Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay - it's time for some quick updates. We're plugging away on the to-do list (plus other bugfixes in general), but here are a few new things released in the past few days:
  • Module transparency can now go all the way to 100% (though we cry just a little bit inside whenever someone puts fully transparent, hard to read text on a crazy background)
  • You can now right (or middle)-click on videos to open them in new tabs, or in new windows
  • Playlist titles were getting truncated a little too soon before - should be longer now
  • Grid view should now always work in IE
  • And a few other bugfixes
Also, as promised, we wanted to call out some of the more fun designs we saw using the new transparency settings. In no particular order:


  1. No explanation of the recently appearing 'User Uploads' module checkbox?

  2. Oh, and to all the regular commenters - I've been a little swamped recently so haven't been able to spend as much time responding - apologies!

    There have been a ton of great bug reports, suggestions, and feedback to catch up on. One thing I wanted to call out is that there was a small JS error that popped up last week for a day or two (and there were some comments mentioning that), but that issue should be better now. Still other things on the to-do list, of course, thanks to your reports.

    Thanks again for all of your great input and feedback. Keep it coming!

  3. KOHPelord - oops - that's a bug and shouldn't show up for most people. It's meant for a handful of channels with a custom "user uploads" module - see http://www.youtube.com/spore for an example.

  4. I would like to tell you a few bugs: When I watch some videos, then I click "More From: [whatever]", then I click "See all [whatever] videos" at the end of that list, if the person has the new layout, it just redirects me to his normal channel with "That is not available for this channel." at the top.

    Also most of the times, when I want to see all uploads (I am using Safari 4.0.2 and Windows Vista) from someone in a new channel, I get "Unknown playlist requested, please try again." and I need to reload the page to try again, and again, and again.

    Brian, could you PLEASE give us an option? Your new channels are good but the old ones are much easier to use, and also they are more good-looking, even if you have to leave the page to change some settings, and especially, they are more simple and stable. We are used to these old channel layouts and we had them since 2006! Why are you FORCING us to change?

  5. Bryan,

    Do you know when the clikable URL feature in Channel description will be implemented for non-partner yourubers?

    BTW, thanks for adding the transparency effect, that's one feature will make a lot of people happy.


  6. Good work these are good updates

  7. Brian,

    Any idea why my background image is a no show?


  8. Brian,

    Scratch that, it's back now. But I did have to reduce the length of the filename of the image I wanted to use - a new bug?

  9. Also any chance of being able to delete themes soon? I've saved a few by mistake while tinkering with the layouts.

  10. Brian , so far The beta channels are Awesome to me , and specially when The Transparency function got added and things got easier to edit.

    now I have a suggestion:

    how about by clicking on your profile Picture in your channel , you can change your avatar (profile picture) , that would make it easier to Change your avatar , rather than just going to account --> profile --> change avatar.

    Thank you for all of your great job.

  11. When will I get my Guru badge back in the New channel design? And the ability to put links in my profile as it says in the channel descriptions on your help site?

  12. oh my :o thanks a mill for listing my channel
    I'm feeling honoured :P

    anyway, great job on the beta channel so far =D keep it up!

  13. I have a second suggestion here:

    how about that by clicking your own subscribe button , you can change the color of your subscribe button or change how it looks.

    as you can pick from different models , example:

    "Subscribe red - Subscribe green - Subscribe black - Subscribe and Roses - Subscribe Gun - Upload a custom subscribe button"

    and same as for add as a friend button , how ever its just a suggestion.

    and please take a look at my channel:


    transparency gives a big role on this.

    Rock on , brian . also look at my first suggestion (on my last post) and my second suggestion (in this post) and tell me what you think :)

  14. and here is some bug reports I noticed:

    Once first time you start the beta channels , you pick to Add the channel views count to show up on your channel and then you click save changes ... after that you Try to click the edit button to Remove the channel views count to show up , but you can't and channel views count Check or uncheck option is not their.

    and same on the option that allows the subscribers to show up or not.

    I think James already noticed that. so you can't re appear or remove your channel type , Views , subscribers count from your channel description after the first time you do the beta channels , hopefully this get fixed. :)

    and thanks again.

  15. Heh, thanks for including my channel! XD

    That greenish glow took ages to look just right, and I'm still not fully satisfied. But it's neat how the modules turn from green to grey at the bottom. :)

  16. Brian
    Just a quick comment back to say - well done this is great way of dealing with this - "brave" facing the flack - plus using the talents on board may end up with 2.0 "smelling of roses. Respect.

  17. Brain,

    The ability to right click on the videos links to open videos in another tab or window just made the channel ten times easier to navigate.

    I think you need to add paging on the grid view though. Maybe a page for every 50 videos and the ability to be able to search favorites will be great.

  18. Brian,

    What about the video length in the new channel? I would like to see how long some videos are.

    Can you fix the featured video's info/description box in IE7? When you want to view a description, the text doesn't scroll with the scroll bar.

  19. I've said this a million times before now, but if you could give us the option to scroll through our friends and subscriptions etc all on one page rather than viewing them in a new window, that would be ace, as would the option to include a fixed height "recent activity" box or change the option of how many items are displayed at once, since the changing height often makes the channel look a tad uneven. Thanks, babe.

  20. i'm haveing trouble with my background when I try to upload an image the only images that will load are barely biger than the player and the player covers most of it up. also if I sroll to the right part of my back ground remains white. but if I change the magnification to 75% so thatthe entire page is in imediate view thats not the case. but that magnification makes the print too small so please fix this. also would you please respond brian or whoever. I posted this a few other times and its still there so if you could just confirm you understand the problem and no what I can do or that someone is working on it I would apreciate it.

  21. Brian,

    Great job still with these new channels! I have just updated my layout again to include my Mii in my background, peeking from behind my video player. I love the new channels SO MUCH! Thanks for these again!

    Now, all I need is clickable links in the channel description, and my channel will be perfect. Just perfect.

