Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Comments, featuring lists of playlists, and more

Hello, intrepid beta testers - we've been hard at work and have some updates to share. In no particular order:
  • You can now view a small number of video comments as well as leave a quick comment of your own - just click the "Comments" tab when watching any video
  • The font size is now a little larger when browsing through videos, thanks to your feedback
  • You can now make the list of your playlists your featured content set (e.g. the new White House channel)
  • New "share" controls underneath the video
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't show certain playlists
  • The endless loading circles should now be gone (heads up, patrickometry)
  • There shouldn't be any more channels with messed up layouts - please shout if yours is still broken
  • There's now a search box when looking at "Uploads"
  • Lots of other bugfixes
And, of course, there's still plenty we're looking at:
  • Transparency options (still tricky!)
  • Advertisement support coming soon, of course (heads up, partners)
  • Ability to rate the video from the channel
  • Sort controls for uploads (especially most viewed)
  • Counts for the number of videos in each section
  • Order controls
  • Making URLs autolink
  • And other bugfixes (such as the list of subscribers / friends wrapping to an extra line in some browsers)
Once again, keep the great feedback and bug reports coming!



  1. hey youtube team.thank you for fixing my channel. i can finally use the beta channel now thanks

    - Paul

  2. Sweet. I'm a beta user and I love the channels. I'm jsut wondering if everyone in the youtube community will HAVE to go Beta in the future, or we will be able to choose "Channel version 1" (regular channels) or "Channel version 2" (current beta channels) once beta is finalized? Just wondering.

    YT user JakeJackJoe

  3. Está bueno el canal nuevo... aunque me gustaba la transparencia que el antiguo tenía..
    igual está bonito...gracias y que sigan habiendo mas opciones para diseños de canal.

    una pregunta
    cuando habra opcion de partner en Chile???

    sin otro particular..
    Consuelo Rosales

  4. great job guys, but still 256k background is too small for great quality, the wrapper should be split in at least 2 different options, 1 for the big arrow, one for the borders (also, why not make borders instead of a plain color?)
    add the color transparent to the color choices, no transparency, just no colors and let us do our backgorund to delimit the boxes

    user sizeable boxes too so we don't get stuck with a big "wrapper" empty rectangle at the bottom when a column is longer

    some way to format the text in the chanel description and especially the video dscription, it looks like a bunch of text thrown there now

    more tags and more characters for the page title, its like 1/3 of what was allowed before

    the ability to expand the video player full width instead of having a list of playlist on the right (maybe only when clicking HD, would be nice

    bring back the auto play of playlists and uploaded videos, i don't want the playback to stop after 1 video

  5. Thanks for updates! Any chance partners can get a 300x250 ad box? Or is that pushing it? ;)


    That keep happening to my playlists in the beta channel. ANy chancethat can get fixed, as it is really annoying to me. Thanks for all the great work.

  7. A way to choose how the videos sort themselves would be great. Right now they are sorted by newest upload, but alphabetical, views, ratings, etc. sorting would be great. The new beta layout looks great!

  8. I think the section in the channel description that says "website" should be changed to "websites" and we could put more than 1 link url and we could have a title or description for each link! I have always wanted to be able to do that instead of having to put 1 link in the website section and the rest of the links I want on my channel in another spot.

  9. 1.) Change move modules arrow button back to the circular button or allow the ability to drag and drop like iGoogle and the YouTube homepage.

    2.) Make the search box white.

    3.) Make the profile picture at the top of the page larger.

  10. Since transparency are tricky, yet it is such a popular request by YouTube members, I suggest scrapping the current channel beta and redesigning the channel from scratch and take into account all the suggestions that have be suggested and/or incorporated into the channel so far.
    I don't know whats going on behind the scenes but all the time spent trying to get the transparency to work could be spent on redesigning the channel where transparency do work.

  11. This is a suggestion for the Themes and Colors.

    For people who are not creative or have Photoshop where they can create their own background I suggest "skins". This option would be in addition to solid color backgrounds.
    Also have an option where users can create skins and submit it to YouTube and other users would be able to use skins created by other users.

  12. 1.) In addition to solid colors, there should be a box that you can select so that the solid color background are gradient.

    2.) Some people wants the profile information module to appear towards the top. I suggest the ability to move this box to the top with the move module arrow button. However, when it moves to the top it would appear above the featured video as a horizontal box rather than verticle.

  13. narutocool9 - you're welcome!

    Jake - Yeah, at some point we'll take the new channels out of beta, and it'll be the channel everyone uses. We'll widely (outside of this blog) give a heads up (with a specific date) before that happens.

    Musik 4 Machines - Yeah, there's a bug with partner backgrounds right now. Your long title also messes things up right now - might not have some immediate solutions on that right away. Thanks for all the other layout, etc suggestions too - lots of good thinking. And yeah, the autoplay stuff used to be there - we'll look into bringing that back.

    IceflowStudios - yes, there will be a 300x250 shortly. :)

    TaurusOxford - Thanks for the screenshot - we'll look into it.

    Aaron - yes, we'll have some limited sort controls. Probably not ratings, but views at the very least.

    Mattjsrules - thanks for the suggestion! We'll see what we can do.

    N/A - Thanks for all the suggestions!

  14. TaurusOxford - what browser are you using?

  15. I agree with what N/A said...
    "Some people wants the profile information module to appear towards the top. I suggest the ability to move this box to the top with the move module arrow button. However, when it moves to the top it would appear above the featured video as a horizontal box rather than verticle."

  16. Also, I would like to say that on the new beta channels there is a section for movies in the channel description but not TV. Could you please add this?
    Oh and also in the channel description there is a section for Hometown but not city. If you could please add that as well.

