Sunday, August 30, 2009

New: Video reordering, plus default to grid view

Hello new channels users - we're more than overdue for a new blog post. We've been hard at work taking care of bugfixes & the other remaining items from our to-do list, and we've got a few new things out today:
  • Video & playlist reordering - you can now reorder your uploads, favorites, and list of playlists - just click on grid view in the upper-right corner of the video navigator, choose which set of videos you want to reorder (uploads, favorites, playlists), then click on the "arrange" link
  • Default to grid view - you can now choose to have your channel default to showing videos in grid view when viewers land on your channel. Things will switch back to player view as soon as users click on a specific video.
  • 9/1 update: The full screen button is now available
  • 9/1 update: Partners can now customize the height of their banner
And some of the more significant bug fixes we've pushed out in the past few weeks:
  • Things should now look much better in IE6
  • Fixed some ad box weirdness when there's no ad to serve
  • Took care of the "Unknown playlist requested, please try again" & "An error occurred while performing this operation" errors
  • Fixed a case where the scrollbar sometimes wouldn't appear in the info box
  • The handful of people with missing video navigators should now be fixed - let us know if you're not
  • Can now add a video to a new playlist
So when's the new final date to convert all remaining old channels to new channels? We're getting closer, but we still have a few more things to do. Stay tuned - and thanks again for continuing to share your feedback and awesome bug reports!


  1. All right, now I can finally reorder some stuff :P

    I thought support for IE6 was being discontinued, though? Not that it would affect me, any...

  2. Thanks for the update! Glad to be able to reorder my videos again. Keep it up!

  3. Bug: Ie7, XP

    Odd bug: Double Click a video (or click several times). You will get the video playing in the background of an "An error has occurred, please try again" transparency. It's kinda weird.

    Another bug:


    Doesn't work. In IE if you don't have the "WWW." the link doesn't work. Oh yeah, and another important point about the WWW. If I want to Twitter a youtube favorite. The current link eats up too much space IMO.

    Let's shorten that (so that it works).

    That would be great. :)

    Also, when you link to a video that's deeper in the list, the video list doesn't match the position you gave it (anchor tags?).

    Suggestion: Videos in my "Recent Activity" should play in my channel video box, not to a new page.

    Suggestion: Change Recent Activity to have 20 spots. Change it so it shows 3-5 of each "activity". Comments and ratings are the best thing to show (most interesting), so those should be 5 each. 2 upload, 2 fav, and 2 friend, and 2 subscribe, and 2 announcements.

    Another suggestion. When a viewer clicks on a video to watch, the channel should 'align' on the video box. That way the viewer gets the full list of videos on the side (and the full correct scroll bar) and the full feature of the info box below the video.

    Simple HTML anchor tags.

    Another suggestion I've always wanted to see.

    Right now I have about... 1 billion subscriptions. Give or take a mill.

    I've always wished I could separate my subscriptions into categories.

    I have serious stuff.

    I have comedy.

    I have have weird stuff that fits neither.

    And more.

    It might not be so bad. But, right now, even if I visit the last page of my subscriptions, I can only go back 4 hours about.

    I was hoping to be able to make 'different feeds' for myself depending on the mood.

    That reminds me of another MISSING FEATURE in the beta.

    How do I subscribe to someone's favorites? I need that. :)

    There are 2 main types of users on YT. Uploaders. And Collectors (AKA favoriters)....

    Or did you make the subscribe button subscribe us to both favs and uploads? That would be good too. Generally I like both for any given person, and they are usually the same type.

    Here's an idea. The subscribe button should auto subscribe you to both favs and uploads. However, at the point of subscribing, you can turn one or the other off if you want. Like, when you click the Subscribe button, a box will appear and it will have two green checkmarks. At this point (or later in your subscription center) turn one or the other off. If you do nothing, then you keep both!!

    Along with "grouping subscriptions" for myself, I would also like to make these subscription lists public.

    Think of them as "Subsription Playlists". Like in iTunes when you make a "Smart Playlist".

    So instead of just having a big space on our page that says "Subscriptions", have our "Sub playlists" there (if a user makes any), for everyone to enjoy. Then, when people click on our subscription playlists, they see everything we are subscribing too.

    People could even Subscribe to the playlists themselves, if they like them.

  4. Great update! I also like the fact the you can now choose the height of the channel banner!

    What do you guys think about my channel?



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    "Jinitron - not sure what you mean when you say that videos don't work if you default to grid view? You mean, they just don't play? Does it change if you default the grid view to "all" view, or "upload" view, etc? I can't reproduce this myself."

    Nope, it doesn't. Any content I set, and then default to "Grid" does not allow me to click on the video so that it goes to "player mode" to see the video. XP IE7. What I'm thinking is that the "player" code doesn't get loaded up correctly as the channel loads quickly to the grid.

    "Yeah, expanding to 18 or 24 would be cool, but unfortunately we have some technical limits here (the old channels had a max of 9)."

    That's too bad. The reason I'd like a bit more is that the old channels allowed me to custom set 9 uploads, 9 favs, 1 featured, 2 in channel embeds from a playlist, and 3 playlist links. Exactly 24.

    "And thanks for the suggestion, including a "view as everyone else sees it" - that would be cool."

    Yup, just to clear out all the Edit links and such and get a feel for how most see it.

    One more suggestion:
    When we click on a playlist to view it, I would like the playlist to start playing, immediately, if in Player Mode. Just get right into it.

    Oh, and, is it possible to get the Uploads and Favorites to "auto forward" like a Playlist currently does? That would be great for Uploaders especially. Someone clicks on a person's video and it goes to the next video right away.

    One more bug: If the "Video Info" has a "Time Code" link, the link does not work.

    Another bug: Time Code links do not work for above 59:59 (59 minutes and 59 seconds). I was trying to do this a while back when the Ghostbusters movie was on Crackle. (Best. Movie. Ever. Almost.)

  7. @Brian

    Are going to be able to have the length of the video in the thumbnails again in the new Channels?

  8. 1. The video thumbnails should have the quicklist/running time/rating on them, like the old channels.
    2. The number of videos and favorites a channel has should be visible when you click Uploads and Favorites, and not just when All is selected.
    3. The profile image should be bigger now that the friend button is gone. It should be as big as on the old channels.
    4. The report background link is unreadable on most channels. Maybe it should be moved under the report profile image link.

  9. Heres a screencap of the repeated favorites I highlighted them in yellow so you could pick them out

  10. I would still like to have all the links in my channel description operational before converting. I just checked and they are still inoperational-- grrrr! Either that or give us the ability to post more than one link in "website" , please!

  11. @Lisa Carter, Just Wait A Few More Weeks, It Will Come Out, Brian Told Me that yesterday.

  12. I agree with Jinitron:

    @Jinitron said...
    > @Brian
    > "Yeah, expanding to 18 or 24 would be cool,
    > but unfortunately we have some technical
    > limits here (the old channels had a max of 9)."
    > That's too bad. The reason I'd like a bit
    > more is that the old channels allowed me to
    > custom set 9 uploads, 9 favs, 1 featured,
    > 2 in channel embeds from a playlist, and
    > 3 playlist links. Exactly 24.

    This is what I want also to keep from the old channel design and somehow placed in the in the new channel design: the custom set of 9 uploads (3x3 grid), 9 favorites (3x3), 1 featured video at the top, and 3 playlists (a list of the 3 playlists with full playlist descriptions), etc. It's like you (youtube designers) is dumping all that when going to the new channel design. You're throwing away features that help to make youtube channels unique where the user gets to express himself or herself by showing up front what that user wants to tell the visitor what the channel is all about. Youtube has had these features for a long time and now you're dumping them. It's like the equivalents in the new channel design are not enough to cover all that was provided before, or is insufficient or nonexistent. Give me at least a separate box on the page where I can put in custom youtube favs and playlists icon links (like my Top3 Playlists) with text descriptions and I'll be happy. Yes, you can put a 1 featured video in the default video box navigator at the top. Thank you for that. Thank you for the rearranging, but doing only 12 is not enough because the new channels would still jumble up the order of the rest of my favorites and playlists in a different order than how I have it in the old channel design. I was disappointed in that. I can live with the new channels, but I'm still using the old channel design and dreading when you flip the switch to make everyone use the new channel design. Oh well. God Help Us All.

  13. You guys should make the organizing options work on more than 12...I have way more playlists than that and it now goes from 1 to 12 then jumps to 17 and just randomizes the rest. At least put in a code that automatically orders them like the old channels did.

  14. When rearranging playlists, the drop down box doesn't drop down. I can click it but nothing happens after that, so it is stuck at 6. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

    Google Chrome Version

  15. Brian I understand your team is VERY busy but I can not support this change 100% until the last problem I have with it is fixed. PLEASE FOR CHRIST SAKE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow links in the channel description. You do that you have 100% won me over instead of where I am at now which is 80%

  16. Please allow us to keep the old channel. The new layout is fundamentally flawed. It takes away the interactivity of an individual video which is at the heart of the success of YouTube for individual video makers.