    Oh, and here's a few suggestions... I use Firefox and IE8 (mainly Firefox now, I discontinued using IE8)

    1) Maybe an indicator that tells whether the user is online/offline (On YouTube/Off YouTube)

    2) When editing the channel description, the text boxes are WAY too small. Could you possibly make them bigger?

    3) The option to select how many comments are displayed on your channel, maybe?

    4) The " embed this channel" option from the old channels was really useful... maybe you could bring that to the new channels?

    Thanks again for making these AWESOME new channels. Please check mine out Brian!!

    Good day,

    My Channel URL:

  22. Sorry I forgot my channel URL in my last post. my channel url: http://www.youtube.com/metazoxan2

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Loving all the updates. Can't wait for them to be finished.

    I'm working on a layout for my personal channel.
    I'll post a link once I'm finished.

  25. problem of misalignment:


    The last playlist is "not in line" with the others.
    I use FireFox as browser, but I've noticed the same problem with Explorer and Chrome...

  26. still get the "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." when editing my featured video

    also, the align disperencies between browsers are still there

    i also happen to have users uploads in my modules and really want to be able to use it to have people upload their jams to me, is it possible?

  27. Again....PLEASE fix the more info box scrolling bug.

  28. You know the only thing I want is working links in the discription and you said you are working on that so great job. Any idea when we will be able to have links again?

  29. Thank you for restoring right-clicking! It was annoying not being able to do it before.

  30. ctrl click/right click->open in a new tab STILL not working in FF for the featured video, but works for the uploads icons???? really, fix this

    also, right click open in new tab works, but ctrl/middle click doesnt, FIX this

    also, the playlists have no open in new tab options, it needs to be taken care of, i want people to acces my playlist the old way with a dedicated page with description

    right now ctrl/apple/middle click on any video in grid view STILL plays it in the channel, really not a good behavior, I NEVER use right click, always ctrl click, to open in new tab, so for me this is the biggest bug of the beta ATM

    still no full screen button on the channel player, and HD still doesn't bring up the BIG player like it does in the watch page
    ehrn pressing HD it should get rid of the ad and uploads/whatever is in the right column and expand the player to this area, and leave the ups/favs/PL for the grid mode, that way the HD eould be worth something, cause right now, without FS or bigger player, HD or basic FLV is about the same besides better sound

    align is still messed up in different browsers

    really cool to have the view numbers in the most vieved in grid mode, still misses the time and especailly, the rating /number of votes in the "top rated" view

    also, i know it was a space issue for the most discussed, but n grid mode there is plenty of space to have most discussed and maybe even a sort by lenght would be incredibly usefull

    tha't about it for now, be back later to do more thourough testing

    anf thanks again for the mention

  31. Brian,
    There are almost 700 comments in the other post and I don't expect you to reply. Don't worry about it. I have a few suggestions coming later this evening.

  32. Brian, I noticed that under "Modules", there is an option for "User Uploads". I selected it but nothing happened. What is "User Uploads"?

  33. he exlained it in the second post N/A
    it's a bug and you shouldn't see it, it's for brands channels that allows users to upload content(for a contest for example)

  34. Oooh, nice job with the right-clicking! I'm also eager to get clickable links in the info section, but I know that's on the to-do list. I'm liking the way my channel's looking so far!


  35. Sorry to bother, but I am getting this whenever I click save changes to edit my channel:

    "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get Flash player."

    Any help on this one?


    My Channel URL:

  36. @kevin, we all have, but upon reload of your page, the player has been updated even tho it shows the message, i think it's part of the bug with the edition of the channel which allows 1 edit per relaod(which is known by Brian and the YT staff)

  37. @Muzik 4 Machines, Thanks. I noticed that once it reloads (or I reload it) the changes are made. Just a minor nuisance. Nice channel by the way. :D


    My Channel URL:

  38. U guys should check out my channel WWW.Youtube.com/user/devastationfx

  39. One little thing: You can't see the video's upload date in the description if you watch the video on your channel.

  40. Please let us open videos in a new tab/window by pressing shift+click.

    Also please change the playlists page back to how it was before. I want to be able to list all of my playlists on 1 page WITH DESCRIPTIONS. I also want to be able to open my playlists in a new tab/window.

  41. Can you bring back the seperate pages for the videos/favorites/playlists? Right/middle clicking on the tabs at the top of the channel ccould open these seperate pages, and all the links on this seperate page could take you to a new page. Also, what happened to subscribing to playlists and favorites, and searching through favorites?

  42. Could you check out my channel that I just re-did?

    Created it myself.


  43. Please put a play all button on playlists!

  44. Sometimes, in the Quick List to the right of the video, some are stuck with the text 'Loading...' - normally the title of the video should be there. This has been happened the past week or so for me.

  45. I don't know if this is implemented, planned, or I'm just not seeing this. I'm currently editing the featured video with every new video upload. The problem is that I have the "Playlists" as the featured content set and when I select "Use most recent video...", it displays the first video from the latest updated playlist. Is it possible to use the Playlists featured content set while displaying the most recent video from the Uploads content set? Thanks.

  46. Brian,

    Here are a few more suggestions.

    1.) The edit button that is next to the player view and grid view button should be moved next to the Settings, Themes and Colors, and Modules button.

    2.) The profile picture at the top of the channel should be clickable. When it is clicked, it scrolls the page down to the profile information.

    3.) The video thumbnails needs the video duration on it like the old channel.

    4.) The search results when using search uploads should to be sorted by date or have the option for it to be sorted by date. Personally, I find it faster to find videos if the search results are sorted by date.

    5.) The number of videos that a user has uploaded should be displayed. For example, if a certain user has uploaded 55 videos, then it would be displayed as "Uploads (55)".

    5.) Under the player, under the "info" tab, it should display how many comments the video has. Right now, under the video title, it shows "From: username | # views". With the number of comments displayed, it would look like: "From: username | # views | # comments"

    6.) The video thumbnails can now be right clicked and open in new tab and new window in IE. However, the video title for the thumbnails and also under the player cannot be right clicked to open in new tab and new window. Some people may be used to clicking on the title rather than the thumbnail.

