yet
  • + a lot of little things
Update: Lots of great bugs in the comments below so far - keep 'em coming, guys. Some of these should be fixed later on Thursday (we'll give you a heads up). And lots of thoughtful, detailed feedback & suggestions too. We'll respond to some of the feedback soon...


  1. I am using the new look and I can't change my channel description.

  2. I can't ADD anything to my recent activity, haven't tried deleting anything from it yet...

  3. On the new channels, bring back Most Viewed and Most Discussed. Also maybe add a Most favorited or top rated

  4. I also noticed on SXEphil's channel // his featured video shows its only rated 4 stars but the actual vid is rated 5 stars.. Need to fix that!

  5. I'm not able to change my featured video, I don't see any option to. I even reverted, changed the video, it successfully changed and swapped back and then it was back to the old one.

  6. haha YOUTUBE! get new developers, seriously. It's time for big league developers for a big league website.

    The updates are consistently clumsy, slowly implemented, and non-intuitive. The designs aren't seemingly based on anything other than putting as much content as possible on the page.

    Also, nothing should ever be more than 2 clicks away! You should be able to get anywhere on the site in two clicks. Simplify, neaten, and design something that's based on how users actually use the site, PLEASE.

    Please please please incorporate the psychological/human nature aspect into the layout. It's so important. You already have the community, let's repave these roads.

  7. so would the entire thing looking generic and ugly be one of the "lots of little issues" you mentioned? because to me that is the biggest problem of all at the moment.

  8. The design *must* have utility.

    * The subscribe button must be much larger, and of course YELLOW.

    * The video + user stats must be at the top. Those are what people look at first and most. They want to see the stats and watch the video.

    * No more scroll menus. Scroll menus are dreadful. The javascript "more" buttons are nice, which would then make the page longer to show more comments, or whatever, if the user desired.

    * When I look at the new design, the first thing I see is the video. Great. That's excellent. But, I can't recall the user's channel I was on, nor the title of the video. That means I can't search for this great video I saw, but can't remember. The title and user should draw our eyes. Video+Title+User, most important on a profile page.

    * There's a little grid toggle button, that is not a good thing. Do something different. Something with either better symbolism, or actual words.

    * The headings need more clarity, they need to draw our eyes. I'm not getting that right now.

    * I'm very excited about the overdo changes to the user profile, and they are absolutely needed, but I am worried because of the poor planning and implementation of past updates to YouTube.

    Things that must stay:

    * Referrals when you subscribe.

    * statistics, statistics, statistics, subtle, clear.

    * Top videos. I want to choose my top videos.

    * Top favorites, I want to choose those too.

    * For custom backgrounds I would LOVE to see dimensions on everything, so I didn't have to use the webdesigner plugin in Firefox.

    * Thumbnails have gotta be bigger. It sucks, I know, they take up a lot of room, but most videos are clicked on b/c of the thumbnail and title. I can't read the title or see the thumbnail, and I'm very young with great eyes.

    I'm just having a very difficult time differentiating the content. I think there need to be clearer divides.

    Good luck, I look forward to more updates.


  9. I would like to see the info box next to the video, video title/stats on top, and the "playlist, favorites" box as a multi-tiered horizontally running box directly underneath the featured video like so:

    blah1 blah2 blah3...

    blah1 blah2 blah3...

    blah 1 blah2 blah3...

    All the headings should be either in one place, or formatted identically, so people know if they see this style, it's a heading. This should be so across the website.

  10. I would like to get the new channel beta on my channel Blakesreviews.

    Great idea! Thanks again :)

  11. You guys need to add a subscribe button asap

  12. nice looks cool but yeah the most viewd,discussed etc should be there.

    but how do i be part of this?? hmm..


  13. Hey guys if the goal of this redesign is to have the scrollable list of videos that play on the same page, i think a better idea would be to simpley keep to the original format and add a scroll bar underneath where the video is on the pre beta version. This would bring the awesome feature of being able to stay on that same page and play all the videos while still maintaing the already familer format we have all grown to love. Thanks for listing

    Youtube Name: Ramillen

  14. Commas youtube....Commas...

    I figure you've noticed that but...3023240 is a rather dificult number to read, which is why we use commas.

  15. Take a note from college humor....after a user's video ends...immediately play the previous video. I end up spending hours on college humor because of that. It would be a feature I'd IMMEDIATELY implement on my channel.

  16. Channel thumbnails need to be bigger. We want people sticking around and clicking on these things. should include view numbers (with commas :-) ) as well as date posted. Maybe that means having larger thumbnails and three lines of information about each video...I don't think that would be the end of the world.

  17. How Do i Get the beta for my profile?

  18. I am liking the new YouTube Channels BETA, and when you get all of the stuff you mentioned fixed it'll be even better!

    But I think when a user clicks a video to view on the right hand side of the channel, it should open a new video watch player page, I don't like the idea of it playing on the channel, as this discourages users to comment.

    But I really like the change, I hate people that hate change, its just like FaceBook everybody moaned, its just how it is users hate change, but YouTube your gonna have to change sometime or were just gonna be stuck with the same layout forever.

    For more information about YouTube Channels and my thoughts go to:


  20. I don't like how subtle the "Subscribe" button is, for starters. I kind of liked that it was always orange and in the same place. All Subscribe buttons were the same.

  21. Well, not bad.
    Necessary Things (FOR ME):
    -The NUMBER of videos that I/they have and the NUMBER of favourites.
    -A box that shows how many SUBSCRIPTIONS. Of course, this may be an option that no one has used, but I would need to see that.

    Things I Would LIKE:
    -Yellow subscribe button.
    -Total video views on channel stats.
    -Animated/gif backgrounds.


  22. Things I'd like to see..

    - The old yellow subscribe button
    - A function where we can see all of the comments we've left on videos.