  17. I love the new beta channels :D Great job!

    But... This might have been said, but I'm not sure. With the new beta channel, I can't seem to find how to change the featured video, for I have a video there, but my taste changes so fast I can hardly keep up with it. And now its time that I want to change it again.. I looked everywhere, and maybe I'm just not seeing it?

    I also agree with those who have pointed out that the information should be towards the top. I see how pleasing us could be difficult though.. since the new video players would want to be the center of attention as well as we want the information to be.

    Speaking of the video player, I don't have any playlists or uploads yet- so if possible, it would be nice if the favorites were more exteneded instead of showing 3 measily videos. (Although I am aware that you can easily click "see all"). I don't know, it's only a suggestion.

    Thanks for your time,

  18. You guys are doing great! It's moving along great, and I love how it's turning out. Nothing really that I need to suggest though, as you already have what I thought of in the "still looking at" part :) Can't wait for it to be fully done, and for the Ad's to be placed for partners!

  19. afaagfg, look above the featured video and to the right it will say edit, click that. And where it says featured video select which video you want. If you want to enter a Video URL from YouTube select other from the list, and put the url in, and select save changes!

  20. @ Brain: I am using Internet Explorer 8, and please don't tell me to use another browser, cause FF and Google Chrome crash on me all the time.

  21. Two things I think we need.

    1. Option for "Fixed background" (cross-browser)
    2. Sort "Top Friends (and Subscriptions/Subscribers)" like on MySpace. Personally I'd like to feature my favorates in those boxes.

  22. I really like the comment integration. It isn't exactly what I pictured, but it works, aside from a little bug I notice.

    Where it shows the comments that I posted in reply, it shows a big white bar where the link to the channel and when the comment was left is, and it looks odd.

    Here's the channel to see what I mean.

    I'd still like to see the subscriber and friends lists randomized if that's at all possible. Or at least let us choose which ones are shown.

    Thanks again!

  23. I still hate the new design. Really. :-(

    But since I can not prevent it from coming, here is some constructive criticism:

    - videos shouldn't be called "uploads". Who got that silly idea from? just call it "videos"! That's what it always was and you shouldn't change that!

    - right click (on a thumbnail or link) and open in new window should ALWAYS work, because that's what I usually do to open a video. I usually open a couple of videos at the same time, but that's not possible anymore when you disable right clicks on links!

    - where are the star ratings in the videos overview? i WANT star ratings to see which videos I might be interested in.

    Really, if this design is the best you can come up with, I'm scared! In my opinion the current design is okay! not perfect, but good enough. The new design feels ugly and just not right. I don't need a fancy design and restrictions that come along with unnecessary ajax enhancements. Keep it simple and navigational! Like it is now.

  24. @ brian, fixed my title, i hadn't noticed it was pushing the rest down, but the tags are still too few

    i hadn't notice, but it's mandatory that you can open links in a new tab by right clicking/ctrl clicking on them, i like to load a couple in the background to listen later, and now i have to reopen the channel in a new tab every time

  25. My "GoldieStreet" Channel is still broken. I have tried the new Beta space.
    1. My ratings tab seems to be broken
    2. I only have 4 out of about 15 playists I compiled featured on the Beta channel. Is that the new limit??? My Playlists make up my channel so i can't afford to have subsribers lost, looking for playlists.
    3. What happened to the option to feature the "VLOG" playlist on the main page?

  26. Great stuff!

    Cant wait for the ads in the videos and the 300x250 box for partners :)

  27. Brain: Small problem.

    I like BETA channels, really cool but the "Act like a playlist" part is kinda pissin me off

    50% of the time, when I play a favorite it will "play next" as though I were in a playlist

    Is there any way to disable this?

  28. PLEASE add a group link! PLEASE!!

    YT: tderfness

  29. @ sebine, make it an option maybe, but disable it, never, it's the best feature of the new channel, continoouus play

  30. Thanks, it is definitely an improvement! Still needs some work on the description box under the main video - breaks in text aren't recognised and url links don't autolink.

    Keep up the good work

  31. What about Groups?


    It does the same thing for me in Firefox 3 too apparently.

  33. Hi guys, we have just upgraded to the beta channel and are really impressed but for life of me I can't see where the link is for groups.

  34. @ groups people, just an option would be fine, i absolutely don't want that shit on my page, nor do i want a vlog(which is just a reverse playlist)
    there are some more important stuff to fix, and people stop complaining about the arrows, you are the only one who sees them

  35. I would like one addition not mentioned in this blog post... Static background. It works very nicely in Twitter and I think would look lovely here on YouTube...

  36. Great job guys, my background is finally loading - no more infinite circles. I could finally do some customizing. Check it out:


  38. The fixes are great, thanks and great work! :)


    I noticed that the playlist order populates on the channel page randomly(?), but if I EDIT my playlists, it orders them alphabetically. I like the alphabetical option b/c I have so many playlists. It helps me organize / "(sub)categorize" them more effectively.

  39. @Matt & Brian.

    I just figured out the featured video and favorites list thing, thank you! I thought if I clicked edit, it would send me back to changing my layout, but thanks for your help :)

    And the Beta channels are moving along great! Keep up the good work.


  40. Great adding the search option, a little difficult to see, but nice.

    You may already be looking into this, but for Channels w/ large amounts of subscribers, when clicking on the "see all" button, not all of the are shown. In some cases, there is not way to see all of them (no "next" button etc...").

  41. I love the channels, but here's a few suggestions:

    The ability to choose which videos are shown / not shown on your channel lists, and which order they display in.

    The ability to choose which playlists are displayed under "all".

    The ability to add video's to a quicklist in the channel (not that big a deal though).