    - N/A (aka: youtube.com/movie3891)

  47. Some of you guys are wanting to be able to upload two background images, one for player view and one for grid view, because with transparency the channel doesn't look right when in grid view. A solution would be for grid view to not have any transparency. The entire channel will still retain the transparency settings except for the grid view portion.

    - N/A (youtube.com/movie3891)

  48. I know you guys have been busy so I'll just get to the point- I've mentioned this once or twice before and got no response, so I'll mention it again(lol) Will we ever see the bulletins make a welcome return? I really miss those- they made it easy to talk to my friends.

    Otherwise- LOVING the new channels, Keep up the good work =D

  49. In IE8, it seems that the bug where the video thumbnails were getting stuck together is fixed.

  50. Is there anyway of allowing related videos to appear on the channel page itself? Opening a new tab is way too much work for each video I want to view, but I won't discover new people that I might like to subscribe to without seeing related videos. In fact, this is one of the biggest problems I have with the new design.

  51. Thanks for featuring my channel :D!

    Keep up the great work!

    Alex from youtube.com/flashfacilitotips

  52. I still like the old channels better... it's not a specific problem you can solve, I just liked the layout better. :(

  53. Brian,
    Subject: Background Images in the new Channel design.

    Some of us that are trying to make the Channel Background really cool using a custom Background Graphic (BG) - are struggling with the fact that the Grid view vs. the Featured Video view look very different if you try to incorporate stuff in the BG.

    Any chance you could make the grid view use a different BG than the Featured Video view? Perhaps by default they can use the same BG, but have an option for a different BG if so desired for the Grid view. Whichever view is chosen would load the respective BG.

    The problem is apparent if your BG uses outlines around the video frame in Featured Video mode (as an example) but then when the user switches to Grid mode the outline no longer looks good, but just gets in the way. (see http://www.youtube.com/user/devastationfx and change from Featured to Grid modes)

    I echo the desire to be able to modify the SUBSCRIBE graphic look/color.

    BTW did you know that the layout is slightly different when you are seeing the channel as an EDITOR vs. a VIEWER? look at the spacing for the wrapper just above the Profiles Box.

    I also have a list of bugs re. BG not loading properly, changes/saves to the channel design not causing refresh of browser, weird stuff (old BG re appearing) etc. that I'll post later... thanks for all the good work and thanks for starting another post. If nothing else it make me feel like there is a chance you'll get to see our bug reports and requests, etc.

  54. Any fixes for Opera...?

    Oh, let me guess, you're gonna ignore me, as I'm one of the unimportant people of YouTube who has few (204) subscribers and only 8026 channel comments, and you only listen to those who have higher subscriber counts and more channel comments, and Fred. Ignorant retards >_>

  55. @VideoLeadsOnline
    post them it's time while it's page 1 and still pretty clean :)
    the BG align bug persists and make any framed BG looks totally screwed if not looked with the browser it was created in

  56. @Quadunit404
    what are you talking about dude?
    a bug is a bug, whoever report it, and we have a lot of proofs of that in the last 2-3 months where real big account got no responsees(sony IRC) but some new users with 0/0/0 everything submitted bugs that were fixed the next day, so you are pretty much talking through your hat

  57. Quadunit404,
    I only have 11 videos and 9 subscribers and YouTube has not ignored me. So why are you saying that YouTube ignores unimportant peoples?

    - N/A (youtube.com/movie3891)

  58. Another thought that might be an easier fix to my Grid vs. Featured glitch for the Background Graphic (BG)... (see my note above for details posted July 22 '09 9:21PM)

    What if when you viewed using the Featured Videos mode you saw the BG with whatever transparency the channel owner chose but when you switch to Grid view your transparency level went to 0 (no transparency) - in essence covered over any custom design you made for the BG to interact with the components shown in the Featured view.

    I realize this would mess with all parts of the background including what appears on the bottom half, which is a bad thing.

    I don't think it is the best solution to the Grid/Featured/Background concern, but it may be more feasible for the programming/design team for now.

    Any thoughts?

  59. Congratulations, you've almost got the new channels as functional as the existing ones - kinda makes you wonder why bother fixing what wasn't broken to begin with.

    While the in-channel player does load videos for me now, the whole thing seems to have slowed down quite a bit, especially when switching from the player to the video selection grid. Videos are also a bit choppy on the in-channel. I'd really appreciate it if I could simply disable in-channel viewer and select videos and playlists. I know I can now open videos in new tabs and windows (something very basic that I can't fathom any compitent programmer forgetting) but I don't seem able to open playlists in new windows. When I right-click I get a menu that includes "open in new window" and "open in new tab" but they just don't work.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. This will be long and nerdy so if you don't like the new channels or don't care about bugs, work-arounds and suggestions, you can skip this post!

    Bug list and my work arounds for Background Graphics (BG):

    My Browser Mac Safari Version 4.0.1 (5530.18) Similar issues using Windows XP & IE 7

    Many times When uploading a new BG the screen will not refresh to show the new BG.

    Sometimes I can fix this by Saving then forcing a refresh (Mac=Command-R, PC=F5), then the new BG may show up... however at times a different BG shows up (from the past... out of nowhere!) [BTW refreshing without saving looses my changes- as one might expect]

    When all goes real bad, I'll log out, view my channel as a user, force a refresh (which sometimes will show my newest BG image), then I'll log in and try to "delete" my BG again. If it clears, then I seem to face a better chance of being able to upload another BG. But not always.

    Sometimes I am successful at causing a theme reset by choosing a different Theme, then returning to the one I want to edit. Again I'll force a Refresh if things are not appearing as I expect and occasionally this will cause the proper BG to show.

    it seems to be tied to a couple of things:
    1) Changing the BG does not always cause a Refresh of the browser.

    The new file may be ready, but I can't see it while designing (one of the main features of this new version!)

    2) Hitting Save sometimes does not Save my settings. I'm not only speaking of newly uploaded BG but also the color choices for links, wrapper, etc. So Save seems to not really keep my changes (aka save).

    The more I work with one theme (in one session) the more "confused" the interface seems to get. Sometimes logging out and starting again will clear things up but not always. I Still think it is related to Refresh problems.