  23. I'm liking the new channel page a lot. When first activated, it's pretty ugly and boring, but with good customization, it's looking pretty attractive. Like many have mentioned above, there are a lot of small things that need to be changed.

    -The Subscribe button needs to stand out more. Maybe let us customize the color of the button/text?
    -We need the ability to show our "Uploads" only by default, instead of "All".
    -Users should be able to comment on the viewed video right from the channel page. If YouTube wants users to access everything on one page, then they need to be able to comment as well.
    -For partners, the InVideo ads are missing from the new channel videos.

    Looking forward to the updates later today.

  24. Call me old fashioned, but I want the yellow subscribe button back.

    The subscriber stats are TINY and where are all the honours to tell us if we're the most viewed today, or whatever? (Maybe you're just planning for the inevitable - we just won't be Most Viewed anymore.)

    At the moment (looking at the Vlogbrothers channel) the box that shows other YouTube channels is way at the bottom. Ironically for the Vlogbrothers this box is used to highlight interesting members of the community, and it's just been shunted.

    Right there with EcoGeek - commas, commas, commaaaaas.

    What happened to the tabs for Most Viewed and Most Discussed videos? I always found those really interesting. Maybe other people just didn't use them, I don't know.

    The thing I hate most about it all, though, is that the videos and the text are SO SMALL. I'm on a 13-inch laptop right now and I can barely read it. Beside the thumbnail, the top half of the space is used to list the user, view count and the title, and the bottom half is just empty. Use that space.

    I'm not anti-change, and I'm really trying to like it ... I just don't. There was nothing wrong with the layout we had. I often find Apple make changes to their hardware and operating system that we didn't realise we needed until they show us, and then we're like "woah! Yes!" but with you guys, you take a good thing and mould it out of shape and it all just becomes inexplicably confusing to adjust to and understand. So solutions: give Steve Jobs the keys to YouTube, just for a week, and see what he does?

    On this new layout, things are either the same, or they've got worse. You said you're incorporating user feedback (from the very small number of people that managed to find this link) but "the videos are too small" shouldn't be something that we have to tell you. You're the most popular video-sharing site online, so act like you earned that title and didn't just stumble to the top fumbling with features as you went.

  25. Oh, and the downward scroll bars. What? No.

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  27. i cant change my featured video, apart from that i love it, both on my main channel Barkmarc and barkmarcstudios.

  28. No, YouTube. Just no. This is a very low blow. Just keep it the bloody same! That's what we all like, so why change?!

  29. For channels with a lot of videos, ex vlogbrothers, the side scrollbar takes a long, long time to load them all, same for the grid view of videos. Should be broken up into pages. Or something.

    I hope the sort by functions come back.

  30. I really friggen want to try out the new layer it looks awesomely amazing.

    Please change my channel :D

  31. Everything is very small (text, videos ... VIDEOS, youtube, we're having to explain to you the importance of prominent VIDEOS), the sections of text in the channel description all blend together and need to be seperated and broken up somehow, the subscribe button needs to be yellow. The entire layout seems impersonal and bland.

  32. Also, why on earth fix something that isn't broken? Maybe focus more time and energy on sorting out the faulty subscriptions box, or one of the hundreds of everyday glitches that youtube seems to house these days.

  33. is the link for people to change, for those asking.

    I wanna say I support EcoGeek's idea of auto-playing the next video, too. Genius.

    Instead of having 'Playlists' as an enabled heading at the top, what if it showed the name of the playlist? So on mine for example it would say:

    All / Uploads / fiveawesomeguys

    That'd be pretty sweet. That way people can have categorised links to sections of their videos, too.

  34. I'm not impressed. I totally agree with tyrannosauruslexxx, stop trying to fix things that don't need fixing. How about fixing the whole, "my subscriptions aren't showing up in my subscription box" thing, yeah? Way too many glitches on the site for you to go around adding more, I think. Fix the important stuff first, THEN embellish. Also, this new layout? Ugly.

  35. oh and being able to edit the profile live, seeing the changes happen in front of you - very cool.

  36. Just thought I would throw in some thoughts.

    charlie mentioned: "But I think when a user clicks a video to view on the right hand side of the channel, it should open a new video watch player page, I don't like the idea of it playing on the channel, as this discourages users to comment."

    I have noticed this is having an effect. Overnight I had no new video comments and that simply never happens for me. I know there is the small text in the bottom right of the player module that says "View comments, related videos, and more" and also a click on the video once playing also gets them to the video's page, but I don't think this is nearly enough. At the least it would help to make the title text under the video link to the video page, but I don't think that's nearly enough either. Whatever is done, the comments situation needs serious attention, because there is lot to be said for the user experience to watch the video for the first time and have the comments right there under it to read and add to, even while still watching the video in some cases.

    Also, as many have said, the subscribe button needs more prominence. My subscription level has also been way under the norm overnight.

    I would give the ability to move modules around a high priority. Hopefully this time we will have full control over where they go rather than simply left or right in some arbitrary order.

    I'll continue to test this out and add thoughts!

  37. So I land on the channel page and the video starts playing. I watch it. Now I want to leave a comet. So I have to go to a whole new page... that loads the video again? I thought you guys were trying to make / save money? You've just doubled your bandwidth bill and doubled my download, which, in Australia is metered, effectively halving my potential to consume your product.

    I don't want to say it but it starts with F and rhymes with whale.

  38. I think it's ok. The video player at the top is something like PopTub once had?

    When i was re-applying the layout / playing with it i found the lack of Opacity controls a bit annoying. Would be cool if they were there cause it allows for it to flow a bit with backgrounds that are textured / designed.

    With reference to backgrounds... i found it a bit annoying that we can no longer link from an upload site as this restricts the quality.

    Also i think Alex makes a good point about the playlists. I never incorporated named playlists but i know alot of channels that did and i think it would be alot more handy to have them at the top labelled rather than making people go playlists and then to the chosen one. Less time / more direct = People more happy?
    It also gives more personal categorization as Alex pointed out.