    The new "Subscribe" "Add Friend" box looks terrible - it would be better if that was normal again.

    The comments feature doesn't seem to work on Chrome or Safari - but on Firefox it looks excellent.

    The friends and subscribers boxes don't fit onto the correct amount of rows on Firefox.

    Incorporation of YouTube Real Time would be nice, so that it knows you're watching a video whilst on a channel, and it would also be cool if you could show the world what you are watching when people visit your channel.

    Change the "Recent Activity" box so that the text is smaller and therefore doesn't take up as much unnecessary room on the channel.

    One BIG point: is there any way of changing the video's so that they don't act as embeds, and therefore don't have the awkward YouTube logo in? Also: a full screen video option would be wonderful.

    And could you at least leave the option for autoplaying videos, since I miss it already.

    That's all I can think of now. Keep up the good work!


  43. I AGREE WITH Sebine!!! There should be a way to disable the playlist like feature that automatically disables for it to play the next video!

  44. ***Update to last post* There should be an option to disable it but don't get rid of the autoplay the next video.

  45. I agree with .:Muzik 4 Machines:. There should be just an option for the groups tab, but don't make it so it shows groups on everyone's channel. I personally don't want the groups link on my channel.

  46. I also think there should be a separate section for the vlog just like the old channels. But make us have the option for it. Because some people don't want a vlog on their channel.

  47. I think the search bar in the videos section should be changed to white, so you can see it better.

  48. I agree with Steven about the wrapper.

  49. Christ on a side car matt, dont spam.

    Regardless that you agree, you should put it all in a single bloody message

  50. OK. One thing that I have always wanted on YouTube is the ability to repeat the background on the x or y axis only. If I wanted to repeat a banner across the top, this is impossible to do. I either have to

    A.) Draw an image that is in excess of 2000px wide (To accomodate an Apple browser) which would take a long time to load or

    B.) Use the repeat tab and, once the page is long enought (As content builds up) then risk having the banner appear randomly half way down the page.

    This would be easy to implement, and I hope that you can do so!

  51. ----------------------------
    ISSUE: Can we get a channel notation when a video has been added to a playlist?

    ex. When you "favorite" a video, it says "s0apscum favorited '..such & such' " on the user's channel. Why not the same when a video has been added to a playlist(s)?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    (s -zero- apscum)

  52. Still waiting for transparency...

    It shouldn't be that hard, CSS can make it transparent.

  53. Suggestion!!! For the unsubscribe and remove friend, please put "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe" or put "are you sure you would want to remove this friend" something like that, PLEASE because sometimes i may accidently click on unsubscribe or remove friend! please add this feature. Also i know you used to have this feature, but you removed it.

  54. also i still like 1.0 better! add this for 1.0 too!

  55. i hve trouble watching my favorites on my channel


  56. Hey~
    My 'About Me' part seems to be bugged, since I can't seem to change anything. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but all I did was delete some writing. Help please?

  57. what is the blank page for mine supposed to looks like you will be able to drag and drop your favorites and videos. I actually like my channel sweeeeeeeeeeeeettttt... i am liking it would be cool to rearrange your videos on the upper different orders...

  58. my age is not 23. If you guys could fix it I would greatly appreciate it. Other than that, great start.

  59. Hey! My account is STILL BROKEN! I had switched to Beta a while ago, and reverted. Now, on the standard YouTube format I cannot change my channel design and add a featured video! It is very frustrating! Can you hand revert me back to beta, because an error message pops up when I try it. (YouTube Username: Aeromano)

  60. Hey this guy came to me for help and I don't know how to help him never seen this.

    His videos and vlog playlist don't show up and he doesn't have the bar at the top of his channel to click edit and enable showing them either...

    his channel is:

  61. It's getting better everytime! :)


  62. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  63. Nice as it is you brought back the old subscribe button, it really does not fit in with my theme.
    I'd love it if we could change the button, a toggle between "the old yellow" or "styled with the rest of your settings" would be nice.

  64. Keep up the good work guys...I'm loving playing with all these new options!

  65. great work again.
    i'm a real tab person, and love to middle click to open several vids from a channel... i can't find a way to do that on the new channels :S

  66. also would be neat if there would be a full screen option on videos that you're viewing on the channel's page

  67. I don't like the word "Uploads". It really diminishes what we are doing. Videos is much better. When I spend 8 hours making a video and upload it to YouTube I hate having it called just an "Upload".

    I understand that you are wanting to differentiate between Playlists and actual uploads of a channel, I guess? But I think Videos does it just fine as Playlists are separate.

  68. Great work, just keeps getting better and better :D

  69. Problem. I have a mac, and the "upload background image" uploads the image in Safari (My default browser) but does not save it, no matter how many times you press "Save Now".

    I tried in Firefox, no problems. Just a little heads up about the bug issue with Safari, that is all.

    P.S. Still holds about the background image being able to repeat-x and repeat-y. Looking forwards to transparency as well. Should be slick!

  70. Great job guys. Like the comment feature. Now if you can could you allow us to reply in our channels? otherwise this is great!

  71. Coolio updates guys, keep up the good work youtube workers, and good luck with your job to upgrade the beta version...


  72. layout still looks funky on older versions of IE. the right-side column (next to featured video) feeds behind "Recent Activity" module.

  73. @ people complaining about uploads, it's the best term, as video is pretty reductive, people make tv shows, movies, videoclips, and video let people think they produce crappy home video, so upload is way more appropriate as a term, as you upload them

  74. Why can't I upload a new thumb picture for my channel?

  75. Hi, I'm using the new beta and like it but it would be great if it could look more like this.

    I think it is much more effective with the video on the right and channel info on the left. Also the information panel under the video is a much better size. There is a bigger window for the uploaded videos and favorites which is much more interesting.