    There also seems to be a bug re. the position of the wrapper space just above the Profiles Box (mentioned earlier July 22,'09 9:21PM).

    If you line things up while editing the channel it is not lined up the same when you view the channel as a non-editor. I've made adjustments in my template I use to line up for the User's view rather than the editor's view, but it would be best if the Editor could see the same thing the Viewer sees (WYSIWYG).

    Another one re. BG images.
    I design my channel using Safari on a Mac (with the help of Photoshop), but when I view it on a PC using IE 7 or 8, Things don't line up the same. One thing I've noticed is that the top of the Featured video box is slightly higher in IE than it is when viewed in Safari.

    It would be nice to be able to line things up when designing templates for me and others to use and expect the items to be in the Exact same spot no matter what browser the viewer uses to see the channel.

    Does YT offer a guide anywhere as to where things are supposed to be located in the new design? I've got a pretty accurate template I made by trial and error, but perhaps I'm off compared to the "standard" you guys set up. Which means that when you fix the browser display differences, I may end up "wrong" and have to re-work all my templates and designs I plan on offering others to make the new channel design look Great! So a heads up as to where things are supposed to line up would be helpful.

    Something I just noticed: Not only can you NOW right-click (i.e mac: Ctrl-click) and open a video in a new window/tab, BUT you can ALSO click on a video that is currently playing (in Featured video view for sure) and it will open up a copy of that video in the Shared YouTube area as a new window and pause the video that was playing in the channel from which you came. Yet another way you can effectively "escape the channel" while watching the video - a feature others have desired, not one I favor, but se la vie- such is life.


  62. ...Continued from above

    BTW I accidentally Cleared all my Themes (a way to delete the multiple Themes you may have while poking around) by "returning to the OLD TEMPLATES - hot topic! - then pressing the "UpDATE Channel" link there, then retuning to the new channel design ("upGRADE channel" link).

    This caused ALL my custom settings to revert to the Default. Not suggested if you like your work on themes unless you noted what you did so you can re-create it easily and have fewer themes floating around.

    YouTube now lets you return to the Old Design, even if your channel/account is New. It used to be you could not do this for the newly created channels but now you can.

    Hope that helps ;-)

  63. The transparency on my channel doesn't work, and I can't see my uploaded videos even if I select that I want it to be displayed! I also can't see my favourites or playlists, the field next to the featured video is empty. Please fix it!

  64. I've found a bug! If you paste text longer than 100 characters into the channel tags box (Edit Channel > Settings > Channel Tags) it will still be accepted but if you try typing anything it will be shortened to 100 characters.

    This isn't a really bad bug but I thought that I should let you know anyway.

    Also, sometimes clicking on "comments" for the featured video doesn't work.

    It would also be useful if it was possible to make links in the channel description (or at least not automaticly insert spaces when you try to copy and past a URL into the browser).

    My channel is http://www.youtube.com/PossumFilmsAU

  65. please put my channel on the list http://www.youtube.com/user/rigyy

  66. Hi There,

    With the new channel, I can't see where to add Channel Tags? I'm looking under "Edit Channel", then "Channel Info" but I don't have the option to add a channel name, description or tags? Has this been moved somewhere else? I can't find it anywhere! Would very much appreciate if you can help me out with this.
    Many Thanks,


  67. I like the epic updates. Very very epic updates. I like how people used the transparency to their advantage!


  68. @Graeme: The channel tags are located in your channel. Go to your channel then select "Settings" on the top (make sure you are logged in first) then it should be the big rectangle box to the right.

  69. I just finished up creating a background image for my channel. The issue is with what other people are saying, the image Player vs. Grid view (as you can see in my channel). Well anyways, hope to see more updates done soon. :)


    I know it's a little early for autumn, but there is going to be 2 holidays overlapping and thus not giving me enough time to display autumn channel scheme.

  70. New Design... http://www.youtube.com/user/rubberjungles

  71. I think I found a bug on my channel. Sometimes when I view grid view and switch back to player view the playlist icons from the grid view appear on top of my video icons. Sorry if that didn't make sense but please try to check it out here


  72. I just have to say that could you please make these optional? I know you guys say you don't have enough money, but since Google owns this website, they have millions and millions of dollars. Why would it be a problem to keep these optional? Also, those 60,000 comments on your other blog before you moved it to blogspot would prove that the majority of us do not want it. And I already know about the censoring of the comments on here. You probably won't let this pass through on here, but I just have to say that if you force us into it, then the majority of YouTube is going to leave and go elsewhere. Also, for anyone that would try to put a whole bunch of hate on me for saying this, take a look at how many people actually use the new channels. Every time I'm on YouTube, I don't see many people using the new channels, if any at all. And just to relieve some pressure off of Brian Glick's back, he wasn't the one to come up with this idea. He just merely announced the new channels. I have heard from a reliable source, therealweeklynews, that it was either Chad or Steve that decided to make these new channels. Yes, the original owners still work at YouTube. It was their idea to do these, not Brian Glick's. therealweeklynews also says that you guys are going a little bit too far with your decision to force these new channels on us. He has most of the time never been wrong before about things, and I don't think he is wrong this time.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. still got the install newest flash every time i change the featured video, but when i reload the page it's correctly changed, just annoying, not fatal bug

    lol: if 60,000(divided by 10 for fake accounts/spam) is the majority of youtube, then it' probably the smallest video site on the whole internet LOL

  75. @ Muzik 4 Machines: Why do you keep denying that the vast majority of us hate the new channels? It's evidently clear how many of us hate the new channels. If you're just trying to prove beta haters wrong to protect Brian's title (as bad as it is already), then I think you should lay it off. Does the comment above you LOOK like spam? Didn't think so! Google has BILLONS of dollars, ESPECIALLY since it bought YouTube! Don't tell me YouTube can't afford to keep both channels, because that's a lie. A big, fat, corporate lie jut for Google to keep even more money than they do now. So quit bashing us who hate the beta channels. Whatever comeback you make to this comment, remember that you're defending CommunisTube. And there's NO way to deny it.

