Sunday, August 30, 2009

New: Video reordering, plus default to grid view

Hello new channels users - we're more than overdue for a new blog post. We've been hard at work taking care of bugfixes & the other remaining items from our to-do list, and we've got a few new things out today:
  • Video & playlist reordering - you can now reorder your uploads, favorites, and list of playlists - just click on grid view in the upper-right corner of the video navigator, choose which set of videos you want to reorder (uploads, favorites, playlists), then click on the "arrange" link
  • Default to grid view - you can now choose to have your channel default to showing videos in grid view when viewers land on your channel. Things will switch back to player view as soon as users click on a specific video.
  • 9/1 update: The full screen button is now available
  • 9/1 update: Partners can now customize the height of their banner
And some of the more significant bug fixes we've pushed out in the past few weeks:
  • Things should now look much better in IE6
  • Fixed some ad box weirdness when there's no ad to serve
  • Took care of the "Unknown playlist requested, please try again" & "An error occurred while performing this operation" errors
  • Fixed a case where the scrollbar sometimes wouldn't appear in the info box
  • The handful of people with missing video navigators should now be fixed - let us know if you're not
  • Can now add a video to a new playlist
So when's the new final date to convert all remaining old channels to new channels? We're getting closer, but we still have a few more things to do. Stay tuned - and thanks again for continuing to share your feedback and awesome bug reports!