  17. Brian,

    (This is a reply to the previous blog entry)

    Thanks again for the reply. In the case of the comments, I do think the whole "Delete one comment at a time" scenario is VERY inconvenient. While the old way was better (selecting multiple comments to delete), both are really inconvenient. I think this needs to be updated, but I can't really think of a faster, easy way to do it, especially since the focus of the new channels it to avoid navigation to other pages. Enough said. :)

    About the online/offline indicator: Maybe there could be an indicator that is user set. Like when the user comes online, he goes to his channel and changes his status to online. It could be a little drop down menu under the username or somewhere else. Then when the user decided to go offline, they could change the status to offline. That would be AWESOME!

    Here is some more suggestions I thought up today while sitting in my living room watching CNN with my grandparents...

    1) I know how you guys were trying to figure out where to put a number of uploads somewhere besides the "All" view. Well, you could place the number of Uploads next to the word "Uploads" on the navbar, and do the same for the "Favorites" and "Playlists". It could be an option in the "edit" section of the navbar. Sounds cool, huh?

    2) Is there ANY way to do more fonts? I like some of the fonts included now, but I'd like to see more like Comic Sans, Imnpact, etc. That would be REALLY nice. Arial is good enough for now though. :)

    3) The "Edit Channel" bar at the top of the channel (you can only see it on your channel, it includes Settings, Themes and Colors, and Modules) could have a little minimize button that collapses/opens it to let users see their channel without the bar. That would be useful.

    4) Here's a REALLY good suggestion: Could you check out my channel? I am so proud of it! Hahaha. I crack myself up.

    Brian, you truly are the greatest YouTube staff member EVER. Somebody deserves a PROMOTION! :)

    Kevin Cooper

  18. you revert all remaining old chanels to the new crap not even youtube chanels, then I'm going to go on STRIKE ! you cant simply force users to use something they dont like simply 'cos it's an "update".
    And another thing, where is the YouTubers say in what the UG'ed chanels get to look like, we just have to sit back while you do things not everyone will like, not even a poll was created. Seriously, you buy Youtube and [Bad word] it up ! Navigating to other pages was one of the main things YT is, think of it as a network of pages... but NoOoOoOoOo, you have t... I'm not even going to bother complaining as all it will do is get Thumb-down, or deleted, Ze end.

    >Dissaprove of the new layout and the "forcing" of old channels to the new one.
    > The navigating of videos on a chanel is a pain in the Arse, enough said
    > MORE OLD CHANEL STYLE ! You going into space-age-style, blah, what the point in this one, many eye-candy lovers love it =\ I dissaprove of Your Existance !!! >:(

  19. I'd like to thank you so much Brian for fixing the video navigator issue. It was really frustrating not being able to use beta just because the navigator had disappeared. Thanks again!

    ~ BNback

  20. This is a nice update... but it's broken. For starters, now that I've started re-arranging videos, I appear to have one of my favourites twice. Second, I can't arrange the videos properly. I tried this in both Google Chrome (latest Beta) and Safari (latest normal release) and in each one, dragging videos into position doesn't work unless my mouse is an inch or so above the box I want to drag it to.

    Another couple of comments: I like the way annotations open in a new window if they have links - good work! It'd still be great though if clicking the video itself paused it (like on a normal video page) rather than opening the video in a new page.

    You also need to fix the comments so that it's clear when someone has replied to another comment, rather than it just looking like a completely separate comment altogether, and of course, get the video lengths in the thumbnails.

    More thoughts: having the ability to drag / drop video positions in lists in normal view would be cool (but not completely necessary), and if you put a line between the top 6/12 videos to show that they are the top videos in comparison to the rest of the list, that'd be much better.

    In addition to this, being able to scroll through ALL friends and subscriptions/subscribers in the box without having to go to a separate page would be much better.

    It'd also be nice if we could have more control over the recent activity and channel comments boxes (notably their size on the page).

    Another point is that it's annoying how big the video box is, however we still only see a line of description at once, leaving a big empty space underneath it, which looks quite odd. That could do with sorting.

    Good luck to ya.

  21. I would like the links in the channel description to auto link please!!!

  22. Bug in IE8
    why are you deleted videos in my subscription box that i havent watched yet?
    yes this has been going on awhile now like this morning it was full and now its half empty i wanted to watch some of those videos now but i cant but still i can by clicking on see all but that opens very slowly
    can you try and fix this?

  23. beta channels stinnk i can't believe you're forcing us in to these....

  24. @Brian:
    A suggestion: I have default to Playlist view. I'd like to default to grid view, but the playlist names are long. I must stay in the player view, so that more of the name appears. (The form of my playlist name is usually "*a long name* sings in *place*, *date*," so the most important thing is actually at the end. In grid view, only the name appears.)
    Would it be possible to have a third type, or a grid sub-type, with the playlists arranged maybe in two columns, so that all of their names and some of the descriptions is seen? In the old channels they were in a column and there was some info visible.

    Thank you for your effort! You're doing a great job. I love that now I can choose what to show.

  25. the default uploading setting should be to PRIVATE not PUBLIC.

    Despite saving my videos to PRIVATE on the YT upload page while the progress bar is going, it still appears as PUBLIC from the MY VIDEOS section. This is a real security issue for enterprise companies who have very sensitive content!

    Another request: SCHEDULING FEATURE to have videos push out publically at a given date and time.

  26. Thank you so much for allowing us to reorder our uploads! Now I can have the videos I want right there next to the featured vid, rather than family videos, which I temporarily had to make private because they were my most recent uploads and right there at the top, pushing my actual machinima work out of view, lol. I should create a second account for those, anyway, because my channel is strictly a Sims machinima channel.

    I tried out the grid view and it worked great, but decided to stick with the player view, because I wanted to showcase a video so it could be given some spotlight, and I can switch it around as needed. I would really love it if we could have the featured 9 back, so we could keep the featured video up, AND have a grid module for a few other videos we want to draw attention to. But I think that might be more important for those of us that are uploaders, rather than favoriters. Thanks to the person above who pointed out the different types of YouTube users. I think it really makes a difference in what people are looking for, depending on the type of user they are.

    Also, I know the clickable urls are on the list of things to come, so that's gonna make things ever nicer when that pans out.

    All in all, I'm very happy with the new changes. I've been with the beta design for a few months now, and it's second nature to me to navigate, as much as the old design was. And it just plain looks good. When I go to a channel with the old layout it looks, I don't know. "Dated", I guess.

    I know there's still a lot of resistance from many users, and nobody can give a firm number on whose for/against the change. But if people would just give the beta a shot - a DECENT shot, not just a "I'm gonna use this for a week just so I can say I've used it and still hate it" shot - they'll see it's not the horror some people are making it out to be. Some people fear change, and I have to laugh at all the folks posting that those of us who are in favor of the beta are shills or something. Nope! I actually started off completely *against* the beta, but I was forming my opinion by watching all the fear mongering anti-beta videos with the dramatic soundtracks. I even signed an anti-beta petition. Wow...After giving it a go, and I'm was one of the first of my circle of YouTube friends to break away from the anti-beta crusade, I can honestly say I have really grown to like it, and now I'm excited to see how it will look on official release.

    The only bug I'm still seeing, and it's one that a user already pointed out in the last blog entry, is when the mouse moves over the stars, they will "stick". Like, I'll go to favorite a video, and see that if I aim the cursor a bit too high, just by hovering, the stars will look like they only have 1 star or so. So I make sure I rate every video that I favorite 5 stars, just to make sure I haven't accidentally downrated a video I really like. :-p

    Keep up the good work, Brian and team!


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. (*calls for edit-button!*
    sos for double-post)
    yay, finally some news!
    gonna try one of those =D
    been waiting for the ability to reorder my stuff;
    that was probably the feature I had been missing the most;
    so, thank you and hope you keep up the great updates! ^^

    ~ Bird-Kid ::

    works fine - fist time I reordered my uploads it gave me a never-ending waiting sign, but after I refreshed the page, my uploads have been reordered successfully;
    further re-order-attempts went very well though;

    still I think the featured content set is lacking in flexibility!
    e.g. one should be able to re-order the featured content set a bit further
    (the one whilst having 'PlayView' chosen')
    instead of
    "Uploads - Favs - Playlists*3",
    I'd like to have soemthing like
    "Playlists*5 - Favs"
    or perhaps "Uploads - Playlists*2 - Favs")
    ..might be useful in my opinion

    @person above me (i.e. not me) a.k.a. FantageCommunityNow
    I've sent you a PM on how to get your old channel design back

  30. @red
    Shut the fuck up!!!

    the BETA channels rule!

  31. @codelyokofanwilliam: Can't people have an opinion of what they think of the new channels? For those that remember my previous comments, I never said that anyone should NOT like the new channels, I just stated reasons why they should be optional.

    Also, don't give me the "Facebook did it and never lost anyone" garbage. There was a slight difference between YouTube and Facebook. The new layout for Facebook was the only mistake for their site. Part of these people's anger is coming from other problems of YouTube that you decided to ignore, like false flagging, false DMCAing, suspending users without giving them any good reasons, and the recent thing where people uploaded a video 2 or 3 years ago that was DMCA'd. The person removed the video right when it was DMCA'd and never had a strike in their account until just recently.