  39. I can't post links to my other channels in my channel description because youtube breaks them.

    I need a way to have a list of all my channels that people can subscribe to from my profile.

  40. The video thumbnails are far too small.

  41. There are some AMAZING suggestions here, I'm going to ditto everythign EcoGeek and nerimon said, and also add that, for partners, the InVideo Ads are not displaying on the new profiles.

  42. Also clicking the videos should take you to the video page so people can comment.

  43. Please add the option to align your background and also the option to repeat it on the x and/or y axis - that'd be SWEET, plus, it's broken at the moment.

  44. I think the subscribe button needs to stand out more. I also don't like the idea of watching videos straight from that page as it decreases the amount of stars and comments that we get from people viewing the video from stumbling across your channel. I accidentally clicked on a video which took me to a video page but it'd be nice if the video name was a link to that page too. I do like the idea of having videos playing there, just give a link to the video page too so people can comment.

    I think the overall design is really good though and works well.

  45. I just wanted to say that I LIKE the new layout.

    Couple of things need to be done still though...
    As pointed out in the blog itself we desperately need commas. Oh and the ability to move things around.

    On the other hand, I'd also love to see some sort of paging in the loaded videolist, as for some channels it is a huge list which slows down the page and playing video.

    I don't get why people keep saying the video is small? To me the video seems just as big as before, maybe even bigger...
    And even though I'm using a netbook with a 10" screen everything is perfectly readable, so I don't get why people say stuff is too small?
    The thumbnails in the list are big enough to clearly see them to me, and making those bigger would only fill everything up even more.
    I like the minimalism in it.

    So far I really don't have any complaints apart from that what you have stated is a still-to-fix-issue.
    Desired features I have is a (user chosen) maximum of vids to load in the list (why not base it on the quicklist function where extra videos are loaded as you advance in the list?) and some sort of transparency-setting for ppl with fancy backgrounds.

    Oh I saw someone suggesting animated gif backgrounds... please don't do that. Just saying.

    Keep up the good work, people hate changes and will always complain, but I'm liking the ones there are for now :)

    (oh and regarding the subscribtionboxglitch everyone keeps going on about for months now... i've never noticed such glitch at all?)

  46. Oh yes, one thing... Implement in-line commenting and rating! That I do really really want to see!

    It seems I did have more things I didn't like then I thought :p

  47. The fact that clicking videos doesn't even let you goto their page is a problem as it disallows comments as Stephen and Charlie pointed out. I tried getting to a video page and found myself having to double click and open in a new window. New windows lose.. Can clutter desktop.

    With the new layout surely you guys can give a bit more freedom to partners and their banners by allowing more depth? It seems a tad pinched at the mo

  48. I don't have any major complaints with the new layout so far. There are some minor things already mentioned, such as the videos playing in your channel instead of in a new window, that I'd like to see changed. Other than those minor things, though, I think YouTube has done a good job with this. I'll be interested to see what else is changed later.

  49. The information underneath my featured video isn't displaying correctly.

  50. Almost everything I wanted to say has been said, which I LOVE because it means it's not just me who feels this way.
    Your Subscribe button.. what on Earth? You don't seem to realise how iconic it was for some people. I know it sounds picky but honestly, if new users don't see that amidst the rest of the bland design, then how is our channel supposed to grow?

    And of course, the more pertinent question; why bother? I'm seeing new problems with YouTube every day- subscription boxes, comment bugs, epic failure of the partners' "custom thumbnail" feature, and frickin' BOB everywhere. For once, just ONCE, can you please please PLEASE focus on the problems you already have?

  51. You've fixed the z-index of the search suggestions, great!

    The search channel feature doesn't work yet - but just a suggestion, when the user is search in the channel, it should have a horizontal rule in the suggestions dropdown list, above the horizontal rule it should have suggestions for videos ON THAT CHANNEL with the keywords the user is typing, under the hr should be standard search suggestions.
    -really hope you do this.

  52. When you choose to play a video in HD, it stays the same size as it was before.


  54. i love youtube please dont do this

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. okay, so i switched to the new beta... when i click down my list of videos and play different ones, they all automatically have the annotations from my most recent video. fix, please?? also, the stuff in the sidebar that's now underneath the video is cut off. can you put in a scrollbar or something?

  57. I would say, if this get's more updated, make it so that people can choose to use it or not, like the beta is now.

  58. Is youtube really going to be putting up professional content over user generated content????? Also are the beta channels just going to be available for youtube partners or eventually everyone? Either doesn't really matter because I don't like the beta designs.

  59. Hi YouTube, this is Alex Negrete (KEEPTHEHEAT).

    I love the new channels, partner channels look amazing too with the extra features.

    Here are some issues that you may know about already:

    1. (This is for partners only) There needs to be a way to customize the Branding Box and the top ad side banners for partners. Since all of the editing is done directly through the layout I haven't found a way to change these pictures or the information in my branding box.

    2. You should show awards on the channels... maybe with a cool new award symbol. I'm talking about when a channel is most viewed or most subscribed, etc. Mine is currently #96 most subscribed in directors and I think it would be cool to feature that somewhere.

    3. I think even for regular users there should be a personal box or something to where a user makes his or her own box, then has the ability to title it whatever they want and fill it with information. Such as "Frequently Asked Questions," "What I Did Today," or "Upcoming Video(s)."

    Keep up the good work!

  60. Oh and also there is no more in-video channel ads on the featured channel video!

  61. Looking good YouTube. By the way, thanks for featuring me in your favorite channels. Like the others, i suggest there be a way to leave a comment directly below the player, that way comments are encouraged. Also, it would be nice to have a way to change the color of the subscribe button. I wouldn't mind having it yellow again so it stands out.

    Keep up the good work!