  76. denying?
    youtube has tens of millions of users, less than 60,000 complained, it makes it an insignificant minority, close to an error margin, thus it's normal they ignore it

    youtube looses about 500 M$ a year, they need to do something

    again, go learn what communism is kiddo :lol:, because you REALLY have no clue here
    i will even help you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comunism read and learn, then hide in shame for your giganormous lack of culture

    but hey, you are a funny and distracting kid, and every time we don't think like you you come here and make a fool of yourself, showing the extent of your ignorance, so count on me, i'll be there to stick it on to your face everytime you'll come here and pull numbers out of your ass

  77. You know what, fine. Be a Communist. And I very well know what that means because other people on YouTube agree with me about CommunisTube.

    P.S. The number of people who comment on the YouTube blog is irrelevant. I've checked other users' channels who haven't commented on the YouTube blog and still say that the beta channel is a piece of corporate rubbish. So YOU stop pulling numbers out of your ass ad calling us a minority. It's obvious that you have no consent whatsoever about how many people REALLY hate the beta channels, or you're just bashing people who hate the beta channels just to defend Brian's ass. But that's not gonna work on us. We will continue to fight for what we believe in not matter how much you defend Brian and say that the beta channels are great. You're lucky your channel design is good. I know what I post when I post it.

    Why don't YOU have some logic?! Why don't YOU stop pulling numbers out of your ass?! You're saying that we're a minority. That's the dumbest, most idiotic, self-centered-ass comment I've ever seen.

  78. Japanlover, you have no f***ing idea what communism is, so please SHUT the f*** UP!!!

    None of my more than 200 subscribers and 50 friends complained about my new layout. My only complaint is that it's a tad bit slow, but I hope YT will do something about it, too. So stop spamming this brainstorming, as many useful suggestions and bug reports get lost in your babble!

    Get lost.
    Thanks in advance.

  79. same here, out of 450 or so subs and 250 something friends, i only received good comments on my new layout(and out of the 15,000 chanel views i had since beta started, 2 bad spam comments, that's it, NOBODY complained to me about it, and of all the people i know IRL, they also all love it more, and understand very well a few kinks are to be worked out

  80. Well, that's not how it s on my channel. In fact here are only a FEW anti-beta comments on my channel and some other channels:

    "Sorry that you have to use this pile of crap called a channel."

    "I don't know whether to consider it cannibalism since Brian Glick isn't human...along with Jack Thompson and Alfred Kahn (hurls)"

    "YouTube doesn't like freedom of choice! And 2 more days of good channels =("

    "Hell, I hate them. They're much harder to use, I can't see all the comments and the description clearly, and the format seems less like "home" than the old ones. They said they wanted to make it feel more like "home"! Well, that's the opposite that's going to happen. You can't have a background, because if you do the whole channel covers all of it up."

    "Those are for the poor new accounts that have to suffer now. We're still at 7/15...and sadly, there's nothing getting through Youtube's empty head for it to be optional."

    "Gah I hate beta channel man YouTube should listing our protest. We don't want beta plus old channels are bettter."

    Getting the picture? Of course not. *sigh*

  81. Also, @ Muzik 4 Machines: Do you think there's actually 10 million Youtube users?! I don't think there's half as much. Otherwise, most of them might hate beta as well, but are just too chicken to admit it.

    And if something (like Youtube) forces change down our throats like we're a bunch of nothings, that communism to me, so back off!!

    If you think I'M distracting YOU, then it's coming from someone who replies to me so damn much, forcing me to change my opinion!

  82. @Muzik 4 Machines: I didn't say anything about that being majority. I just said that the majority of those 60,000 comments were negative. Plus, look at the top 100 most subscribed users of all time sometime. Only 15 of those people actually use these new channels, and most of those people are partners! Partners get paid for showing ads. Even though the channels show ads, most partners still prefer the old channel design. Even Fred still uses the old design! However, I can't make you change your mind at all. You think your way, and I'll think my way, I guess...


    With the new Beta Channel I can mail a link to my friends, making the uploaded videos autoplay as a play list when they click the link and visit my channel. ALL the videos will play in my OWN channel design. That's nice.

    Question: Why not make autoplay of a song or a playlist possible for ALL users now? It should be a feature on all channel's, not just the "partners".


    Erik - or 6funswede

  84. New channels suck.
    No matter how much you tweek and even if you get them to actually work, they will never be as good as the old ones from the point of view of locating and watching older videos from the channel page,
    and you know this.
    But you will not listen.
    It's like:
    "Fuck the user.
    Fuck the viewer.
    We gotta do this,
    and even if you don't like it,
    everybody's just gonna have to deal.
    Come hell or high water,
    when we're ready,
    we're gonna go in and mess up your channels."

  85. Brian,

    With the old channel, you could click on the number of comments the featured video has and it would take you directly to the all comments page. I'd like to see this in the new channel. So if someone has 330 comments, it would appear as "Comments: 330" and if you click on "330", it would take you to the all comments page.

    This is related to the post I made above at July 22, 2009 5:20 PM, item #5 (actually #6 but I mislabeled it as #5).

    - N/A (youtube.com/movie3891)

  86. Ok, so now that my Firefox browser has updated to 3.0.12, whenever I save my changes, I get a "Hello, you either have Javascript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player.", neither of which is true. The changes still seem to be successful, though.

  87. Regarding the grid view issue and transparency, there seems to be two options.
    Which do you guys like better?

    The first option is to be able to upload two background images. One for player view and one for grid view.

    The second option would be to have only one background. When the grid view is displayed, only the grid view portion will have no transparency. There rest of the channel retains its transparency settings in grid view.

  88. People need to spend less time complaining, and more time customizing their channels. The fact is, these new channels are going to be used no matter how much you complain. With proper customization, you can really make your channel stand out.

    Keep up the hard work, Brian, and thanks for pointing out my channel again. :)

  89. "If you think I'M distracting YOU, then it's coming from someone who replies to me so damn much, forcing me to change my opinion!"

