Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorting, ads, and more

It's about time for another beta update. As emoes guessed in the comments of our last post, we're getting closer and closer to the full launch for all users - though we were surprised to learn that hundreds of thousands of users are already using the new version of channels. Once again, your feedback and bug reports so far have been amazing - you've helped make the new version of channels better, faster, stronger over the course of the beta.

So what's new this week?
  • Ads - partners, you've been asking for it: You can now have the full range of ads on your channel
  • Sort controls - sort by most viewed, date added, or highest rated (yes, this was buggy for a few days, but should be fine now)
  • Ratings stars can now be clicked
  • Counts for the number of videos in each section (when in "All" view)
  • When playing a video, the video title now links to the non-channel video watch page as well
  • And, of course, bug fixes - including one where thumbnails were "pushed down" and had some black borders, rating stars rounding down, and more
And what's still coming?
  • Ability to reorder your uploads, or your lists of playlists
  • Making URLs autolink (in both the video description, plus the channel profile area)
  • Showing the upload date in the video description
  • More bugfixes (including fixing the scrollbar when ads appear, turning the search box background white within uploads, and making sure "autoplay the next video" only applies when playing a playlist)
  • And more...
Keep the feedback & bug reports coming...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Comments, featuring lists of playlists, and more

Hello, intrepid beta testers - we've been hard at work and have some updates to share. In no particular order:
  • You can now view a small number of video comments as well as leave a quick comment of your own - just click the "Comments" tab when watching any video
  • The font size is now a little larger when browsing through videos, thanks to your feedback
  • You can now make the list of your playlists your featured content set (e.g. the new White House channel)
  • New "share" controls underneath the video
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't show certain playlists
  • The endless loading circles should now be gone (heads up, patrickometry)
  • There shouldn't be any more channels with messed up layouts - please shout if yours is still broken
  • There's now a search box when looking at "Uploads"
  • Lots of other bugfixes
And, of course, there's still plenty we're looking at:
  • Transparency options (still tricky!)
  • Advertisement support coming soon, of course (heads up, partners)
  • Ability to rate the video from the channel
  • Sort controls for uploads (especially most viewed)
  • Counts for the number of videos in each section
  • Order controls
  • Making URLs autolink
  • And other bugfixes (such as the list of subscribers / friends wrapping to an extra line in some browsers)
Once again, keep the great feedback and bug reports coming!