  62. Here's another one... when you're editing friends and subscribers and how many rows they have, it doesn't work... it only works when you aren't in edit mode, and you have to refresh. Also, the placing of the friends and subscribers fluctuates. But still, epic job youtube, I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!

  63. Okay, another issue... I can't figure out how to get a playlist ON the channel, even though in the grid layout, there's a whole part for playlists. Any help?

  64. I also find that you took out the 'search' feature. I know that you can simply use ctr+f and search though the titles, but the previous feature was good because it searched through the description and the tags as well.

  65. Please don't change the layout, Youtube staffers! It's horrible!

  66. My partner Friends have issues with the fact that links in the video section dont take it to teh videos and that the revenue could be affected for them

  67. To be honest, I think it's okay, but it would be nice if people can still keep their old channels if they wish. You really need to get the "send message" button sorted quickly as well please, and could you please try and make the description box below the featured video more read-able, and if not - just forget the description altogether.

    Otherwise, I'm impressed, and will everyone stop complaining harshly about problems - it's a BETA, which is exactly why there will be problems.

  68. It's not that good. Please please please just go back to the original.

  69. I think the new channel design is ugly and cramped. The "Uploads" section is so small that I can hardly read the video titles. And I REALLY don't like that you have to go to a separate page to view the comments, etc.

  70. I switched to the new layout and here are my beefs
    1. yellow sub button.
    2. "all" "favs" "playlists" along the side: no. Separate them like they were before. The clickable links at the top should read "videos" "favs" and "paylists" not "All" no one wants EVERYTHING on there.
    3. Stats. We need these. Number of videos, number of comments, views, rating, etc etc all listed with the title and thumbnail. You may not think it, but they are important.
    3. The title of the video on the main page NEEDS to be on top and bigger, or else no one will know what it is called.
    4. If you want everything to be played on the main page player, you need to make everything else associated with it available too ie rating, commenting, favouriting etc etc. That is an integral part of youtube.
    5. The video description: it is fine WHERE it is, but the fact that it's broken, doesn't scroll, doesn't wrap basically is USELESS right now needs to be fixed.
    6. Boxes need to be moveable and colours need to be better defined when you're setting up your channel.

    that's all I have for now.

  71. I would like to be able to filter the recent activity. Rated, featured, uploaded, those sorts of things. This is more a feature request than a bug, but it would be quite useful.

  72. One other thing that bothers me is the amount of scroll bars. 3 on a page, plus the actual page's scroll bar, is too many.

    I think a lot of features are unnecessarily complicated...didn't see anything wrong with the old layout.

    Would much rather see the sub box glitch fixed and browsing through multiple pages of comments through the 'view all' link easier. And the way that a later reply to one of the first 500 comments does not show as a reply is very annoying.

  73. I like the new layout, but I'd like to remark the following:
    (mind you, I only scrolled through the comments, most of this has probably been said)

    *You can't seem to change the featured video on you channel.
    *Long video descriptions seem to get cut off underneath the featured video.
    *The recent activity seems to double post sometimes. No idea what triggers it.
    *In the personal info box thingy; is it me, or is it illogical to tick the boxes of the things you don't want to display? Maybe put "Hide" above the column of tick boxes?
    *The favourite button underneath the featured vid doesn't work as it's supposed to. That is, the yellow speech balloon doesn't display properly. (Works properly on other people's profile page though.)
    *Since we can now favourite videos on the channel page, maybe rating should be added too?
    *The scroll menu for all the videos is nice (when it loads properly), but I also want to be able to view all the videos in a grid with larger thumbnails. Is that too much to ask?

    That's all I can think of right now...

  74. I'm not sure if this is known...but the channel description box is behaving very badly for me. Like, it shows the thing below the one I checked to show, but not the thing I checked to show, but only sometimes? Buggy...

  75. The new channel design is generic, cluttered, and lacking in usability.

    My biggest complaint is that, given what YouTube is, a person's videos should be the primary focus of their profile. Instead, this design offers a cramped scroll box with minuscule thumbnails and tiny text.

    In my opinion, the ideal profile would allow one to browse the user's videos much like perusing a menu at a restaurant: Nice big pictures with legible text, allowing each selection its own space so that the viewer doesn't feel overwhelmed. It would be amazing if there was enough room even for the first couple lines of each video's description next to its thumbnail.

    If you compare Yahoo!'s homepage to Google's it's clear why Google is the winner. It's simple and uncluttered, and it facilitates searching, whereas Yahoo! has too much junk that distracts and overwhelms. In the same way that does web searching justice, the new YouTube profiles should do video viewing justice. The current design does not accomplish this.

  76. Let me just say ONE thing. You all hated the new channel design last time they updated... seems like you kinda miss it... huh? Think about it, IDIOTS!

  77. I feel that viewers would get more out of this new feature if some comments would show up under the video that is playing. It is rather difficult for people to understand taht they have to double click the video in order to comment. That would be a great fix!

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  79. I think our uploaded video thumbnails should have the right to roam free and be as big as they want to be. They just seem a little too cramped to the right of the featured video.

    Also, it might be the Brazilian in me, but I didn't see any way to pick which of my uploaded videos appeared next to the featured video.
    Like the "Top Videos" feature we have now.

    I upload a LOT of crap I wanna hide deep inside my channel.


  80. You can't as simply get to the actual particular videos' page (with the comments)

  81. IMHO, a severe drawback of making all videos viewable from the channel page is that the feedback section (comments and button for rating) has effectively been hidden. While producers of, well, "traditional" content probably don't care about the comment section, I think it is such an important part of the community aspect of Youtube that it should be much more prominent than in the current design.