    It seems to me that there is just bots going around checking all of the flagged and DMCA'd videos and not an actual human staff, otherwise there wouldn't be so many falsely flagged and copyrighted videos.

    I will give credit to one thing: Brian is probably the best staff member in the YouTube staff. Even though some people may have gone against him, he politely responded to everyone. So now I'd like to say that I am sorry that I snapped at you earlier. It's just that my anger overtook me at that time.

    So now I will kindly ask Brian, since there seems to be no one else at YouTube staff that actually replies and shows dedication as much as Brian does =), Is there anything being done about the false flagging and false DMCAing issues on this site? I recently checked the DMCA form, and it looks like pretty much anyone can go in and claim that they are a certain company and get a video taken down.

    There's also partners out there like hotforwords that use nothing but thumbnail cheats to gain popularity. Last time I checked, sexual content is against the Community Guidelines.

    Again, you're probably the best staff member out there in my opinion. Every time I tried to get to any one else, they never showed any dedication like you have just recently. For that I say thanks =)

  32. I Like the Reordering of Videos - Great Idea to simply Drag & Drop..easy...very nice.

    See if you can fix this:

    The Annotations that are presently appearing on our: YouTube Channel's Featured Video, does not appear in our New Beta Channel's Featured Video. Because it doesn't appear on the Beta, we reverted back to the old channel look until you might possibly be able to fix this. (?)

    The Old way was a Grreat way to be able to explain your: Featured Video... at least.

    Also-Suggestion: The New Youtube Channel's Advanced Theme settings (to change Text & Link Colors) could use some explaining. i.e. What is a: Wrapper Link Color? OR a: Wrapper Text? Maybe explain what the word "Wrapper" is. Thanks :)

  33. What Reese just said reminded me of something. Last year I uploaded a video of Chris Rock, and it was flagged. I took down the video almost immediately after it got flagged, and still now, my account says i'm not in good standing. Surely by now it should have been resolved and I should have a clean account. My account is TaurusOxford

  34. This bug hasn't been fixed yet.

    "Jinitron - not sure what you mean when you say that videos don't work if you default to grid view? You mean, they just don't play? Does it change if you default the grid view to "all" view, or "upload" view, etc? I can't reproduce this myself."

    This is how you can reproduce it.
    1. Set your default view to grid view.
    2. Go back to the main page ( and click on your youtube username so that you are directed to your channel.
    3. Click on any video in the grid AND THEY DO NOT WORK. No matter how many times you click on videos, nothing happens. You can still right click it though but that's about it. It just won't switch to the player view. I tried both Firefox and IE7.

    Here's something I found out.
    4. After that, click on player view and then click on grid view again.
    5. Click on any video and this time, it should actually switch to player view and everything should work. It was weird...

    PS. This is the only bug that is currently stopping me from using the beta, but to be honest, when the view is set to grid view and you click on a video, instead of switching back to player view, I think it should just direct you to the video page, the same page that pops out when you click on a video after searching, so that people can easily comment and check out related videos that are shown on the right.

  35. Thanks for the update! I was waiting for one.

    I've been with the beta pretty much since you released it and have been able to see it change and grow over the months. It's now better then ever! I love it and I can't wait till we switch over globally.

    It makes me sick that YouTube is full of losers who are afraid of change. Hopefully you can ignore most of the negative crap and switch over as soon as possible.

    Thanks again, guys! I've been having a blast creating backgrounds to suit the new style.

  36. I have decided to use Beta after thinking, as there is no use persuading you all. Well, the Beta channels DO look kind of interesting...

  37. Though I don't know what you guys will think of this design, I've been working to graphically get around the text and default icons in the new Beta channels. Just been taking small steps to figure out how to make a channel appear to be completely customizable and free-flowing.

    Learn what you can from it, and apply whatever you can.

  38. to reese:
    that is exactly what happened to me
    i deleted a fanmade game music video in
    may 14 2008 with copyright and 1 year later
    i received 1 strike on my account
    the email is allready deleted and the video as well but i dont get it i deleted it right away but its like it came back to haunt me.
    its weird
    suggestion:i think youtube needs to ad
    fanmade game/anime music videos in a good way
    because its like a hobby and its fun to edit clips to music and im not talking about uploading anime episodes

  39. Thank you for the ability to re-order videos. Although, it would be nice if we could re-order all of them. For example, on the accounts page, in favorites, if we could type a number into the little check box next to the video. Then the videos could be rearranged in order of whatever number that is typed into the box. That way, we could have all of our favorites in the exact order we want. Or a drag and drop feature to rearrange all of the videos, instead of just 12.

  40. There is a problem on my channel concerning the ability to remove videos I've already watched from subscriptions. I read on YouTube's Current Site Issues page that we now have the ability to do this on our home page. For some reason, I don't have the ability to do this. It says that if we click on "edit" next to subscriptions on our home page, then we can click on "remove video from list". This feature is not showing up on my channel. When I click "edit", the only thing that shows up is "number of rows" to display. I'm wondering if this is a bug or something anyone else is experiencing. I hope this can be fixed soon so that I can remove videos from my subscriptions. Thank you.

  41. Also, I have read several comments from other members concerning a new feature that we would like added concerning subscriptions. In the accounts page, under subscriptions, can we have a "remove" button, like we do in favorites? We could just check the box next to the video and click on the "remove" button and the video would be removed. It would be a lot better if we didn't have to watch the videos first in order to remove them.

  42. Long links on the Profile Section are getting chopped off after 30-characters. Can we fix this so that our viewers can just click on the link?

  43. Dude WE NEED to have related videos on the beta channel seriously you want us to watch on the beta we need to see related videos

  44. for some reason within groups the new setup doesn't organize by date. For example on my channel ( I have a playlist called 'Video Blog'. Ideally, the first video to show up in that list would be the one that was uploaded most recently. This is not the case. Instead, the one that shows up first is the one that was most recent when the playlist was created a couple months ago.

    I'm also wondering why you can't have playlists show up on your sidebar, but have the first video loading on your profile be the most recent one you uploaded? instead, with the options given, you can only have the most recent uploaded video load if you are showing all the uploads on your sidebar...

  45. Great Work :D

    You Know What Would Be Awesome...
    The Ability To Rate Channels, Like You Rate Videos But Channels...
    So There Would Be A Rating Thing Somewhere At The Top :)

    IDK Just Thinking
    Keep Up The Great Work

  46. @brian, regarding the most viewed, etc, it's fixed now, and the layout of the text eems better (at least in firefox, was really weird in IE8 on xp)

    thanks for the reset order trick

    also, the search is not working while in arrange mode, would be realy usefull to have(i cannot even type in the box, it just won't show a cursor)

  47. @Beverly said...
    i would really blow a fuse if i had my videos set to private automagically, thus losing ad revenue, that a very bad idea

  48. I hate the new Beta channel! How can I get my new channel to the old style? I've noticed when browsing others that there is so much trouble with the new channel. When clicking on a users uploaded video, it freezes and takes about 10 minutes to watch 2 seconds of the video. So I just uploaded my first video, and sure enough, when I click on my video under "uploaded videos" it's like the computer freezes. That never happens with the old style. Why can't we keep the old style?

  49. I like the new Beta Channel; I just would like it if I also could edit the colors of the player itself.

  50. @Pablo

    except they have no reason to do it , i hope they do .


    Hey im loving the ability to organize my video uploads however when i did so some videos where erased from the list and some show up twice. If i go back to grid mode they still appear and are not repeating, but on the main page the are not showing up or reapeting themselves. Once on the page you can click most viewed then go back to date uploaded and it appears to fix itself but when first arriving to the channel there all out of wack.

    Pleas have a look

  52. Hey Brian thanks for the updates the fullscreen on the channel was a pretty important feature for the channel to be successful in my opinion.

    Also Pablo had a pretty cool idea to be able to customize the color of the player for the channel itself.

    And finally any idea about the bug that repeats favorites after they are reorginized?

    I'll repost the link again to show you the repeated favorites. I highlighted them so they were easier to pick out.

    Thanks again for all your hard work on the beta channels. Keep up the good work.

  53. Sorry for the double post. I was just looking through my favorites and it seems that the original videos that were repeated have been fixed but a couple other videos are now repeating in their place. I don't know if that makes any difference. Just though I'd inform you.

  54. Brian, thank you for the re-arrange playlist option, It's very useful.

    If you could fix that playlist "last update time" bug then beta would be perfect, for me at least.

  55. please help i cant watch videos normal anymore!
    its all in weird colors i want to watch like it was before how do i do that?!i dont have 3d glasses whatever it is please help?!

  56. Fantastic work so far Brian. I know these ideas have been suggested many times, but I'll just remind you.

    -Online/Offline indicator
    -Colored Subscribe buttons
    -Able to Re-order 24 of uploads/faves/playlists
    -More channel fonts
    -Number of Uploads Visible

    I stupidly updated my channel on my dsi (i really hate that thing now) and its basically removed everything.. My videos are still there, I just can't display them. I would appreciate some help here (RevengeHitokage). Thank you..