    How does one get a layout like this?

  76. 1.) The "Uploads" button at the top of the page should be renamed "My Uploads", "My Videos", or "Videos".
    "My Uploaded Videos" would be great too but its too long.

    2.) It seems redundant to have two subscribe buttons. It also seems redundant to have two profile photos in the channel.

  77. It would be neat if there was a live video chat session event one day between the designers of the new channel and us, the people who are trying out the beta channel.
    We could either chat/type our questions or talk by webcam. It would give more of an insight of whats happening.

  78. You might be aware of this already but yesterday, the bar at the top of the page that shows "settings", "themes and colors", and "modules" is now wider vertically. The "revert! I want my old channel back" is now in the second row.

  79. 1.) I use Internet Explorer 8 and I am also having the problem of friends/subscribers wrapping to the second line.
    My channel is movie3891.

    2.) This issue is regarding the HQ button on the player in my channel. One of my video has the HQ button option when I watch it from the watch page. When I watch it from my channel, the player changes and the HQ button appears. I also have another video that has the HQ button option when I watch it from the watch page. However, when I watch it from my channel, the HQ button does not appear.

  80. Everytime i go to edit my channel and click "update channel" it comes up as "500 Internal Server Error". This has been going on every since I have changed back to the old channel from the new beta channel. Please help I really want to feature videos and edit some other things. My username is "XxXInoShikaChoXxX" and this had happened to a few more people like "MacManiaTutorials"

  81. Oh and adding to my comment above this has been going on about 2-3 weeks

  82. Bug???

    I like the new look and feel. Only 1 problem for me... My playlists will not launch the newly clicked video, when clicked.

    To duplicate:

    On the right, select "see all" for any catagory

    Now click a video, nothing happens. :(

    It responds the same way on all my playlist and my uploaded videos too but you have to go into the "see all" for each catagory to have it fail.

    Thank You!

  83. Hi,

    Where can I report a bug?

    Ever since I upgraded my channel to the new Beta version, the channel page can no longer be accessed on mobile web. When I revert back to my original channel I can access my channel page in the mobile version of YouTube.

    The message that displays on my channel page when it is in Beta mode is:

    Videos disabled by owner

    I have seen this same message appear on other users mobile channel pages.



  84. same bug here on my ipod touch, i was previously able to at least see a page with basic info and videos that used to open in the youtube player

  85. I liked everything....

    though I can't post URL as a featured video, I can only choose from "latest updates".

    is that ok?... I am a bit upset, posting url address was a bit better...

  86. hello youtube team,

    im still having problems with the new layout..

    please take a look and maybe you can help me out... the comment, favourites and send video links dont really fit into the layout... its i hope you can help me out!

    i just want to say much love and respect for creating those new youtube channels... i really like the ideas and i cant wait until its finished...
    and urls dont work in the channel description..

  87. oh i forgot one thing for example: the guru, director button under the profile pic is still missing

  88. and another thing, full screen mode aint available when playing videos right from the channel! i hope the youtube team will really help me out and take a look at my channel...
    sorry for my bad english...

  89. Hi, some comments for feedback:

    1. When I am logged in to my own account, all my playlists appear completely out of order. We cannot click-and-drag the playlists into order, so I numbered them, and it still doesn't work. I have dozens of playlists and cannot find anything when I am logged in. This applies to the old as well as the new user page layout. A user's own playlists only appear in order when they are not logged into their account, which is not how people access their page and try to access their playlists.

    2. All the playlists that we have tagged as being viewable to the public should automatically be viewable in the playlists window in the new layout, not just the 3 we selected for the old user page display. And, being logged in, all my playlists were out of order, so it would take me forever to locate what I wanted visible in the playlists window.

    3. The featured video in the new layout is huge; it takes up two-thirds of the screen, no matter what computer I'm using.
    Also, because I generally upload multiple videos at a time, I do not want to "feature" any one of them over the others. I definitely will not switch to the new layout until I can turn this off...

    4. The Grid view only works on the Safari browser. The format completely messes up in IE and Firefox.

    5. I would like to set a default initial view for my user page i.e. display Uploads in a Grid view.

  90. It'd be nice if the 'edit channel' bar was removed from the top. The page feels too crowded with it and also the boxes are a little wide. If it was slightly thinner it'd be great. I really love the new look though

  91. Esperanza BY, look above the featured video and to the right it will say edit, click that. And where it says featured video select which video you want. If you want to enter a Video URL from YouTube select other from the list, and put the url in, and select save changes!

  92. The Beta is great - would be even better if we could customize the order of the playlists. I think now they are shown according to the date.

  93. please let us sort/order our playlists, so annoying

  94. Hi YouTube friends!
    The new beta Channels are not bad, but i hope you keep our original YouTube channels, they're simply great.
    If you'll change the channels anyway, i recommend you some things:

    1-Try to put the "channel information" just below the profile image and then "Name, year, joined, the rest of the information..."

    2-The transparency level is really neccessary to make a great channel, so try to include it!

    3-The Video Log box must be an option, i'd like to show more than a player on my channel, and this choice gives us the chance to fill the right side of the channel, you know, some of us like to put the channel comments on the left side, friends, subscriptions and suscribers as well, so the right side looks very empty!

    4-Forth, final, and most important recommendation : )
    Give us the chance to change the YouTube Player's color on our channels (Featured video and video log players), not only for embedding! that option would give us the chance to make very good color combinations.

    Well, that's it, i really like YouTube, really like my Channel but i think there are many thing to improve, and know you'll do your best.