  82. Why is there no friends list???

    I don't see why you need to remove features when you should be improving the site. I agree with Lex you should focus on glitches like the subscriptions box, instead of trying to fix things that aren't already broken

  83. I like the look but i didn't realize if you click a vid on the side it shows up on the same page? So you can only watch one channel at a time? :(

  84. It wont let me change, everytime I click to change it gives me a 500 Internal Server Error

  85. Would love to be able to link multiple websites, not just one.

    Perhaps make http:// and www. recognisable in the 'about me' bit, since it'll be nice to explain what the links are.

  86. Cool way to display comments on the featured video... have them scrolling along the bottom or something? but that'd be tedious... w/e.

  87. In Google Chrome, "Shockwave Flash" Plug-in crashes and favourite videos can not be displayed on homepage.

    All users videos should be the default list of videos down the right hand side. Thumbnails and font are too small. Favourites and Playlists should be in a separate box.

    I agree with previous comments, how it is a shame that comments aren't displayed when avideo is on the users homepage. Comments are a very important part of the YouTube community.

    May just be me, but I can't rate the videos on the homepage either.

    Neat design, but there are some flaws and bugs that need to be fixed.

    Good Luck

  88. HEY i have somthing to say about the new profile layout the links don't work know more and I can change the description how does it work

  89. i cant edit the settings because they wont save. therefore i have gone back. also will we have backgrounds for the new youtube channels? in addition, can we have built in designs for youtube backgrounds, like weebly and freewebs offer for websites.

  90. I like the basics of the new design. I like how the background can be fiddled around with when you make your own theme. But, when i have tried to use an image in the background, it hasn't seemed to work.

    Good luck with all the changed Youtube!

  91. I'd like to say that I like the redesign so far. There are a few things I'd like changed but you've already addressed those in this post (the post, not the comment) so it seems like you're already on it. Mainly being able to sort videos and move modules around.

    It would also be nice if we could rename the 'about me' or 'channel description' headings.

    On YouTube I am Aaroncast86.

  92. Oh, another bug I noticed. When I edit the settings with information like channel views, subscriptions, about me, and channel description if I check a section then it doesn't display that section. It'd make more sense to show sections checked instead of showing sections that are unchecked. As it is now, it hides any sections that are checked.

  93. I'd really like to have the links again, the links aren't working or showing up as actual links :D

  94. Another 'bug' with background images. It seems like I can upload them but then they don't actually display on my channel. I'm using Firefox, not sure if that's the cause or not.

  95. MAJOR ISSUE. Switching to your new channel design has made my channel un-viewable. It displays a 550 Internal Server Error. HELP

  96. Another bug: When I select 2 or 3 rows for my Subscriptions on my channel page it claims to save my preference but continues to only display one row. The rows with subscribers work fine, it's just with my subscriptions that the number of rows wont change.

  97. I like the layout but cant change the featured video on the profile page.

    The rating thing is always stuck on 4 stars while I can go to someones video and it has been rated 5 stars that needs fixing as well.

  98. UPDATE: My previous note about background images is incorrect. When I go to my channel page ( the background DOES appear, it's only while in 'edit' mode that it doesn't show up.

  99. MAJOR ISSUE. Switching to your new channel design has made my channel un-viewable. It displays a 550 Internal Server Error. HELP. I have no channel now

  100. Is anyone able to switch to this new Channel Design?

  101. how to switch to new design? does account type matter? are clickable links gone?

  102. I like the new design a lot better than most people here I see. I like the ability to change the design.

    I agree though that the font in a lot of places is too small. Small fonts are really fashionable in the Web 2.0 craze and have been. But there's still such a thing as too small, especially with the increasing popularity of netbooks.

    The other minor issue I have right now is that I have links to my other social network-pages (twitter, myspace, etc.) in my description, and they're not converted to clickable links anymore.

    Other than that it was really easy to change to design and I'm pleased with the result.

    On a side note, I don't really get the new bulletin thingy, even in the old design. But I'm thinking, integrate with twitter in stead of reinventing the microblog? As soon as a video is available after uploading it's automatically tweeted and/or when I tweet it shows up in my activities?

    Keep up the good work,

    Koos. (

  103. I like the new channel design, but on "Recent Activity" it's listing everything twice.

  104. i switched over my profile, and customized it with my colors and background. i like this new style quite a bit.
    only issues i've noticed have already been stated.

    if anyone wants to see what it looks like customized, yt user: mnathanielc

  105. i got 500 internal error

  106. Not a bug but really don't like that I have to open a new link (and reset the video) to leave a comment in a channel view. That's a pest. The comments are the thing that make youtube a community!

  107. New shiny features won't solve the old little glitches that Youtube had. It may distract for a bit, while you're trying to sort out the glitches in the new features, but soon enough everyone will be settled in and the old glitches will once again be apparent and begging for attention. AGAIN. Just stop avoiding them and go and fix them, please? I'm sick of sub-box fail.

  108. I will be a fan of the new layout provided you can make modules see-through, so you can see a background picture behind everything.

    Also, don't you think it looks a lot more complicated than the classic channel design?

  109. I have no "Subscribe" button on my channel.

    I know it's been said, but it bears repeating:
    Videos are what it's all about. It seems like you're trying to delude users into thinking less about videos by making them tiny and pushed off to the side as a footnote.

    Other than that, and the things others have mentioned, I like the new design. Good luck working out the kinks.

  110. All right I know this is a beta version but I am a web designer and programmer and we just changed the look of the online curriculum and we IRONED OUT the bugs BEFORE making it live or beta.

    So many things are wrong with this. Change is good I get this but first I read a lot of people wanting the Yellow subscribe button back.

    That is great but I just switched my channel and my question is: WHERE IS MY SUBSCRIBE BUTTON?

    I know I haven't made a video in a while and not many people subscribe to my videos but I still want the subscribe button.

    Not only it isn't yellow anymore but it simply is not there at all.

    Plus the banner where the thumbnail image and channel name is, as a designer this upsets me, POOR USE OF WHITE SPACE.

    Don't get me wrong I love white space, when it is used for a purpose.