  58. When I click on uploads and sort by most viewed the list is not in order. Also after I uploaded about 105 videos I can no longer choose what to sort by (the headers were once blue and are not black and not clickable). I can still sort by these things in various playlists. Please help. Thanks.

  59. Hey Brian, could you ever figure out why HD videos would slow down when watching them sometimes?

  60. Can we keep some of the old channels? I'm having some problems with the new beta ones, they confuse me........a lot


    (I LIKE IT)



  62. Brian, can you please help fix my channel? (RevengeHitokage)

  63. The counter on one of my videos is STUCK at 312....ALL OTHERS are working, but this one won't budge. Have tested it several times. The vid is "CLOSE 2 HOME" feat. WCF Heifer Show. THanks.

  64. Hi Brian and Team,

    Thank you for adding the default grid view in the new design, and I look forward to auto-linked URLs in the Profile box.

    I noticed you added a feature to place 6-12 videos / playlists before the others:
    This is *not* Video & Playlist re-ordering, which some of the more active uploaders are seriously in need of.
    As an example, I uploaded some 60 videos before uploading a 300-video master class. In the Default view, I would like to move these earlier videos ahead of the master class, so they are are not buried behind it. If a viewer wished to see what new uploads had been added recently, they would click the "Date Added" sort link, just like you do for search results.
    Even more important is the ability to order all your Playlists. Obviously no one can create all the playlists they will ever have right at the outset in perfect order; ordering a growing collection of playlists by creation date simply mixes up all your subjects and makes them quite useless for the viewer. Sorting them by "Most Viewed" or "Top Rated" is of course no help. The makeshift solution for the old design is to use up some of the title space to number or letter the playlists so they'll "alphabetize" and display in some logical order. At this point, not only is there no usable Playlist re-ordering, but the new design negates even the makeshift numbering and lettering that some of us have resorted to.


  65. Why do you have to force these new channels on us? Many users want to keep their old channels, and they should be allowed to do that. I just want old channels for more personality and faster loading times.

  66. @codelyokofan: You're calling people's opinions wrong? You're saying they are dumb just because they have an opinion? Those people DON'T HAVE to like it if they don't want to, hence why this blog says to give your feedback.

    And there's a pretty good chance that even when all of the bugs are worked out, there will still be some that hate it. How would YOU like it if I called you stupid for liking the new channels? You'd think it's unfair, right?

    Think about that before you call someone stupid again.

  67. I think that's great that all the bugs are being fixed, but I still think that- YOU SHOULD LET PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KEEP THEIR OLD CHANNEL LAYOUT--- KEEP IT!!!!
    Give people the choice! Please!

  68. @Muzik4Machines I think @Beverly is coming from a different position than you are regarding automatic private setting of videos. (Note, I agree with you on this one.) I'm just guessing that @Beverly is talking about the enterprise (a company's) use of YouTube for communicating videos within that company and not for viewing by people outside the company. But I agree with you that it shouldn't be automatic but that it should be manually selected by the user who is uploading the video. I do that with my videos to set the video as private first while I write up the description and then later set it as public. Not a bad idea. Just a option that should be enforced if the user selects it when uploading a video. @Beverly seems to be saying that a "private" video can be seen as "public" in the new channel design and therefore publicly viewed by all the world to see. @Beverly apparently only wants to make sure that only selected company people (who have youtube accounts) to see her company videos and no one else.

  69. Beta Suggestions
    Is there a way "Not to have the player visible".
    If I choose "Other" from the dropdown and hit "save settings", it is removed when you visit the channel, but all video links are then dead.

    It would be great not to have the player visible, if you don't want it (as in the old channel design).
    I know this is possible in grid view default, but grid view is still so limited.

    Grid view would be the best if you could have your profile info at top left (as in the old design)
    Or at least have the option to place it there.
    Grid view would rule if we could arrange uploads, playlists, comments & favorites all on the grid (as in the old design).
    You would win over many (old channel lovers) if we could have as much personal flexibility as we use to.

    The reason so many ppl don't like the beta is for these reasons.
    1. About 60% of ppl who use the old channels don't have (or want) the player visible.
    ( Not everyone on UT wishes to shout their videos when you visit their channel), but would rather have their profile the highlight.

    2. Many ppl like to highlight their favorites & playlists also without the player taking up so much area.

    3. Having to scroll down on channels (while surfing the Tube) just to see who & where, is just a pain.

    4. At least with the old design, ppl had much more choices to display or promote their interests.

    Before this beta is forced on all of us hold-outs, please look into what makes so many of us love the old channel design.

    It's not the change we dislike, but the personality & flexibility & functionality some of need.

  70. can you at least make the links intuitive? you know like clickable so we don't always have to copy and paste it to the toolbar please?

  71. Despite videos being made private, if someone favorites it before it's made private, it's still available and playable in the 'Player View' design on the beta channels.


    Is there 21:9 aspect ratio support now?! I saw some videos show up in a 21:9 video box on YouTube the other day, but now they're gone. Was that a glitch? Cause I would REALLY like to see 21:9 support. If there is 21:9 support, how do we upload, and what dimensions does it need to be?

  73. C'mon! We want a choice! Where is the "You" in Youtube? Don't you get it? You are forcing us onto something some of us don't want! A lot of people love Beta, but a lot of people HATE it too. Give us a choice, or like a poll and a option... Because people will quit Youtube!

  74. Very nice updates.

    Anyway, the reason why I still hate YouTube is because of the limited freedom it gives you. You MUST have a Google account to create a YouTube account, which I find stupid a and unfair. I really don't mind these beta channels anymore.

    Anyway, Brian, since you're the only one who actually responds to users' comments, can you tell them that "linking your YouTube account to your Google account" thing is a load of bulls**t, and that's the very reason why I haven't been able to sign in to my main YouTube account for the past 3 MONTHS??!! I know it doesn't seem like I tried all that I could, but I did. YouTube could have beta-tested this instead of implementing it just like that. Please respond to this, as I can stand it no longer. Thanks! :)

  75. I honestly can not understand why anyone could be so bitter about this. Seriously, people...

  76. @EW: Maybe because people are allowed to have an opinion? Not everyone has to like these new channels, you know. Even when the day comes when everyone is forced to use them, that doesn't mean they can be forced to like it.

    Even though I may have said this many times, most of the time new channel haters become angry at some new channel lovers because the new channel lovers decide to disrespect their opinion. THAT is why they are angry with some new channel lovers. Not because they like it, but because they don't respect their opinion of these new channels.

    It seems that most, if not all, new channel lovers don't respect the other side's opinion on this. This is the internet. There WILL be different opinions on subjects.

  77. 2 bugs
    undefined as a rating for a video instead of unrated/the rating

    channel comments, says 1 even if there's 2

  78. Hey Brian, Here Are Some suggesitions for you !

    PLZZZZ let us rearrange our groups in BETA

    Um thats the only suggestion i have now lol

  79. You asked for what it is that I need in the new design that I had in the old design and cannot live without. I need the versatility and meaningful functionality like that of the old design.

    But to be more specific, selecting the videos to be added to my QuickList as I've seen one person request here (dated Aug 30). I'm surprised that it has not been asked for before.

    I was impressed that in the past year or more where I had been seeing these small changes (good and useful improvements) with the video thumbnails. And without me even having to ask for it someone finally made it so the special three or four videos at the bottom right (featured) under Related Videos could be added to my QuickList.

    Why are these new designs happening? Did someone get promoted or demoted into the position of being in charge of YouTube's Channel Design and want to make a name for themselves? If the purpose is to make them look pretty at the expense of utility, then it seems like someone has forgotten Google's motto of "Do no harm," or was that just a good dream I had.

    Who's in charge of this project. Was it intentionally setup to be undefined as a wiki-user-feedback format? At least one could say that you have returned to the original meaning and use of the term BETA. A version of software in the final phases of development released to a specific (and in this case all the users) number of users to detect and correct problems.

    And your timing to do this could not have been better or worse depending on what your goals are. I had a few problems when IE8 came out in May and then almost immediately after that SP2 for Windows Vista was installed in my computer. Only just recently has my system stabilized to the point where I can report the final remaining bugs to Microsoft (Vista actually does seem to "fix" itself as time goes along). When I heard about the New Design being forced upon us, I thought that it was just some crazy Conspiracy Theory.

    I think it was in July when the big change-over (that didn't happen) was supposed to have occurred and for at least a week I did not look at my channel page for fear of what it would look like.

  80. @Reese and @EW: When I first saw a channel with the new design I thought it was pretty neat, then I found out it was something we all could do and at first were told we could test it out and change back if we wanted. I was planning on testing it out, but like I said I was having problems with other programs that were more important at the time.

    [BTW This may be a bug for the Blogspot Team: I cannot use the "Post Comment" to post this. It seems I must use "Preview" that makes use of a CAPTCHA.]

    Then when it was revealed by you that it was going to be permanent, but with the cutoff date being vague and transitory I have not yet seen or tried making any changes for fear that I won't be able to go back.

    I have seen some very nice layouts by some people. I can see that new user sign-ups or new channels for existing users get the new design. That would be okay with me. The new users don't and won't know what they're missing if they are totally new to YouTube (and the old channels have been forced to the new design). But I would think they might want me to be able to add their videos to playlists that I make. It is a potential source for views - where ever I post it.