    See ya! from Chile, Alan!

  95. I totally love the new Channels 2.0!~

    I've experimented a bit with the design, please review my channel. I hope it's good enough to get on the favourite new channel designs list!

    - Blacktronic

  96. channel description?? WHERE IS IT?????

  97. So far the improvements are good...Although there are just a few problems:

    1) At the top of the channel where your profile image and the 'subscribe' button are displayed, it is just too small. Make it slightly bigger

    2) Have the flexibility to choose the order of your videos in the scroll bar.

    3) Vlog- I'm guessing this is being left out of the new channel design?

    4) Simplicity- The channel has a smooth look to it, yet it is complicated to navigate. Perhaps, you could have an option to display videos in the 'scroll' view for people who have few videos and 'grid view for people who have more videos.

    Other than that, the channels are pretty good. I just would have thought by now the transparency option would be avalable.

    Check out my channel, it is quite different (in terms of color scheme) compared to other channels.

  98. Is there any way that we could get the fullscreen video option?

  99. There should be feature that allows you to restrict the amount of items displayed on recent activity. E.g (display 4.)It is really annoying having it extending constantly and then manually having to delete some of them.

  100. I have just faced a problem - why can't we write LONG channel titles... I wanted to post a wonderful quote but I can only write a short one(

    I think that's a bit sad.

  101. When I am using the Google Chrome browser, and when there is a long list of videos on the right and after you scroll down and click on a video, the video plays but the scroll list on the right automatically scrolls all the way back up to the top.
    This happened when I was watching videos from the favorites list but it probably does this with all of the lists.(Uploads, Favorites, Playlists)
    This is very annoying and you have to keep scrolling down every time you click on a video.

  102. I have been using the beta version for a while now and I liked it. However yesterday I had to revert back to the old version in order to change my featured video. Next I reverted back to the beta version except the entire video box at the top was gone and I haven't been able to get it back. I need this to be fixed. Also so that this doesn't happen in the future there needs to be a way to change the featured video in beta without having to revert back to the other version.
    My channel is:

    ~ BNback

  103. The About Me, Influences, Hobbies, Movies,..etc sections are not showing up properly in Internet Explorer 8. In Google Chrome the text appears under "Movies:" and in Internet Explorer it appears crammed right next to "Movies:"
    Google Chrome
    Paul Blart: Mall Cop

    Internet Explorer 8
    Movies:Paul Blart: Mall Cop

    Also sometimes when I am on my channel and I click refresh on the comments I get a never ending loading circle. This only happens sometimes.

    And when I am using Internet Explorer 8 and I click refresh this happens.
    The comments go outside the comments section.

  104. 1 day ago the player was alright, but now it skips back up to the last uploads.. and you have to scroll down to see the next video...thats annoying,... its weared that it was alright before...and i didnt do anything and now i got this skipping problem...

  105. i just saw that the new buttons for friends and subscribe were added that is so much better now the non beta users can find it easier

    so many ppl are confused lol
    i love it :D

  106. I'd like to echo those who want the "uploads" button/tab to be renamed.

    "Uploads" makes sense for the user who uploaded the videos, but for everyone else visiting the channel, these are just "videos," not "uploads."

    If I'm visiting the White House channel, for instance, I'm not thinking of their videos as "uploads" because I didn't upload them. I'm thinking of them as the channel's videos.

  107. Hmmm, can youtube improve an area to user write something at the index of channel?

  108. The new channel stuff is simply lovely. I'm still waiting for transparency and a fixed background (like Twitter), but, other than that, I'm loving it!

    check TimoTV out...

  109. Hello all beta tester. I get since last days a error of the IE (8.0.6001.18702):

    Meldung: 'window.parent.History' ist Null oder kein Objekt
    Zeile: 2
    Zeichen: 1
    Code: 0

    And i cant play videos :S in the new design then almost this error or also something with:

    Meldung: Ungültiges Argument.
    Zeile: 887
    Zeichen: 1
    Code: 0

    Strange .. when i change back to old design i have "now" also the header error but i can play the videos with the old design. Dunno what happened with the channel. (i dont tested with the firefox). When someone can help or has a idea would be nice :D


    (btw i read that "xetlive" has kind of same probs.. his channel .. i can read the same error with the header .. but i can watch his videos)

  110. I'm surprised nobody else is experiencing this one, but I've tested it a few different ways and it's consistent:

    I'm using IE 8.0.6001.18783

    My featured content set is my playlists, but my main featured video is a video that isn't from a playlist.

    When selecting a playlist then selecting a video within that playlist, the main video simply doesn't change to the selected one (which it does on Firefox). This happens whether logged in or not.

    Also, as general feedback, I also find the disabling of "open in new tab" very annoying as I like to stack up videos in this way too.

  111. sorry bur i dont like the new feature to design the own chennel - do it like myspace and let people personalize their channels - this try is crap. Sry

  112. It would be really cool if you could get the public statistics for each video aggregated onto the new Channel pages. Sort of like the most popular videos/most viewed videos for that channel.

    It would be nice to see which pages link to to the channels, and how many views the channel received in a certain amount of time (daily, monthly, etc..)


  113. Wonderful! i see you found a solution about how to deal with the comments! Thank you for that!
    Now i have definitly switched to the new beta!
    (not important though but i hope one day you will bring back the transparency for the background images)
    Great team!

  114. BUG!!!: When you click on the uploads section in Internet Explorer 8, and you click on a video it shows that it is selected but, doesn't play.

  115. Hey I just updated my chanel to the beta version. I love the new layout. I only have 2 complaints. One of them is that there is no way to view groups from the page. The second one is that I can no longer add my self or others in beta to iGoogle which is a feature that I would like to have back. Other then that beta = win.

