Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Date set for moving all remaining old channels to new version

Hey folks - the remaining items on our to-do list for new channels have been taken care of (with a few remaining bugs expected to be fixed in the next two weeks), so we're planning on switching all user channels still using the older version on September 30 and all partners on October 14. Note that not all channels will switch over instantly; it'll take a week or two after the migration starts to complete converting all remaining channels.

We've addressed many of the items from the to-do list, including:
  • Fixing some browser-specific layout bugs (especially IE6)
  • Allowing you to default your channel to "grid" view
  • Allowing you to re-order your uploads and playlists
  • Adding transparency
  • Implementing fixes for a lot of other bugs you helped find, such as grid view not always working correctly
We've also:
  • Added the ability to right-click and open videos in a new tab or window
  • Added a full screen capability
  • Allowed transparency settings to go to 100%
We're excited to finally roll this out, and it's been very helpful to have your input from the past few months to help us shape and grow the product. And things won't stop here -- we'll continue adding new features and making changes over time based on your feedback. Please keep it coming and share links to some of your favorite channel designs in the comments below. We'd like to highlight them in an upcoming post on the main YouTube blog.