    I have observed that behaviour where someone got upset because their friend was using the new design, but I don't feel that way. If someone likes the new design that is great. What makes ME UPSET is being forced into the new design. And I admit that I felt and could identify the stubbornness swelling up in me, but I still think it is a practical question: What was wrong with the old design?

    I was hoping to put Closed Captioning on some of my videos.

    What happened to the Vlogging Playlist? Is that gone? Okay. I'm saying it (writing it). I CANNOT DO WITHOUT THE VLOGGING PLAYLIST.

    I used to tell my friends that YouTube make look simple, but it has neat little tricks.

    I was going to make more use of annotations but this NEW CHANNEL DESIGN stuff has currently distracted me. BTW Spotlighting Annotations don't seem to work. All I see is the spotlight outline - not any of the text.

  81. I want the old channel design on my channel, but I´m new so I cant change it! why! I want the old channel back! cant you just make it possible for the ones who are new and like the old channels, to get it.

  82. I think there should be an option to have the video player and a grid view of uploads/favorite right under the player, kind of similar to the old channel.

  83. @KC spotlights annotations needs you to hover the pointer over the frame for the text to appear

  84. Can someone please fix my GOD DAMN CHANNEL? PLEASE....

  85. My friend* has a messed up glitch on his channel with this beta switchover business. Something needs to be done, none of his videos are showing up or anything and he's spent over a year getting where he is and for what? To have it all disappear on him. You can imagine the frustration right?


  86. Brian, please fix my friends youtube channel, it is glitched. The video player isnt showing and his channel description isnt showing either.

  87. brian I came up with some suggestions i really want!

    please let us move the event dates box (Musicians and comedians ) to left and right

    also let us have URL links in the event dates as well.

    also let us have more then just 3 albums for our channel

    also please let us have the URL links in the channel description now! i dont want to wait!
    please brian! why dont you just do that really quick then you can do other things.

  88. please fix:

  89. Brian, can you please help fix my friends youtube channel, A huge glitch has caused The channel description to vanish and the video player is gone too. The normal channel is fine, its just his beta channel is ruined.


  90. RevengeHitokage's beta channel is extremeley glitched. Brian, can you please fix it for him? The modules are fine but the channel description and video player have gone, and he can't get them back. Normal channel is fine, but the beta channel is ruined, please take a look for him. He has 777 subscribers and 98 videos, so you can understand why he wants to keep his channel.


  91. Look at RevengeHitokage's channel, its messed up from a freakin glitch or something. Please, can you fix it for him, he put a lot of effort into his channel and doesn't want to lose it because of a silly error. Yeah, its just his beta channel thats ruined, so can you please fix it for him Youtube? Thanks

  92. hey RevengeHitokage stop posting under multiple accounts, it's really childish

  93. I'm getting my numerous friends to post with their emails... because nobody seems to be paying any attention.. my account is ruined by a freakin glitch.

  94. Well you don't need to spam the comments with it. We all saw it the first time you posted it. Do you expect Brian to be on your beck and call immediately when you or anyone else has an issue with their channel?

  95. I apologize, but I'm sick of morons posting 'I HATE BETA!!!' a million times, and my post is getting higher and higher, and I'm worried about it getting ignored. I hope you can understand my frustration..

  96. The lack of hard links is disturbing. If I want to share my favorites, I want to be able to jet them over a hard link where they can view them, not a java-ridden abomination that is the current "interactive" system. The same applies to playlists, videos on any channel I view. With the new design there's no way to choose to view a video on it's own page with the playlist feature unless you hardcode the url yourself. That's ridiculous. There's also the matter of proportion and the efficacy of the layout, which just doesn't work.

    Why bother having video pages at all? This new channel design SEVERELY undermines their existence. And if you're not going to let people switch back if they haven't yet (I was just looking at a channel that had the old view. 'Twas wonderous!), then remove both buttons, in the edit dialog and in the account settings.

  97. @ Brian
    Is there any way to transfer ownership of a group if the owner has either deleted the account or been suspended? I'm in a group like this and no one else can join or edit the group because the owner's account is gone. If this isn't possible could you just delete the group Brian so that I could just recreate it and start from fresh? Thanks!

  98. Hey! Because I can not change the old channel? I liked more!

  99. Brian

    Theres A Little glitch with my arranging playlists.

    i have 30 playlists on my channel
    when i click rearrange
    and click on the little arrow to go to arrange 12 it doesn't let me , it only lets me do 6 playlists .

    please fix it

  100. Just one thing:

    Can you make it possible to add a 'Share Channel' butto to the beta site?

  101. The drag and drop don't seem to work for the videos ...

  102. Your view counter machine that tallies and boast the views, the same kind the hackers use to abuse the system as you claim, has f**ked up yet another one of my videos.It took less than 30 mins for this video to rise to 301. Yet here it is a whole day later and guess what? yes it's still at 301 (YT favorite #)Tell me, #1, how is this fair, # 2 how is your system so different from the so-called-abusers & # 3 possible that I'm still at 301.
    The worst part is when you all finally decide to do something about this, I still won't get my deserved #'s, it will move like 2 points up. This shit has been going on foe over a year and you still have not address the problem openly. You sneak around and post blogs that you never get back to people on. This is so underhanded. People who make too much noise on the subject you find a way to close their accounts. Well I'm here to tell you I don't give a shit!! just fix the f**king views!!

  103. When you people come off your well deserved vacations, will you kindly fix my damn views!!!
    I've been stuck at 300 for almost a day, and like the above comment, it took just an hour or two to reach 300 yet a whole day later I'm still at the same #'s. Tell me why shouldn't we all just get those hacker number boasters? because it seems to me either way we get screwed.

  104. Doves, I understand you're upset, but you really need to stop posting the same complaint with multiple accounts. It's not really gonna do you any favors.

    Since we're on the subject though, I do have one video that is for some reason stuck on 346 views, which it has been stuck like that for quite a while now.

  105. My channel is still broken. When I press the "Upgrade my channel!" button, I keep on getting that damn "500 Internal Server Error". Are you going to fix it yet?

  106. Once again, my channel is "mark360videos".

  107. I created a new YouTube account several months ago. Google knows this account exists, but YouTube doesn't. In other words, when I verified the account, it only got verified with Google and not YouTube. Trying to re-verify does no good. I get a message from Google saying, "this account is already verified." This has been a problem for a lot of people for several months. We can't get our new YouTube accounts verified. Is this going to be fixed soon?

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. Hmm.. if possible... add a search bar/function for the favorites section (and maybe for the whole channel).. some people have a lot of things on their channel and maybe it could come in handy.

    And.. maybe you could add a function to select between a centered background and a "loose" background (like the one on the old channels).

    Also.. tho many people requested this already... a way to "switch" between the two "templates" (channels).

    More fonts if possible should be added in the near future.

    There are a lot of functions people suggested and if possible they should be somehow implemented but without affecting the overall performance (loading times, etc. ).

    With that said.. only a few bugs remain.

  110. I can't arrange my uploads! After what took FOREVER to find the option, now it won't let me drag and drop. I was able to do it once, and other than that, it won't let me do it again...

  111. Ok Brian, My beta channel is screwed up by a glitch. Since you're so busy and I've waited ages, I've switched back to my normal channel.. when you've replied, ill switch back to my beta channel so you can take a look. thanks.

  112. @PellergrinaIIDoves
    because the real number of real views have not yet passed 300, there was probably fake clicks on the video

  113. what's with the resume bug now
    everytime i go back to a video, it starts back where i left, really annoying, please give us a checkbox in the acount settings to disable that, i really hate that

  114. Brian, now when I look at your reply to me on the 2GB thing again, I noticed a flaw. In it, you state that it's not OK to force people to limit themselves, yet you are doing it with these new channels. If it's so wrong to force people to do something, then you wouldn't be doing it with these new channels.

    If you got rid of the 2GB upload limit and replaced it with something like 500MB or 1GB, then you could save a tremendous amount of bandwidth, thus having enough money to keep the new channels optional and the HD can stay. I heard that you can even upload in HD through a simple code.

    This might be something to consider, since (whether it be true or not) you guys are losing a lot of money. If it will save you money, then go ahead and do it, especially if a lot of people are in favor of it.

    A message to those that like Beta: I don't care if you like it. If you like it, good for you! Like I have said plenty of times before, people are most of the time angry at beta lovers because they decide to attack them for having an opinion.

    "They're just spammers" You don't have a good example on your side, either, particularly BetaTubeFaggy. He created a whole new account just to spam to everyone how "glorious" the new channels are. I put "glorious" in quotations because that too is pure opinion.

    So can this beta war finally come to an end? I am getting sick of it as well as many others are, such as DMD. (By the way, he had a great solution: Keep updating the beta channels while the old channels remain untouched if it's too hard to add new updates to both. I wouldn't mind if there were no more updates to it either.)