    @Japanlover: We're not forcing anything on you. We're ASKING you to stop being an idiot, stop calling us supporters of communism, and to stop posting in these blogs so the rest of us can concentrate on actually being HELPFUL on making the new channel better.

    If you are incapable of doing so, then why should Youtube even give two shits about your opinion of the new channel? All you've done so far is insult the channels, insult us, and insult the youtube staff.

  90. USER UPLOAD MODULE should not be just a custom module for a few. It should be for everyone and allow more real estate for videos in the module area. I don't understand why there is all this real estate for facebook stuff like "recent activity" and nothing for displaying more videos. YOUTUBE IS ABOUT VIDEOS. GIVE US A VIDEO MODULE!!!!!!!!

  91. Cool channels and updates!, look at mine one! ^^


  92. nice design AleMMR95, but, look at this, it's how it looks in FF 3.0.12 mac

  93. Very impressive AleMMR95. I wish I could make soemthing half that good. Of course i'm virtually useless with photoshop.

  94. I really like the actual beta layout, the only thing I don't like is that videos stay on that page. I usually right click, open in new tab some videos when I'm viewing and I can't do that in the new layout.

  95. HAHA, I didn't do much to my channel, and I am no big deal on YT, but I've gotten compliments on my Beta Channel. Not much work. Not a big deal. Liking the beta more and more.


    Anyway, just wanted to put one or two suggestions out there to make sure they are heard.

    This is for the custom ordering.

    Try to make sure the ordering has 'variable' slots. At the very least, "Most Recent".

    What often happened on the old YT channels was people would 'custom order' their videos ONE time, but often forget to put in their newest videos when they made them in the custom list. What happens is their most recent works went unnoticed.

    Now, that is their fault, but, it would be nice if we could avoid that altogether with 'variable slots'.

    Let's say we have 26 videos. A-Z. And 1 Custom (most recent) = !

    And let's say we have 9 slots. We can arrange it like this, if we wanted.

    ! - ! - R
    F G -L
    S P - !

    If we wanted to.

    Also nice, would be a 'variable' slot for "Most Viewed", "Most Commented", and "Most Rated".

    It would also be nice if this can be done in the "ALL" tab, with Uploads, Favorites, and Playlists, all mixed in. Also, it would be nice to feature OTHER CHANNELS playlists as a "Favorited Playlist".

    Other ideas:

    When I link people to my Youtube page, and I do NOT use WWW. in front of the youtube address, it BREAKS the link to the video or favorite.

    I still think you guys need to put Comments ON THE CHANNEL. They need to automatically fill in below the video info. Right now we are going to a channel centric design. But the video specific advantages are being lost. Make the top of the page more like the video pages, but put all the channel specific stuff at the bottom.

  96. @N/A
    "Regarding the grid view issue and transparency, there seems to be two options. Which do you guys like better?"

    If YT can make the grid view's top portion opaque then I think that would be cool (yet tricky programming wise), yet you loose any potential coolness in the design made for the Grid View you might make if there were 2 Background Images created.

    I'd vote for the 2 Background upload option. This way you can be creative for the little spaces afforded with the Featured/Player view and creative in a different way with the wide open spaces the Grid view presents... 2 different backgrounds would be my vote.

    Thanks for asking.

  97. @ japanesegymnastics
    "I usually right click, open in new tab some videos when I'm viewing and I can't do that in the new layout."

    At the top of this post, the YT guys say you can right click now. I also discovered that if the video is playing, you can click on it and it will load a new window and play in the "common" area - outside the original channel view.

    Try it, hopefully it works on your browser.

  98. Oh yeah, and another important point about the WWW.

    If I want to Twitter a youtube favorite. The current link eats up too much space.


    Let's shorten that.


    Can we do this so this works??? Twitter compat!! HAHA


  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. the www is unnecessary for like 10 years now, and the user in your URL is totally optional, just do like the rest of the twitterverse, use bit.ly or is.gd or find one with custom url support

    i tried your URL with and without www and user and it just worked identical both times

  101. http://www.youtube.com/user/TaurusOxford

    Just gave my channel a new redesign. No I didn't make the BG but I did have to edit it in GIMP to actually fit the channel properly. Opinions?

  102. I like things to be small, simple and effective.
    So i loooove the new design, perfectly suits my needs of a channel :)

    Take a look if you want:

  103. .:Muzik 4 Machines:. , IN REPLY:

    "the www is unnecessary for like 10 years now,"

    Uh, yes, I know this. That's why I am making this suggestion/bug fix request.......

    Youtube forces the www into the address on resolution. But it is NOT OPTIONAL on Internet Explorer. :)

    "and the user in your URL is totally optional,"

    I know this too. Why do you think I suggested this as default behavior? You think I was, kinda, making it up as my own idea? I know this can be removed and I do it everytime already.

    "just do like the rest of the twitterverse, use bit.ly or is.gd or find one with custom url support"

    Again, I am aware of this. I don't think I want to do as everyone else does, all the time.

    "i tried your URL with and without www and user and it just worked identical both times"

    It does NOT work in Internet Explorer. So, I do think this is an issue.

    As for "user" and Twitter, yes, we can use URL shortening services. I just don't want to have to all the time. That's why I suggest they shorten their URLs a bit by default (when I copypasta an URL).

    If not by default, it shouldn't be hard to provide dual url support ('f' or 'favorite'). Some people like to see where the URL is going first too. That's my preference to give my Twitterees.

    Just sayin'.

    SO, to reiterate. Make the WWW. optional (it is not optional, it is a bug for now in IE), make the URLs shorter (by default) if you can, and if you can make sure that the custom ordering has 'variables' built in, that would be awesome! Lovin' beta so far!

  104. You need to add a "reply" and comment voting to the comments tab

  105. Oh yes, one more bit. I know this might be much to ask. But, due to the transparency, it is possible for users to screw up their text and background and have them conflict. (as you stated)

    So, would it be possible to get a dual colored text? I've never seen a website do that. Don't know if it's possible.

    Example text:


    You can see the text is dual colored to allow easy reading on any background image. This could be great to add to transparency users as it will allow a much greater range of background and text colors to the channel.