    But now there is a huge gap with nothing under my channel name and the all uploads, etc. links


    And where you list the uploads favourites thumbnail vids and titles... I take it a scrollbar can be needed but the size of the box ends up cutting the title of the video to the point that you would need a horizontal scrollbar as well. WHICH IN MY BOOK IS NOT A GOOD THING.

    I could live with the vertical if the entire content of the area actually showed but having to scroll horizontally as well, that is just plain stupid.

    And COMMAS for view numbers would be great.

    And where is the more link for the description of the video? And it seems that the text has been cut off as well.

    This may be just a pick design thing but on the information where hobbies and movies are shown... why is the text indented rather than aligned?

    And some have more indent than others, KEEP IT CONSISTENT PLEASE! Meaning from a designer point of view the text example movies should line up with the title, etc.

    I am switching back until you get your act together and get some REAL DESIGNER INPUT to really better youtube.

  111. So how does one try this new channel layout?

  112. I would like the channel beta to be put on my channel:

  113. Hey,

    I think I like the new channel design, but:

    *All the videos that you choose for my channel are rated 4, when they're not. :)

    *My subscribers box will only have one row, even when I click three.

    *You could put a section at the bottom of the channel video that says "Read Comments" which, as the title suggests, shows the comments, to make the Youtube experience!

    Thanks alot guys,


  114. One thing about the new profiles I don't like is that if you click a video in someones profile it plays in the profile page and you don't get the video page.
    This makes it much harder to comment/rate etc. Something I probably like even more than the actual video ^_^
    I'm also not a big fan of the many scrollbars on the profiles. I think it would be better if the whole profile was just a big longer.

    I am not sure about the design yet, I try to like it, but it's too new to make a statement about it.

  115. How do I switch to the beta channel?

  116. How do I switch to the beta channel? lol

  117. So many imbeciles on here... READ THE POST before commenting your issue... and read the comments too, your problem is definitely in there! <-- sexily customized wootwoot

  118. I just realized something when going to a different channel with the new layout. I can't easily pull a link to a specific video so that I can post that video somewhere else on the internet. (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) I get an embed link but I'm looking for the standard /watch?v= link.

  119. Hm... Annotations have disappeared on some videos w/ the new layout on...Also is the only way to watch a person's videos with the new layout ON his/her channel?


  120. hi
    so i miss goin onto peoples pages and sorting there videos into most viewed most recent most commented

    thats missing

    its just a quick way to find videos others find interestting to join quick convisations


  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Could you please make the words for the uploads a little bigger? I can read them just fine but I think it would just both fit and look better if the letters and icons were a tiny bit larger.

  123. I noticed the transparency for the page themes is gone.

  124. I was on Alexo670's channel (I don't have beta on mine) and when clicked grid view, It wouldn't load. I'm on Google Chrome and Windows Vista.


  125. REALLY ugly. You better leave an option to use the old styles (for all channels) >:(

  126. Hi YouTube,

    I'm overall generally pleased with the beta profile page.

    But you really need to fix the situation with the fact that there is no link to send personal messages to users with the new beta page.

    Also on my old page it used to display two little playlist video boxes at the end, they were originally titled my vlog. But this option doesn't seem to be there for this profile; I would like if it was.

    As for the backgrounds on the channel: You seem to be only accepting very small background images, and they don't look good at all, because you only give the option to have it displayed once or repeated several times as tiles. It would be better if you could either stretch the image out to fit the entire profile page or be able to upload bigger images or both.

    I'd like a separate Favorites module box, I like to let my subscribers know what sort of videos I like watching, since this is an online community after all.

  127. I agree with the most repeated things such as; featured videos change on the page instead of bringing you to the actual video page where commenting, rating and video responding takes place; this is very annoying.

    Also I want to re-enforce a couple of points which have only been mentioned a few times:
    -I don't like the way links are now split on the "about me" part.
    -I don't like the scrollers on the comments or recent activity modules, and on the videos [beside the featured video] there should be less videos because bigger tumbnails and text, and it shouldn't have a scroller, just have pages to flick through.
    -I want to be able to chose what modules I want on my channel and where they can go [up,down,left,right.]
    -Small Tumbnails and text = bad.
    -Big yellow subscribe button needed.
    -I'm not sure if it's only me, but I lost my background image when I changed from the old to the new? And then it wouldn't work, not sure what's happening there.

    I think that's all! lol!
    But if I have anymore I'll be sure to comment again :]


  128. It doesn't say the number of videos or favourites when click to view all. I know this sounds random, but I would really, really like the number of videos and favourites. I'm sure it can't be hard for you, you had it on the last channel layout. Thanks if you can do this!!!

  129. The Subscribe button should be Yellow!! And the video thumbnails need to be bigger

  130. Annotations aren't showing up on the featured video.


  131. Poor design worse than what we have already. If you're going to change things at least make it an improvement.

  132. No.
    Call me old-fanshioned, but NO.
    I saw the beta on a channel I go to regularly and to be 100% brutally honest, I immediately disliked it the second I laid my eyes on it. I hate it. "YouTube Channels 1.0" is miles -nay, LIGHTYEARS better. I do not - repeat, NOT want to sign up for this beta, as I do not like it one bit. (if this actually goes out of beta and is applied to every channel on YouTube, I am out of here)

    Oh, and while I'm in a bad mood from this, let's move onto another YouTube-related issue that's got my attention: View Count Freezing.
    One video I've seen out there is immensely popular amoung people like me who like to keep the "You" in "YouTube" and not this so-called "HuluTube" - the view count has been frozen at around 12,201 in order to not let it rise up the Most Viewed list.. care to explain that to us? If it a "bug/glitch", then why didn't it appear earlier until now? Why has it just appeared? Why don't you put aside the aesthetic upgrades until this "bug" is fixed? Because right now, stuff like frozen view counts is much, MUCH more important than a new look. <-- 1.0 forever.