  115. reese, you really don't understand how HD works it seems, HD footage is in the GB per minutes of raw footage, 2 GB already limit someone to 1 or 2 minutes in true HD

    youtube will then re-encode it 3 or 4 different versions, that will be the exact same size and bitrate for every video of the same resolution/time, but have on archive the original version should a higher def option comes available, they'll re-encode from the HD original, not from their HD version that is already recompressed and optimized

    like you say, i don't care if you like it or not, stop spreading lies about things you don't know anything about

  116. I've seen some of your videos, muzik4machines. Some of them amounted to an hour long, and they had the HD button on them.

    I remember recording a video on my HD camera that was 20 minutes, and it was only 220MB. It was a pretty decent HD camera, too. A Jazz HDV178 to be exact.

    You even saw TaurusOxford talking about how he could never reach 2GB in 10 minutes!

    But whatever. Just keep thinking whatever you want to think.

  117. Granted, my recording software isn't the highest quality (Adaptec Gamebridge), but even my raw recorded footage only gets to about 500 MB in 11 minutes.

    Honestly, Youtube could probably please a lot more people if they cut the file size to 1 GB and doubled the time limit.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. i have s bug and a sugjestion
    on ie8 on my channel thegigablade in the video bar on the bottem there is a blank spaceif i go to a different video its not there.

    you shold make it possible to click on a playlist and watch the videos in it on auto play or what ever its called

  121. I would like to know if with the new channel design I will continue to be able to visualize playlists in a separate page in which the information of each one of the playlists is shown. It is very important for me to have the playlists info because I am only using the videos to complement that information in the description with a visual aid. Thank you.


    LOVE IT!

    The maximize button was the icing on the cake for the new designs, it's brilliant!

    Being able to reorder the playlists was also what I was waiting for...

    BUT, why only top 6? Some people (like me) have much more then that, which want to be ordered.

    TOP 12 playlists would be much better.

    I noticed there is a dropdown button that says "6" which looks like you can change it, yet, it doesn't drop down.

  123. Y'know, come to think of it, my views ARE staying the same. The rate of change in views has decreased dramatically in the past few months. What gives?

    Also, I'm getting sick of my computer constantly freezing. Is there a way you can make a slow-computer-friendly YouTube Channels 2.5. or 3.0.?

  124. @Muzik 4 Machines: This only proves what I have thought all along: Partners are the main cause of the loss of money for YouTube. I mean, think about it: You guys get paid and you upload extremely huge files, therefore increasing bandwidth costs.

    Have you ever heard of a file type called AVI? That is what makes my videos in high quality without the file size getting too big. My camera automatically converts them into that format, therefore decreasing tons of Gigabytes from the actual size.

    Also, take a look at sometime. They have HD trailers running at 720p all under 50MB, let alone 100MB.

    Also, I know you guys have HD options on your videos anyway. I know this because I have a friend that is friends with a partner and he says he has those options on his videos.

  125. It would be nice if playlists in beta channels, had a "play all" button. I created a playlist that is meant to be scenes from a show in order, but there is no play all button in the beta channels.

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Where can i choose, which video is on top of my channel, in my old design it was possible, but now i can`t find the option. Thx

  129. On your channel next to the buttons for choosing player view or grid view click on "edit" and choose "Featured Video".

  130. @zooland lol,
    On your channel next to the buttons for choosing player view or grid view click on "edit" and choose "Featured Video".

  131. how can we disable resuming, it's annoying and there is NO OPTIONS in the account/playback settings to disable that crap

  132. Hey when you are on the beta channel you cannot see how long the video is on the bottom right hand corner of the thumbnail.

  133. Still want don't the new design and ajax functions. I get annoyed every time i visit a profil with the new design.
    why don't you listen? why is it so difficult for you to understand that a lot of your design changes are not wanted?

  134. Okay i cant watch videos because it says
    javascript is disabled or you have an older ver. of flash player thing is both are updated and working i did delete something recently...

  135. How to set height of background image in new channels interface?

  136. @piotrb

    You can't

    You can only change the height of a banner which is only available to partners.

  137. @codelyokofanwilliam,

    As i understand: normal user can only upload a background image
    partner user can upload also a header image?

    if true, next question: How to obtain partner status?

  138. @piotrb

    Yes thats true

    now to get partner you need:
    over 400 subscribers
    over 100,000 Video Views
    You need to upload videos every week or so.
    those videos that you upload need to get over 200 views, and if you do go to
    Note: you get Ads on videos when partner so you can earn money!

  139. Hi, I'm the guy behind
    Some of my videos there were able to share revenue - and they used to do this (I'm a partner since 2008) until last week.

    Now the banners are gone and I can't enable them back.
    Can you help me? Thanks!
    El Macbee


    Olá, sou dono do canal
    Alguns dos vídeos lá publicados estão em condições de gerarem publicidade com anúncios no YouTube - tanto que geraram por muito tempo (sou parceiro do portal desde 2008).

    Porém, desde a semana passada esse recurso desapareceu. A publicidade sumiu e não há mais como acionar novamente a participação nos lucros do YouTube nesses vídeos.

    Alguém sabe o que houve?
    Grato pela atenção
    El Macbee

  140. Hi. You guys are actually making the beta channel more apealing now. Good job. I just have a question When im selected the stuff i want to show, like upload, favorites and playlists, it also says shows. I was wondering how you can get your videos to be a show. Like how the guild has there videos as a show on web originals. If you could get back to me that would be great. Thanks.
    I am


  141. Please explain to me how my video 'The best Michael Jackson remix' after 5 hours only have 410 views, when it took 20 mins to get to 301. Now nearly 8 hours later it is #44 top video in music, #89 top rate and again it has only 401 views, 12 hours after being uploaded. You people are f**king crooks!! it's disgusting how you play with the goddamn views!! Your only concern is the people who are putting the green in your f**king pockets!!This crap happens far too often. You put up a video and hold your breath to see if YT will F**k you or not!!

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. Some people just can't be trusted... it's probably all Google's fault for ****ing up YouTube like that. It's disgusting!


  144. Please excuse my burst, I've just never been so ticked off in a while. GooTube Help isn't helping me one bit, and I've had enough. I know this has nothing to do with the beta channels, but Brian is the only YT staff member that actually LISTENS to the users. I NEED HELP!!!

  145. FIX THE FUCKING VIEWS!!! I'M GOING INTO MY 8TH HOUR AT 3:11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Oh this is just great, 30 minis to reach 301, 12 hours later I'm at 323? this is such BULLSHIT!!
    The main reason people put up videos is to get views, their 15mins of fame and the one thing you people fuck with the most is the view counts. This is such shit!! You're here designing pages and all that other bullshit, and the one thing that made YT what it is you guys destroy? what the fuck??!!! and you never answer any questions on this topic,why is that? What makes you any better than those who boast their counts illegally? the answer is no difference!!

  147. So, how do we set our channels to look like the old channels? The new look sucks majorly.

  148. Been biting my tongue again.

    @whateverIIDOVES : "you never answer any questions on this topic,why is that?"

    Maybe because you're totally barking up the wrong tree? This is a beta layout forum, NOT a "broken viewcount" forum. Yeah, the viewcount thing pisses me off, too, but that's not the subject of this blog.

    Multiple accounts and constant temper tantrums won't get you anywhere, either. I have yet to see a rational post under ANY of your account names.

    Just sayin'.

    No offence but it looks RETARTED!!!
    And it is confusing! I can't find anything and I don't like it! Why do they even put that "Revert! I want my old channel back" when you CAN'T CHANGE THAT DANG BETA CHANNEL!!!!!!
    I really don't want it and i have been trying to change it for the past 2 HOURS!! and it won't change!! Listen to this youtube people...I MIGHT JUST CLOSE ALL OF MY ACCOUNT AND TELL EVERYONE TO DO THE SAME!! cause i HATE it so much!
    thanks for letting my VENT!!!

  150. I simply cannot get used to it.

    I'm a YouTube-reviewer and on my channel (in the old design) I am able to find a perfect balance between my own videos and videos from others that I'd like to promote. Everything I wanted to show was just there, on one page, distributed the way I wanted.

    But now everything is jammed together and people can only see a fraction of what I like to show. The first rule of webdesign is that every click a user has to make is one click too many. Now that everything is packed in the video player, people have to constantly click and scroll to see anything.

    There are three things that just need to happen before this thing can work.

    1. Playlists need to be seperated from the Video Player. I need a seperate box to list them.

    2. Video Blog MUST be kept. I cannot live without it as I will have no other means to easily promote other people's videos.

    3. If videos are added to a playlist, a short description must be shown. Heck, you can already type in some sort of description when you add it, but it is never shown in the actual playlist.

    Mind you: I have tested the new channel layout extendedly and I'm still using it on my secondary account. It's not horrible, but it's definitely not an improvement over what was already there.

    I wish you wisdom to finish this project to everyone's satisfaction, but I am NOT looking forward to the date we have to change.




  151. I opened a new YT account and now I have CONSTANTLY the 'edit channel' bar at the top of my screen [with the options: 'Settings', 'Themes and Colors' and 'Modules'. Also there is always the little box 'Revert! I want my old channel back']. WHY can't I close this?? It takes space away from my screen. I want it gone!