  116. I think Mattjsrules' bug is the same one I'm experiencing.

  117. I think the avatar-thingy should be a bit bigger. maybe 100 by 100 PX?

  118. i can't put my featured video with a url. help me. please. now.

  119. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  120. Why is the new beta channel showing most videos at a lower rating than the originals'? For example, many videos show "5 stars" in the old channel but they become "4 stars" when converted to the beta channel!

  121. The Subscribers, Subscriptions, and Friends boxes don't show the selected number of rows correctly! They always show 1 more row, i.e. if you selected 1 row, it will show 2 rows...etc

  122. Love to see a way to control the order of content on the right side (favorites, playlists, etc). and then control the order of content within each (i.e. within a playlist I can control the order of presentation).

  123. Nice job, take away the wrapper and make it borders for the modules. and hurry up on the auto link please

  124. I love the new beta channel! I'm musicrocks43 on Youtube and I LOVE it. Thank you so much for updating! It makes me sad to see others not in the new Beta but I love it!

  125. If the new beta doesn't reflect the true rating of a video, it will be a BIG TURNOFF!

    If my video has an overall rating of 4.70 out of 5.0, I want to see "5 stars" (the current way of rating) instead of "4 stars"!

  126. The wrapper should be turned into a border for the modules, look at my channel and you'll see why (huge wrapper space with nothing in it).

  127. I like the beta version very much, since it allows me to watch my favorite videos one after another. I noticed, though, that there's no longer the option to skip forward/backward to the next video via arrows that were originally in the video description box. Still, I find it very convenient. Thank you!

  128. how about the number of comments we have like a comments total?
    like this .. "comments(#)"
    that would be awesome.
    so then, i would know whether or not i recieved a new comment or not.

  129. Problem Part #1: I just finished designing our new channel in the beta format. It has never been launched, but thought I would soon. But I find I can't watch anything other than the featured video within the channel. When I click on other videos, nothing happens. This happened using IE7. A colleague got it to work in firefox. Any idea why this is happening?
    Part 2: Now even worse, when I go into my account/channel, I cannot see the player or the right hand playlist displayed at all. It's just showing a large gray box between the banner and the video description box. This appears to be happening on all the beta sites right now. What's up with that? MichiganStateU channel.

  130. Referencing my orignal post. Problem Part 2 seems to be resolved. But #1 is still occuring - that is, no videos besides the featured video will come up in the player when selected in the channel. This is happening in IE7. Thanks.

  131. @kim, 4,7 is NOT 5, 5 is when you ONLY get 5's rating, so it's just normal that 4,7 shows 4 or 4 1/2 star, seriously, it's pointless to even talk about it dude, if you don't get 5, why should they show 5, just to please your ego?

  132. Having the same problem as Pam Jennings.

    IE7 is having problems with playing videos in the channel when selecting something in a playlist.

  133. Seriously!?!?!? Where is the TV section in the channel description?!? And there is no City section in the description, only hometown. The TV and city section is a MUST!!!

  134. I just saw an update on the Uploads section with "Added | Most Viewed | Highest Rated" (nice work).

    The bug I'm seeing is that in the "Most Viewed" link, the views are not from most viewed to least viewed. It shows "242 views, 185 views, 151 views, 97 views, 223 views, 104 views, 114 views... I have a screenshot if you want it or think I'm not clear enough. Thank you very much, YouTube.

  135. Silver Matrix Theme

  136. Thank you so much for a couple of fixes that I've noticed.

    The extra row displayed for the subscribers module is now gone. Thank you.

    I also noticed the Added, Most Viewed, and Highest Rated sort filters for the uploads. Thank you sooooo much. These sort filters are one of the MOST crucial features that make channels successful. It's a fact, not an opinion. My most viewed are all displayed among the top. However, just like what Charlie Treviño reported on a previous comment, the order isn't exact for "Most Viewed". For mine, the order in total views (in rounded K) is as follows: 22K, 12K, 10K, 15K, 10K, 33K, etc. My 33K video is the most viewed.

    Since there is no new blog post here, I'm assuming this issue is being looked at and will be fixed. So thank you so much in advance.

    I think for my needs, the features are nearly complete. I know it's tricky to do, but I'm still hoping that the transparency option for the modules will still be made possible. I worked hard on my background images before. In the meantime, I modified my background to go along with the Beta channel. It still looks great. Check it out at:

    One last suggestion would be to show how many total videos you have uploaded just like the old channel layout. I'm sure this isn't tricky to do, so I hope this will also be added. Again, thank you so much for the sort filters.

  137. Great updates lately. Getting very close to final release I guess.

    I have just a few more suggestions.

    Highest Rated should be Most Rated. I guess that it makes more sense as most videos has a 4-5 rating anyway :-)

    I also think it would be cool if "Statistics" was shown under the featured video. I.e. Honors, Sites linking to this video and the number of times the video has been favorited.

  138. Could you guys make it so that you can choose from the old fashion yellow subscribe button and a subscribe button that matches the color scheme (theme)?


  139. Brian,
    I've posted a couple of family-type videos and and want to do business=type, too. I don't want them in the same channel, though. Do I need to get another account so I can put the business-types separate from the family-types? thanks, Brian!

  140. You guys are awesome, really glad to see most viewed and highest rated on the new profiles now. Everything looks a lot smoother and cleaner. I'm almost ready to switch back to it now, just waiting for adsense to be incorporated on the featured video.