  133. The channel itself doesn't look too bad. I personally really like it. Of course, a lot of the stuff people have mentioned so far can be done to make it better, but personally, I want to be able to put my playlists in an order for the playlist bar. I have 20+ playlists and they're numbered, but I made some before others that aren't in numerical order. It should easily be possible to give us that option.

  134. I can not see the "About Me" or "Channel Description" on my channel, even though I have the box checked.

    Also, I agree with the others that said they want the old subscriber button back. It is a trademark of the site (it's almost like if you change the logo for YouTube). I also think that it's design compliments the new channel layout quite nicely.

    -Julian "ItTakesII"

    P.S. I like that you are taking suggestions from us, we've got strong opinions that I think are very useful to you and will save you a lot of negative feedback later. :)

  135. I am using firefox 3.0.8 and when i click a video in the right hand video list for IceflowStudio's channel it closes firefox and sends and error report. I haven't tried this with other browsers yet.

  136. I like the way everything lays out quite nicely. EXCEPT... with the channel layout. I always liked having it personalized with photos and backgrounds, and creative things, that gives the viewer an idea of what they are going to be viewing.

  137. please make an option so our channels can also be on the old view when this new view offically comes out!

  138. How about a play all button on the video player like a playlist for your vids and favourites!

    Get what I mean?

    XD James XD

  139. I quite like this new one!

    XD James XD

  140. I really like it so far, but:

    -Users can't change their featured video
    -The videos shown on the right hand side are the three latest videos, but I think that users should be able to choose which videos are shown.

    But other than those two things I really like it! ^__^

  141. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  142. Two things are not working for me, I can't edit the extra box that YT partners have and I can't edit the extra channels list. Everything else fine.

  143. i do like the efficiency and appearance of layouts, there are a few things that i don't like.

    *It cuts off descriptions
    *I can't comment

    And that's about it. please fix it?

  144. ps. there is also an annotation glitch, you should give us the option to go back to the usual layout, and i use a mac.

  145. pps. oh, and also, i liked knowing the date of videos. and sorry for posting 3 comments!

  146. One thing I forgot to say before;
    every video i see on the new channels are all rated 4 stars even though some arn't

    just a bit strange.

  147. Hi i'm actully quite impressed with the new layout, I think it has a lot of potential. However I feel the Subscribe button should go back the the nice Gold/Yellow colour, and for some reason where it says background image: it just says delete and basically wont let me use a background image. My channel is

  148. created an accout just to say this -i like the channel layout, and the problems i noticed have been shown- cant change featured video, background is'nt as visable as it was ect, but it has good potential

  149. I have tried putting a picture as the background of my channel and it doesn't appear afterwards =S not even when I have clicked repeat image !!! However apart from that I love the new layout =]

    The channel I tried having the picture as the background was:

  150. Hey, I love the new layout. I have customized mine to the highest level, but have a bug to report. The "uploads" sidebar, that IceFlowStudios, and the other channels have displaying, refuses to display for me. I have tried looking at it logged in and out, but it never loads. Any ideas? incase you want to see the bug.

  151. Suggestion: you should make things like the recent activity box draggable, like bottom and top, to change the size! Also, plz check out my channel (it's beta), i think it's rather nice, maybe one of your favorite new channels?

  152. I really don't like it. Facebook's trying to be more like Twitter and now you're trying to be like Facebook?

    I don't think anyone needs to see a giant box of everything I've rated and fav'd. (Yeah, I can probably remove that, but SO not the point.) I would much rather have...what I have now. A box with MY videos arranged how I want.

    If it ain't broke, PLEASE don't fix it!

  153. i like it..... but u cant edit ur channel description.... also i think in the themes u should add some cool background images

  154. Oh, and another thing. The video will not play at all, and it is like the embed video box, with the option for the video to go back into the box, and have the thumbnails appear, but the video window will not work either.

    Http:// to see the problems.

  155. i like it..... but u cant edit ur channel description.... also uploading background images doesnt work... but i think in the themes u should add some cool background images

    my channel is

  156. In the boxes on the side with Uploads and Favorites there's no way to revert back to the default once you select "see all."

    Also, I'd like a more obvious way to get to the comment section when viewing a video. Comments are what it's all about with user videos.

    And I'd like to see a way to make the Wrappaper transparent by degrees to better show any wallpaper better we've posted.


  157. also like jgolant said, you should make things like the recent activity box draggable, like bottom and top, to change the size!

  158. Obviously, as you are aware- put that bright yellow subscribe button back. Make it so that people can comment on the video from your home page. I would like whatever your title is(director, guru, etc) to be added and the ability to move modules.

  159. so far it looks fresh but i wish the texts are bigger, more colors to chose from, i want the subscribe button to show even if were offline.

    links on the description box isnt clickable. more customization pls.

    thumbnail should be alot bigger.

    thank you

  160. BUG REPORT:
    - There is no link that says add as friend
    - When there is a link in the channel info on the left the link is not underlined, instead it is broken
    - When you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page the background gets highlighted in Internet Explorer
    - When you select a video from someones favorites and someones playlist it says embedding disabled by request
    - Few channel glitches in Internet Explorer
    - City doesn't show on channel
    - It should say Movies & TV shows not just Movies
    - Channel background is hard to see


  162. Mattjs95, yes there is, look closer, love it!

  163. OK. Here are my issues:

    - The info that was once in the "sidebar" is now underneath my video on my channel, but not ALL of it is displayed! People cannot read all of the information I put in there unless they click on the link to see the comments.

    -I also do not like that you don't automatically see the comments/cant automatically comment or rate, etc.

    -Thumbnails are too small (yes, i know that's been addressed multiple times)

    -basically, all of the video information is too small. that's the main point of our channel, to see our videos, right?

    Things I do like:

    -I like that the channel takes up more space on the web browser.