  106. Oh, and since no fonts have this feature, it would need to be a custom solution.

    Simplest way, all text would have a font behind it 1 size bigger than the text in front. This can be colored separately.

    Not sure what you can do to make sure this appears correctly. Use your magical Web 2.0 powers and see what you can whip up. :)

  107. @ music4machines??? you did not approve of a polite negative comment on the new channels and their designs? you only let through the comments that say your channel is "so awesome" ...poor sod! probably most of all U-tube users do NOT like the beta channels but most do not comment because we believe it will be forced upon us anyway! that is the asociation with politics!! communism or any other if you will.

  108. my suggestion for the beta channels?

    scrap them, your design people need to go back to school. if you are going to "upgrade" the channels, do it in such a way that the result obeys the fundamentals of good webpage design.

    information about the user should be at the top. there should be no having to scroll down to find out the vitals of whoever's profile i am looking at.

    the player is not positioned correctly, and in it's position creates a lot of "negitive space", which is intensified by how close together all of the modules are.

    speaking of the squashed modules, with the trend in monitors being "widescreen" these days, why are you clustering everything in the middle of the page?

    whats more, when you "upgrade" you lose functionality. i'm not sure what school of technology your guys went to, but the way i learned it, you have to gain functionality for something to truely be an upgrade.

  109. @RAKninja
    This is a BETA blog designed to give suggestions or bug reports to assist the YT team to make the new channels truly an "upgrade". The switchover is not currently required, so it is OK for you to just use what the old version offers until they do require it.

    Beta = not done yet! (even new accounts can use the old design now)

    But if you have ideas that might help make channels 2 a true "upgrade" (as YT marketing-speak couches it), then add them here.

    Your idea that everyone uses (or will use) a wide screen monitor... I've seen plenty 'o wide screens used to display things "larger" (especially in the PC world) so that when people view my channel designs that use stuff on the sides still don't see much of the side parts, so I would not encourage the design to use the edges much since many of the "normal" people out there (non-techy) can still have their BIG FONTS visible.

    Just to be kind to those who are working their butts off to provide a FREE service for us to use, it might be better to start out your comments an a less insulting way. Telling them to "go back to school" at the very beginning of your post does not gain you any credibility thereby putting any ideas you may have that follow at risk of being ignored.

  110. So Brian,

    Any thoughts on our discussions on having multiple background options? One for Player/Featured view and one for Grid view.

    I'm not sure how many YT users would use the 2nd BG option - since many users may never do much to their channel design anyways. I'd guess you have numbers to let you know approx. how many people upload custom backgrounds vs. those that don't... will having 2 versions of a background graphic add so much extra storage / bandwidth requirements that it will not be feasible?

  111. See my channel, recently updated with new design!


  112. Very nice Tesko. I like it.

    I also fixed up my BG image so it fits my channel better. Check it out.


  113. @carolinamariadejesus WTF are you talking about, ridiculous spammer?

  114. The new beta channels show the most important thing about youtube, the videos. The reason (I feel) that the featured video and the uploaded videos are put at the top of the screen, is so people can watch the videos without having to scroll down and watch what they need. If they don't know the person for want more info on the person, a simple 2 sec. scroll will give them that information.

    I know some of you feel that 'the person's info' is important on youtube, but aren't the videos more important?

  115. I would like to thank you for fixing the scrolling description in Internet Explorer, it works fine now, glad I can see my full description now, thanks for the fix.


  117. @melvin: Thank you for that constructive criticism and helpful advice. I'm sure that 99% came from months of hard researched statistics.

  118. Brain, when i switched my second channel to BETA, i lost the upload thumbnail option, can you fix this please? (/musicformachines)

  119. Brian, for every 100 or so comments, you should make a reply so that you don't have to read through all hundreds of comments at once.

  120. "information about the user should be at the top. there should be no having to scroll down to find out the vitals of whoever's profile i am looking at."

    Nah, I think videos are the most important. How many times do we have to see the profile info? I do think the avatar should be clickable and then it 'pops over' your profile info.

    "the player is not positioned correctly, and in it's position creates a lot of "negitive space", which is intensified by how close together all of the modules are."

    I think the modules should be even closer. :)

    "speaking of the squashed modules, with the trend in monitors being "widescreen" these days, why are you clustering everything in the middle of the page?"

    Not universal yet, so, this design makes sense.

    "whats more, when you "upgrade" you lose functionality. i'm not sure what school of technology your guys went to, but the way i learned it, you have to gain functionality for something to truely be an upgrade."

    The main point of the new design is to keep the viewer "in the channel" when watching videos. That way you get the full push of whatever that channel has. That's the ideal. No clicking back and forth to get new vids.

    "The new beta channels show the most important thing about youtube, the videos. The reason (I feel) that the featured video and the uploaded videos are put at the top of the screen, is so people can watch the videos without having to scroll down and watch what they need. If they don't know the person for want more info on the person, a simple 2 sec. scroll will give them that information. I know some of you feel that 'the person's info' is important on youtube, but aren't the videos more important?"

    Spot on. Videos are most important.

    Right now the design is still beta. I personally want to see more ALREADY LOADED access to Video Comments, Video Replies, Related Videos. Somehow.

    I think those are important hurdles to jump to get the full 'channel centric' design working.

    Perhaps, more of a merge, between stand alone videos and the channel. AKA, move the profile down MORE to fit in video Comments (ON the channel) and Related Videos/Reply Vids.

  121. The new changes look nice and all but since I haven't heard an answer about my question for the last 3 weeks I need to ask yet again about (probably) the easiest fix for these new channels.

    Brian, why do the URL links work for the partner channels and not the regular channels like they did before? Are you guys screwing us out of this feature or what? If you're not screwing us out of this feature how hard is it to fix on regular channels if you already have it working on partner channels? What's the hold up?

  122. I don't get why people say the new channel is not functional. I think it is much more functional than the old channel.

  123. Hi, Thanks for all your work on the new beta channels.

    I went from the new design to the old design, but recently decided to go back to the new design, to make use of a nice background I made.
    Unfortunatley, my channels has broken again, and I can't click on anything, as well as the background image not showing up.
    It was working perfectly yesterday.