    Also, with respect to putting favorites into playlists. When I open my playlists, the window is tiny and also, the names of my playlists are not in alphabetical order but in order of creation. I don't like it.

    And the entire stuff is very user un-friendly by the way.

  152. jude, it's only seen by you and only when logged in, so it's really no big deal

  153. @Brian
    The links are now working in the description!!! Way to GO! Hot links have returned!

    One channel I designed has a minor issue... The description text seems to have the "more info" link on top of it (covers some of the text), clicking on the "more info"opens up the scroll box to read the test of the comment as expected and all is clean, but changing back to "less info" again has the "more info" link on top of some of the description text.

    Happens in this channel:

    Thanks for all you guys are doin'

    Any thoughts on the multiple background graphic options I suggested a month ago? (One background for grid view, one for player?)

  154. VideoLeadsOnline said: "The links are now working in the description!!! Way to GO! Hot links have returned!"

    Is this for everyone? They're still not working for me. :-/

    Also, I'm having problems with videos resuming from where I left off, when I'm trying to watch again from the beginning, or go back a bit to rewatch something. Pretty annoying.

  155. Can we have a option for MOVING GIF ICONS/avatars on our channels put in?

    IT will benefit us greatly in having our channels discovered by people getting there interest peaked and clicking our ICONS in increasing our traffic to our channels.

  156. @TheQuintessential Glamrod
    I'll assume that you know the links need to be fully formed URLs (with the "http://www." at the beginning to become hot links.
    I base my statement on the v2 channel I made for a customer: ... check out his links in the description area, if they are not working for you then it must be my browser (Safari) that is working right now. They also work in another v2 channel I've made:

    Hope that helps you track down what's happening

  157. You/Tube just fairly recently incorporated the much needed ability to Add Videos From User Channels to the Quicklist by pressing the little Add button on the video thumbnail. Before this, it was very difficult and frustrating to go through a user's videos and pick out the ones you wanted to watch. With the new channel design, this feature is again gone, which is a HUGE step BACKWARDS. Not having this feature on channel pages is EXTREMELY frustrating.

    I think people will continue to like the old channel designs better because they're convenient, easy and fast to navigate, uncluttered and just overall very simple. Which is very good.

    Thanks for allowing YouTubers to give feedback.

  158. videolaedson;ine, the www is ttally unnecessary, just http://, www is depreciated and not to be used since like 1999

  159. The links work on the video descriptions, but not on the user profile in the new version, nor on the playlist descriptions in either version.

    RE: Playlists:
    I just realized that the old channel playlists have now been un-alphabetized, even when we're logged out. I've removed the playlist box and all links from my channel page, because effectively randomizing the playlists makes them utterly useless for any user, even myself.

  160. @muzik 4 machines Thanks for the tip. I guess you are saying the links would work without the "www" just etc.

    Will that be the same as as far as traffic getting to my site in Google's eyes? You know for Google page rank? I do Video SEO work and am aware that duplicate content issues etc. can be a problem if traffic directed to the site is encouraged to come in multiple ways, which is why I always use the www's. SEO reasons sometimes make for weirdness!

  161. if you sign up for webmasters tools on google, you can tell google to prefer either the www or not, but i think it knows by default, and as far as analytics data go they will show up as the same page (anyway mine does)

    i used to have a special page on the telling people we were in (2005 at the time) and www was just depreciated anyways (i think slashdot had something like that too)

  162. @Brian
    Re. the multiple background graphics: one for Grid View, one for Player - could be an option in the "edit" area where you now choose to default the view to Grid View or Player. By default you could use one background for both, but if the user selects the edit option for grid/player, then they could also choose to upload an "additional" background graphic for X or Y. When/if the extra BG graphic is deleted, default back to any uploaded BG image serves both. Do you like that idea?

    Thanks for listening!

  163. My two biggest complaints are this:

    Having to view every upload as a long list instead of the old grid view. Instead of being able to look through pages with numerous videos quickly, you have to scroll. For a channel that has thousands of videos this can take forver and ever.

    Also, why can't we change our channel description info? The editor on our page doesn't allow for it, and the menu under the accounts tab just has a little dialogue box asking us how we like the new channel design. Come on guys, this should've been fixed a while ago.

  164. I still want to have custom color on the main embed video player of the channel. Is to sad have a colorful channel except in that part.

  165. A search among the "Favourites" would be also nice.

  166. How do I change what video is shown when people go to my Channel?

  167. new bug, comments are not notified when they are marked as spam by some assholes(i got a congratulation, marked as spam, never received the notification, really annoying, i wonder how many comments i missed because of this bug, please fix this

    and the damn resume, make that optional, it's really getting on my nerves, especially when watching a playlist, if i ever watched a video it resume from the middle of it, not the expected behavior at all

  168. im confused because on my sisters accout which she made around last chrismas she could change the backgroud with a picture but it wont let me on mine please let ppl do that or tell me how cause i need to do that

  169. I still prefer the old channel, But some more things that can be fixed with the beta to make it better will be the following:

    about to see the time of how long the video is when look at the channel and view videos through grid-view.

    Able to see the ratings for videos while in grid-view

    Add the about of video/favorites while viewing the favorites tab or uploads tap in grid-view as right now you can only see it while viewing "all".

    thats all I can think of now, but adding these things to the beta, will make the beta channels better.

    PS: Bring back the former bulletin system,


  170. The only problem I have is the white YouTube bar at the top. Surely you could make this take on the design from the rest of the page? It'd look much nicer.

  171. i hate it i want my old channel back !!!

  172. I HATE IT !!! there is no creativity - i deleted my account and was setting a new one up and that's when i found out you couldn't get an old channel back - you people should have given a warning that you would be unable to get an old channel again - i lost a big beautiful mountain lion BG - again who wants channels that all look the same ? i sure don't

  173. @ssharyns: this channel has been beta for months now. Don't get pissy at youtube cause you were too ignorant to only notice it now.

  174. there's this problem with spanish youtube.
    the buttons to see the video info, comments, etc., wrap in two lines: the icon up, and the text down

  175. There's a problem with playlists and the new channels. There are people like me who want to see the comments to videos and not be distracted by the channel background. You CAN access the "normal view" for individual videos from the playlist, but that doesn't automatically load the playlist.
    There should be a link under the playlist description linking to "[VIDEO-ID]&feature=PlayList&p=[PLAYLIST-ID]", so we can access playlists from the channel and "view comments, related videos, and more".

  176. Hey Gang.....

    Sorry to bother you again, BUT, it appears the counter on another video of mine is STUCK at 312 AGAIN.....WHY is it doing this?????

    This VIDEO is VERY IMPORTANT to me because it's about a TERMINALLY ILL friend of mine and I report the numbers to him daily.

    Please check this for me ASAP if you will. Is it something I"m doing wrong??? Please email if I am....

  177. KOHPelord - no, not completely discontinuing support for IE6 everywhere - but certainly encouraging people to upgrade.

    IceflowStudios - thanks!

    Jinitron - Thanks for all the bug reports. The double-click thing we know about. The others I think are new. Yeah, a shorter URL would be cool. And yeah, linking to videos deep in a list may not always work properly. Hard to get 100%. And good suggestions. I especially like the categorization of subscriptions. Subscribing to someone's favorites - you can now do that by default with all new subscriptions. (We'll look into dedicated favorite subscriptions again.) Are you still getting the grid playback problem? And wow, you find great bugs - like the 1 hour limit for the timecode thing. :)

    Alex - looks great, as always.

    MILEY - yes, eventually. Not sure if it'll happen in the next week or two, though. Sorry about that!

    username1 - Agreed on all points, especially making the profile image larger now that we have room.

    MasterRater - thanks for the screencap of the repeated favorites. It's a tricky problem due to the way we generate the list. We'll see what we can do...

    lisa carter - I hear you on the description links thing. Stay tuned...

    iwantgizmos - I hear you on wanting to show a lot of things. One thing to keep in mind is that having too much stuff on the page can actually be overwhelming - we'd rather focus on a single player at the very top that lets you navigate all around a channel's content, and lets the channel owner really customize that area at the top in ways you couldn't before. But, of course, we're going to continue looking at how people use channels (both anecdotally and via aggregate data) to see if there are other opportunities for cool ways to present your stuff.

    Sonik - yeah, we need to add some more options for default sorting of playlists. We do have some hard limits on the number of things we can reorder, but we'll see what we can do there.

    Charlie - weird - are you still getting that problem?

    ralasinchains - we'll see what we can do to get you to 100%!

  178. Jon - Thanks for the feedback. Based on what we've seen so far from people using the new channels, we're pretty confident that we won't be taking away interactivity on your videos from people that want to engage with them. But we'll continue watching to see if we need to make tweaks.

    Kevin Cooper - thanks again for all the feedback! Interesting on having the user toggle the offline / online themselves. I could set myself to be online all the time, even when I'm sleeping. ;) Yeah, putting the number of videos in the favorites section in the navbar could work - though we're already running into people saying they don't have enough space for their channel title at the top, so that would make it worse. Tradeoff... More fonts would be cool, though I think some people might be upset about the idea of including Comic Sans! Yeah, getting rid of "edit channel" bar would be nice. And cool channel!