    -I like the IDEA of being able to watch all videos on the channel page, just don't like that comments aren't allowed from there.

  164. Gah! I can't have a bookmarked link to a page with all the channel's videos listed, but no video actually playing. ANNOYING!!!

  165. BUG REPORT!
    - Links in the section above the about me section are broken and are not underlined

  166. heyyyyy.

    the one problem i have with the profile beta is that you can't click on the title of the featured video to go to its video page. that would make life a lot easier.


  167. I liked how it would show the videos, before, the ratings, the views, dated added, and in order.

  168. I sorta just realized that i cannot message anyone through the new layout. there is no send message, share channel, groups, To be honest, i hate this new layout, i just hate it.

  169. There is no playlist link, plus, i like the way when you'd click on all videos, it would take you to a page. And i really hate how you did the favorites thing, i liked it the old way better. Just choose an option (like how myspace did) so people can do the old layout, and new layout. And bring back URL UPLOADED backgrounds

  170. There's no search bar in the uploads section.
    Overall, though, I like the design.

  171. BUG REPORT!
    Can't change featured video!

  172. BUG REPORT:

  173. The way how it shows the videos stinks, doesn't say how long it is, smaller icon, no ratings, no where it says. I really liked the old layout better, big time. Some changes on YouTube were good (like how they made the favorites icon smaller, and etc) I liked that change, and some changes on youtube (like removing url backgrounds) are not good. I like the OLD layout better, and just leave it that way, or make an option.

  174. BUG: When you click on the title of the video it won't send you to the video page

  175. Oh another thing! I hate when you click on the video, it stays at the channel, I want to go to the video it self!!

  176. I also hate how the subscribe button, where they put it at, it seems unnoticeable

  177. A few things...

    --I know this has probably been mentioned already, but every featured video is only showing up as being rated 4 stars, while many of them are 5.

    --Please make the video title a direct link to the video rather than having that "View comments, related videos, and more" link. It's a lot less confusing.

    --Also, statistics need to be moved to the top of the channel and be made bigger and more noticeable.

    I do have one piece of positive feedback, however: I like how you can now watch HD videos right on the channel page. Keep that.

  178. When your profile and you try to use the search bar when you press enter it just refreshes the page

  179. Sorry, it's horrible. Stick with the scrolling comment bar though :D

    Also, bring back the feature where you can click an arrow to browse through the subscribers, friends, etc.

  180. i love the old ones bettter! stop freakin changin everything!

  181. When I try to change my account over it gives me this error

    500 Internal Server Error

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.
    Also, please include the following information in your error report:


    If its possible could you make my account have the new beta version, because I would like to try it out. Thank you.

  182. I am merely posting to again join the consensus who do not like this new layout. It is far too difficult to scroll through those tiny video listings for other user videos, the functionality is not near as clean an organized as in the older layout. The benefits that once existed for original content creators are now simply gone.

    Let's hope that the voices of the users aren't simply dismissed.. though I tend to assume that will be the case. If it is, then I hope someone will come up with a viable YT alternative to cash in on the disgruntled remains.

  183. Personally, the more I look at the new channel design the more I like it.

    @nerimon's suggestion of displaying the title of a playlist like 'fiveawesomeguys' instead of just 'Playlist' ... I think this is a great idea.

    It'd also be nice to see the word 'Uploads' replaced with 'Videos' or perhaps made customizable where we can write in our own word.

  184. X_EgUWXsD3PLmixotCKdrOaE8wiBoYAO-06kbTs4QmJwUV6Spuy5zMcfXiD5

    I got this ERROR Message when I tried to switch over...

  185. I think the font should be a little bigger, or at least we should have some options to select how big do you want ur font.

    I do like that you can edit the page right in your own channel and see the live changes.

    I don't like that when you look at all the videos from a user you have to scroll thru them...

    There are people that have more then 150 and it would be really annoying and tiresome to find a video in a scroll list.

    As of now that's all!

  186. The top box of my profile has stopped loading. It shows the text of my featured video, but that is the only thing it is loading for me. I can't click edit or on Show Videos Only.

    And it's stopped letting me update my bulletin

  187. First I would like to say I like the new channel design, but there is one MAJOR problem with it that I don't see that anyone has mentioned.

    Me being a YouTube partner, I make all of my money from advertisements on my videos. And I know you guys are aware of the fact that you can not get an advertisement on the video in your channel right now and I understand that, but did you guys forget to think what this is going to do to the advertisements on the side of partner videos?

    Now that people can watch every single video from your channel page, it is going to decrease are amount of revenue as people are no longer going to need or want to go view the videos on a different page, which means we wont receive money as the ads will not be viewed.

    My recommendation for fixing this? Partners can either enable in video advertisements such as commercials to play on their channel only, or create a box we can put on our channel with an advertisement in it if we are a partner.

    I hope you read my idea as I think many partners will be displeased with this one thing.

  188. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  189. Am not too pleased...
    Keep the old layout, and just tweak the design.

    I agree with JoeDTrick when he mentions advertising will be affected. The solution for that is to resize the ads.

    Problem here is, there should be a clear-cut area for all the 'videos' uploaded by a person.
    This will increase each video's attractivity, making people more likely to watch another one of the respective channel's videos.

    Hard to explain, but basically, new layout decreases incentive to watch another one of that channel's videos, resulting in a loss of advertising revenue.

    I guess google just seems to be happy that they're doing well in the market right now, outperforming the average, but taking this maneuvre is a surefire way to lose out.

  190. I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE the new complication to posting a comment. I like viewing podcasts from a channel's home page, but then I have to go to the old page to post a comment, so WHY BOTHER???

  191. Hmm, I think it's pretty ugly :/ Not a big fan. Why can't you leave this as a choice instead of changing everybody's channel??

  192. Why has it been made more difficult to find individual videos and comments?