  141. Hi. Since this morning I'm experiencing a problem with my channel ( ): all the links under the featured video (Info, Comments, Favourites etc.) are presented in a broken layout (text isn't aligned with the corresponding icon, but goes on a new line and is partially covered by the video details box). This happens when using Italian as language, while everything is ok if I use English. Is there any way to fix the bug?
    Thanks :)

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. the most viewed is totally messed up it looks more random than anything

    the highest rated doesn't show the ratings, please do

    still miss the most commented tht i used to use a lot

    the ctrl/middle/right click STILL IS BROKEN, this needs to be fixed ASAP it's really tiring to open 10 times the page to open a video on each

    there is still no way to link directly to my uploads like i used to be able to, pretty disturbing of my website

    the playlist should use the theme from the channel creator (maybe not the play page, but at least the playlist listing page when viewing the playlist)

    still 256K background, which, wehn you look at it is ridiculous, the thumbnail that is like 40x60 IS 256 KB, the background needs to be WAY more than that,(512 or more, or external link)

    please disable animated gifs, it's ugly and freezes older machines

  144. Now I see that the problem mentioned above only occurs when using Verdana font. I'm now using Arial and the layout is ok, but what I pointed out is a bug an should be fixed imho.
    Cheers :)

  145. Hi, gOOd jOb! But I did not understand how to insert a initial header. I tried to insert an image as wallpaper in the center of the page but the immage is covered by the layout. Can I help me?

  146. Hi I'm ''agusxx2'' from YouTube (I'm a partner) and I want that you include a yellow design (like my channel and banners, check it out) for combine the banners, because it's hard to make it perfectly in my yellow, could you do it? P.S: You're getting better and better!

  147. trying to move a non-profit channel to the beta, but the GoogleCheckout Donate module is lost in the transition, and I get an error message when I try to go back and redo it.

    Any help much appreciated

  148. All is good with the design IMO, Although it could use that little button thing that represents the users type.

  149. Is it possible to make it so that multiline spaced info about the main video shown at the top of the Beta channels displays with line breaks as intended, rather than wrapping into one big block? For an example see the info beside my video Ominous Thoughts:

    And then look at the same info below "(more info)" on my channel page:

    That's my only real criticism of this otherwise very pleasant redesign! Good work! :-)

  150. Can someone tell me if there is a way to reorder the playlists on the channel? My least important is showing up first, so I'd like to order them in their order of importance. Thanks, PJ

  151. This new beta channels are great. But there are still some problems, such as that profile page suddenly became more slow. Fix that, too, please.

    I'd like to make a suggestion about the livebar, too; It would be nice for us to have a kind of chat between youtube members.

    Keep up the good work!

  152. Can you put a link when you're playing a video to go to the video's actual page? I can never find it on the beta channels, and I prefer to watch videos like that.

  153. HELP!

    I migrated over to the BETA which i LOVE, but i have a problem. My featured video and the entire playlist that shows all my videos on the right aren't there. Basically the whole top part is gone!

    Is there anyway i can get it back?

    I've reverted back to the old profile but would love to change back to the BETA.

    FEEDBACK / BUG FIXES PLEASE & thank you :)

  154. There's still a few glitches I've noticed. When I post a comment on a beta channel, or alter the comments page on my channel, the comments sort of run off from the comments section onto different areas.

    Of course, transparency is a biggie for me.

    I would also like to see more scroll bars when viewing comments, recent activity, friends, subscriptions, subscribers, uploads, favorites, etc. Thanks!!

  155. Tried the beta layout - and reverted straight back. Why change the font color to white for me? I could hardly read a thing. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Sorry :-(

  156. Good job with the new update.
    But could you please make it so you could reply to comments from the beta channel?

  157. ***BUG REPORT***: When I try to edit my influences on the channel and I click save changes it says "I call shenanigans9" please fix it this is really weird.

  158. ***BUG REPORT***: When you are watching a video and you are not at the end yet and you switch to another video the new video will play from where you left off in the other video.

  159. Thanks for the new beta channel. I really like being able to do everything, practically, from my channel.

    The only thing that I don't like is that I can't get to any of my groups from the channel. Is this something that will ever be fixed? It's hard to get to my groups now without having to actually bookmark them.

    Also, whenever I look at the text when using my beta channel, it's all wrapped into one long paragraph, instead of having the breaks like they're meant to. Is this something else that you're working to fix?

  160. I'm always in for trying new things as long as the benefits are there. I'll try out the new channel for a bit before I decide. Bug: in my videos listing, I click on Most Viewed to have them sort in that fashion and they only sort in the order that they were uploaded.

    Right off the bat, the one item I did like about the old layout is that the videos could be organized in a clean, grid fashion in whatever way I manipulate them to be ordered.

    Look forward to the updates!

  161. I wish we had the same format wher we could see ALL o the videos on one page like the current setup.

  162. This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. I'm sorry, but I find the overall new design very ugly. When you look at the "uploads", what's whith all this empty space to the right side? It's simply awful! And the user information below the featured video. When someone sends you an invitation you might want to see their information first, so I prefer the way it is displayed in the "old" design, at the very top left of the screen. I hope you don't do a Facebook with us and force us all one day to use this new design.

  164. Hi !


  165. Great the Beta Channel !!!

    Error :
    ! HQ Problem...Not always visible HQ Button the Beta Channel...Why ? (But HQ -> The Upload !)

  166. "Error :
    ! HQ Problem...Not always visible HQ Button the Beta Channel...Why ? (But HQ -> The Upload !)"

    For example :

  167. Great work guys! Truly an improvement and a step in the good standards direction! The few quirks such as white input fields I'm sure you'll work out promptly. Excellent improvement!!!