    CL - thanks for your feedback - sorry to hear that you're upset.

    BNBack - glad it's working for you again. Unfortunately, not a lot of admin functionality in groups right now, but we'd like to add that later. Unfortunately, I don't have the tools on me to delete a group.

    Wiiloveit - We did have a few problems with the rearranging functions at first. Is it still broken for you? And yeah, our commenting system in general needs some love. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    Mattjsrules - thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we'd like to make description links clickable too.

    lennevalkyrie - are you still getting subscription box weirdness?

    frufru - good suggestion. We'll take a look. We found that most of the time our users never looked at the description box, but there might be something interesting we can do here.

    Beverly - thanks for your feedback re: private videos. Are you sure you clicked "Save changes" after changing the settings during upload? And yeah, a scheduling feature would be cool.

    Quintessential Glamrod - Glad you like the rearranger! And the stars being "stuck" should now be fixed (there were some issues there everywhere). Thanks again for all your thoughts and feedback!

    FantageCommunityNow - sorry - new accounts get new channels.

    Bird-Kid - Yeah, that'd be cool to offer even more flexibility - good ideas.

    Reese - Sorry, I shouldn't comment on DMCA stuff (not my area of expertise) - but the DMCA form does warn you that "under Section 512(f) any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be subject to liability for damages." And yeah, thumbnail gaming is an issue, and something we're always looking to make better.

    Jammer - does the annotation still not work for you?

    TaurusOxford - re: account standing, I'm not sure on all of our policy for when those flags get cleared. Sorry I don't have more info. And re: the 10 minute limit, there's a few reasons for it. But maybe we can make changes there eventually.

    W0KI - the grid view default did have some problems - but I THINK it's better now - I hope you don't need to respond another time saying it's still broken for you!

    Jeremy - thanks - glad you're digging things!

    This Boy - we'll take it, I think. :)

    joshchevalier - wow - I showed that to a few folks around here - very creative. :)

  179. missfoxxxxxxx - Unfortunately there are some limits to the number of videos you can rearrange directly from your channel - but you can reorder an entire list of videos if you put them all in a playlist. And yeah, we'd love to offer the ability to remove one of your subscription videos. And what channel name are you using where you see the verification problem?

    icecreamanator - interesting idea re: rating channels.

    Muzik - yeah, unfortunately, you can't search videos while using the re-arranger. And the undefined thing should now be fixed. The channel comments count is something we're looking at, but is tricky to fully fix.

    Lesley Stevenson - Sorry to hear you're having problems. I'm not sure that new channels are causing problems with the actual video loading and buffering data, though.

    Pablo - thanks - unfortunately, you can't edit the colors without building a custom embed player and embedding the player offsite.

    Ramillen - yeah, it seems that when you rearrange videos sometimes it can cause duplicates and some other issues if the list is large enough. We're looking into what it might take to fix that.

    Mika - thanks - we'll look into the last updated time.

    hitokage.venom - thanks for all the suggestions. We'll look into what's going on with your channel.

    electrovesta - we'd like to do the quicklist button again. Not sure on the ETA but hopefully soon.

    nagative1 - HD videos may slow down based on a lot of factors - mostly that they're very CPU intensive - so it may not work well on everyone's machine.

    Niki - a choice to use old or new would be nice, but unfortunately isn't technically feasible. Sorry!

    Format - thanks for all the suggestions. Lots of good ideas there. I know we won't be able to please everyone with everything, but it's great to get your input. Keep in mind that people will rarely need to scroll down to see who & where (it's a one time thing), so instead we've optimized around having all the videos at the very top.

    japanlover97 - yeah, I know it can be a bit of a pain to link to a Google Account - keep in mind that doing it actually helps everyone out in the end, because it allows us to introduce a lot of cool new features that we otherwise wouldn't be able to offer. But why can't you sign into your main YouTube account? What happens when you sign in with your main YouTube username and your YouTube password? Also, there's no change with how we count views. And when does your computer freeze?

    codelyokofanwilliam - thanks for the group rearrange suggestion. Yeah, that'd be cool. It's a bit lower on the list right now (we kinda need to add a lot of things to groups themselves first!), but we'd like to get to it. And yeah, the events date box needs some love.

    KC - Yeah, the quicklist is something we'd like to do. Thanks for all your suggestions. No big conspiracy theory. :)

    Mark - Sorry to hear you're having issues - that's weird - I'll make sure we get a bug open on that.

  180. TheHonestTheist - you should be able to arrange 12 playlists now - let us know if you have problems. Thanks!

    El Macbee - I can't help with partner specific issues, unfortunately - please contact your partner support contact. Thanks!

    Lexie - I'm sorry to hear the revert button isn't working for you. What's your channel name?

    Commentorio - thanks for all your feedback. We're definitely striving to find the right balance of presenting content versus not having too many clicks. So far, in our testing & data, we've found that folks are adapting to that balance. Re: showing others' videos, our goal is definitely to stick with a single player on the page, so the vlog doesn't really work - but do you think it works to put favorite videos from others in a playlist, and feature that playlist?

    eoijw - sorry, we no longer support animated profile icons.

    VideoLeadsOnline - interesting idea re: multiple backgrounds. Might add to the load time a bit but it's an interesting idea.

    Matt - it should be easier and faster to see a lot of a channel's videos if it infinitely scrolls, right? That certainly loads faster than opening a new page. Re: editing your channel description - that should be possible - did you try clicking "edit" and then clicking within the description text area?

    CraftyAlice - try the "Featured Video" option when you click "edit" in the upper-right corner.

    tb - I'll pass your feedback on - thanks.

    Madison - I'm not sure what you mean by change the background with a picture?

    patnedz - yeah, we'd like to let you see how long the video is (in the thumbnail) - on the list. Ratings for videos in grid view would be nice. Thanks for all the suggestions. Apologies, but the old bulletins system isn't coming back.

    armitage - we'd like to keep the style of the top of the page the same everywhere on the site.

    MC Dirty - yeah, there might be things we can do around flexibility of playlists. Thanks for the suggestions.

    In general (Brad Hook and others)- I know the view count stuff can be frustrating. We have some info published here about it: I know it may not completely explain your individual situations. Sorry I don't have more info!

  181. wow brian mega reply/updates here, nice to see you still keep up with the comments

  182. Echoing muzik 4 machines above sentiment, Brian! That was epic, LOL.

    @ VideoLeadsOnline (and Brian)RE: "I'll assume that you know the links need to be fully formed URLs (with the "http://www." at the beginning to become hot links."

    Yes, I have the full URLs, but they're still not showing up as working links:

    Thanks for the response, though!

  183. Echo Echo of Muzik & Glamrod, WTG Brian... good to see you are evaluating the comments, makes us feel like it IS a good thing to offer ideas etc. here on the blog when we get your feedback every once in a while. I'm sure it adds to your workflow/time but it is VERY helpful!

  184. Thanks Brian, I really appreciate it.

  185. Anyone know if Google is indexing the Videos as they are played inside the new channel or are they only indexing the videos as they are played in the "public" YouTube space?

    The URLs are different and I wonder if Google ignores the channel version... any confirmed data out there? It would effect my Video SEO efforts which is why I ask.

  186. This comment has been removed by the author.

  187. I Like the old Channels they were..more appealing to how I like it but I can't change t back! Is it another bug or can I never ever again have the APPEALING channel?!


  189. Can something be done when you received
    a new subscriber and it does not show up
    in your channel list? I also have a friend
    that was added and it never showed up.

    Can you make it easier on the beta channels
    to make it separate when I respond to a
    viewer's comments--to have it look like a
    response rather then a separate comment.

  190. Can't rearrange my videos .... help!

  191. This comment has been removed by the author.

  192. Wow, thanks for answering my comment Brian! I really like the new channels now, since you've added transparency! And now that I've gotten used to them. Thank you for letting us rearrange the video order in the playlists! I didn't even know that we could do that until I read your answer to my comment.

    The channel that will never verify is called: misscelticfox. I believe it is verified with Google, but not with YouTube. I've read that there is a bug with Google not sharing the verification information with YouTube, so it will never get verified. I've asked Google a million times for a new verification e-mail link and never hear from them. I've even tried to change the e-mail associated with the new YouTube account, hoping that would work, but I can never get a new e-mail verification link sent to me. Google doesn't respond to comments like YouTube does. I believe the problem is Google. Like, for another example, when I try to sign in to my Google account with my e-mail address that I know for a fact is verified with Google, (the same e-mail address that is associated with the YouTube account that will never verify), Google never lets me sign in with it. I can only sign in to my Google account with my other YouTube account name (missfoxxxxxxx) in the e-mail address box. Then Google lets me sign in. Then I go to my Google account page and can see that same e-mail account that I was not allowed to sign in with shows up on the screen as being my Google account name, so it is obviously verified with Google. But, even so, they never let me sign in with it. It's kind of hard to explain, because none of it makes any sense, because dealing with Google is always a tangled web of nonsense.

    Thanks again Brian for reading and answering all of our comments! You are doing a really great job!

  193. How do you put pictures in the pannals. Like some people do?

    Such as