  168. Fantastic update, a few bugs that needed sorted. Often the advertisement on the right hand side just shows up as a white box. However thanks for putting adsense back into the channels for partners. I'm now switching back to the beta. Got my theme sorted too. Check it out:

    One extra thing i'd like to see is the channel type icon that was displayed under the avatar in the old channels. Like director, comedian, etc. As of now it just says the style of the channel. Keep up the good work guys!

  169. Make a setting so that only friends can see comments but anyone can post one. And keep the old settings that allows you to select who can comment.

  170. Sometimes when you refresh the comments there is a never ending loading circle.

  171. When you are watching videos from the favorites it doesn't say what day the video was uploaded in the description. Can you please make it show when it was uploaded? Thanks!

  172. I like it its cool...but today around 4:00pm after uploading a video...all the videos I uploaded were deleted out of no where...for no infringements etc...just disappeared in a moment...

    on the other hand profile menu is awesome...dragging & dropping modules or the virual video wall would be cool...

  173. I think I have a feature that may help users. When creating the design, you can create a custom layout. It keeps saving each custom design. Allow the users to delete any design that they no longer want anymore.

  174. This comment has been removed by the author.

  175. Hay un problema:

    En español se ve mal lo que aparece debajo del "Video destacado".

    En otros idiomas como inglés, alemán o italiano se ve bien, pero en español no se ve bien.

  176. hey I have a problem! when an add came on my channel it pushed my favorites down and purhed some of the last ones under the wrapper thing or whatever it is please fix.

  177. the channel ad is weird, it destroys the look, can we choose where it shows? and BTW, it's just a blank square ATM, no ad in it

  178. and where did the preference went to have ads only in the video as overlay, no banner on the channel(still want it on the videos tho)

  179. I have a few suggestions:

    1. I would like to be able to have more space to see the comments in.

    2. I'd also like to mark comments as spam and rate comments from my channel.

    3. It would be useful if the number of videos that I've uploaded was shown on the channel.

    4. I don't like the way that after I've finished watching a video it will skip to the next one. I don't always want to watch all of someone's videos in consecutive order. I also don't like all of my favourites acting like one big playlist. I know that some people may like this feature, but I don't and I would like to have some way of turning it off on my channel.

    You can see my channel at

  180. I'm sorry but I absolutely HATE the new look!! I worked VERY HARD on my background and shouldn't have to sacrifice not having the whole thing being shown!! Not only does the new look ruin the backgrounds but when I click to see people's videos and favorites, in some places you can't read every title because there will be two titles right on top of each other.

    Us YT users shouldn't be forced to use something! We should have a choice! I will NEVER choose this new look over the current! Please just let us keep the current look if we wish!

  181. sorry for this comment but CAN SOMEONE HELP MEE!!!
    I have my old channel design, and when i want to make any change to it and update it it gives me an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and even when i want to swich back to the new design(some one changed from the beta channel the old one ((((( i canțt have back the new design and i was loving it so muchhhhhhhh(((((( it makes me cry ...... and above all i canțt make any change to the old version)

  182. You should add the opition to add normal website urls, like to annotations. It would be so much easier!!

  183. The Background-Image-Upload doesn't work any more :>

  184. Hey YouTube team, I know this sounds devastating for all the people putting big efforts into
    the new design, but I think the beta channel layout to be boring and unintuitive.

    It feels and looks like a programmers design tool, made by programmers for programmers
    and the sorts of order, list and GUI space optimization programmers want to do. :P

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to a natural browsing experience not to speak of
    those YouTubers who try to get in touch with their creative side.

    It's a streamlined approach, that “puts people in a box“ and does not allow
    for much individualism. Despite the claims people end up with LESS space and
    and ultimatley less freedom in design, as proven by the featured beta channels on
    this blog. Yes.

    As for the new playlist and “recommended channel“ features introduced, these could easily
    be combined with the old channel design.

    As for netbook users with small (but wide) screens, a flag could be set in user preferences
    to use the beta design, or maybe even some real time javascript or whatever code to read out
    the user screen size and adjust accordingly. For people with big screens this
    browsing concept is a nuisance (at best)

    Hopp over to Amamzon and figure while people actually LIKE to use their mouse wheel
    since years ;) I probably sound like a broken record in here referring to - don't fix what
    is not broken - however, in this particular case I have to rephrase it to don't mess with
    things that you (a) don't understand and (b) aren't your belongings. I refer to the designs
    you might break and the hundreds? if not thousands of people you will upset when this epic
    fail in GUI design goes live for everyone.


  185. Calm down people, it's a beta.

    Good job Youtube, looking forward to further updates.

  186. @jonathan, no way, there is already enough spam to youtube in the annotations without having phishing and scams to other sites

  187. never mind about the channel icon i just forgot how do it. but now i remembered. thanks for the number of favs. still want url for featured video Status (musician, comedian, director etc.). Getting out the wallpaper

  188. Hello Pleas Set transparent that we can configure it like in old one, because I and many other need that background picture can bee seen.


  189. I would like a button to "share the channel". Currently I only see an option to "share" a video.

  190. As the old saying goes, "don't fix what ain't broke!" Just leave us to have the current look! We don't need a new version!

  191. How does one actually get answers to anything on this blog? Is there a tech team I should be calling with specific questions as a new youtuber? I'm probably silly to ask the question on here, right?

  192. don't listen to PrincessMagical
    if they don't like it then don't switch to it
    anyways your the company so you can do whatever you want

  193. I had to revert back to the old version tonight after not having any problems with the beta until suddenly I started getting the Internal Server Error whenever I would go to access my page:

    500 Internal Server Error
    Sorry, something went wrong.

    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

    Also, please include the following information in your error report:


  194. Hello Brian,

    Where is the channel embed code in Beta Channels. I can't find it.