    Sorry for the caps lock, but messages here get easily lost in the "hate NC" vs. "love NC" arguments :-)

    Thanks, Brian


  126. Oh no, ANYTHING but a facebook page! Everyone run for cover!! The facebook page will destroy youtube and all of us with it!!

  127. @ Jinitron,

    I like your way of thinking, we both feel that videos are important, I like that the videos are right next to the featured video so you can just click on the side and the videos right there, there's no need to scroll down the page to see their other videos.

  128. See my channel :)


  129. oh noes, the return of the 1995 animated BG (i tought we were rid of those

  130. YouTube challenges a reckless function for a IE.
    It is not displayed when I let a grid view scroll down quickly.

  131. I think the new channels are incredible. A lot of things I really like in the new channels I feel I could no longer deal with out. A few things I'd like to see in the final release of the channel:

    1. The ability to flip through all comments on a video.
    -Increase the length of the video browser which would cause a need to increase length of area underneath featured video.
    -More room would now be available to view more comments.

    2. The ability to rate comments.

    3. The ability to choose how many comments displayed in the Channel Comments section.

    4. The ability to search favorites.

    5. The "Comment on this Video" to be slightly thinner so that more room may be had for longer already written comments.

    6. The ability to change position of thin/wide modules. (EX: Thin on right, and wide on left)

    7. Resizable modules so that picky users (Much like myself) could align the modules.

    8. The ability to have 2 versions of your channel. (EX: Yahoo has a thin layout and a wide layout) If we could have a thin layout and a wide layout, this would give both viewers and creators more flexibility and viewing pleasure.

    I think my channel looks 10X better than my previous channel. Take a look and please give me feedback by way of channel comment:


    Thanks to all who look!

  132. YT beta/2.0 suggestions:

    - online status
    - custom reorder uploads/FAVORITES/playlists
    - hyperlinks in channel description/ABOUT ME
    - delete created themes
    - permanently remove "ghost accounts" i.e. suspended/closed channels (so they won't "lurk" anymore in friends/subscribers/subscriptions)
    - optional featured video in channels
    - video reupload feature (transferrable views/ratings/comments)
    - custom "featured friends" in Friends box
    - custom "featured subscribers" in Subscribers box

  133. @ kathy
    - video reupload feature (transferrable views/ratings/comments)

    will never ever hapen, way to easy to upload a naked britney, get 1 million view then upload a crappy home made video and claim 1 million views

  134. Another suggestion. When a viewer clicks on a video to watch, the channel should 'align' on the video box. That way the viewer gets the full list of videos on the side (and the full correct scroll bar) and the full feature of the info box below the video.

    Simple HTML anchor tags.

    This Anchoring should happen whenever I click on a video on the channel. Including the "Recent Activity" box.

    "@ Jinitron,
    I like your way of thinking, we both feel that videos are important, I like that the videos are right next to the featured video so you can just click on the side and the videos right there, there's no need to scroll down the page to see their other videos."

    @ MILEY: The Official Magazine...

    I agree with you to. :) Yes, the videos are the most important part.

    What I am missing are video responses. I would like to have them there. Same with related videos. It would be nice if the related/responses appear after the video comes up, or scroll along the bottom of the video.

    Other suggestions:

    Compress the "All" bar view. Too much wasted space that could be used to feature videos the channel has! You can pack so much more info in that side bar.

    I personally think a great way to do that is to allow the Video's Title and Author and Views overlap the video thumbnail somehow. You can also make the thumbnails a little smaller and squeeze the padding away above and below the thumbnail.

    I want more videos at people's finger tips. I don't want them clicking through all over, I'd like to present as manhy vids at first as possible. Right now I can barely show 8.

    Allow me to set recent activity to 20 slots. Allow me to set channel comments to 20 as well.

    Make the "Subcriptions" section active with user's avatars broadcasting their latest video (thumbnail) and have it shake or flash that this user has recently uploaded a new video in the last 8 days (typical week period, with 1 grace day).

    Oh, on that note. I'd like to see all those "deleted videos" on Youtube still work in SOME way. Like, if a music video is taken down by a company, I'd like the video's comments and ratings and views to merge into the company's and I'd like the spot on the play list to be filled in with the company's video version. I think that's good, at least I won't see all these deleted vids and lost comments.

  135. How do you create a custom module like in one of the channels listed in the update?


  137. Bug Report the ad is in the center of the screen while searching through recent/highest rated videos so then could please move the ad back to the right side of the screen its really irritating

  138. right click works everywhere, but ctrl/apple/middle click to open in a new tab doesnt, still a CRITICAL BUG

  139. How create a header for your chanel on chanels 2.0 ????

  140. become a partner, that's one of the few features that we still have in exclusivity with 2.0

    or do a 15 px header in the space between the top and the video player, which is pretty small, in your wallpaper

  141. Kaktus,
    You can also create a vertical one in the space that is at the left of the video player or to the right (see my channel for an example: youtube.com/movie3891). You will need Photoshop for this to create a background image and upload it as a background. Some people without widescreen may not see your banner. I have a 1280x1024 monitor and I am able to see it. Another monitor in my house is 1024x768 and it is not visible.

  142. If you are reporting a bug, it may be helpful to Brian and the team to know what browser you are using. So state what browser you have in your comments.


    To create a custom module, you will need Photoshop.

  143. Hi,

    it would be really great if you would fix the featured video module on my new channel before you show off others. i mean, or weeks now i've tried everything and i cannot get the new channel so show ANY video module. you say it's a bug and you are working on it. fine, i understand. But showing what others can do when mine is unusable is wrong.

    what i'd like is for you to fix invisiblepeopletv so i can have a new channel layout, too


  144. Being able to middle-click or right-click to open a video in a separate tab/window is a major improvement. I still have a few beefs with the new channels though:

    1. Don't force us to have one big video at the top of the page - let us have a channel description alongside it like in the current channel layout.

    2. Allow us to browse uploads, playlists and favorites on a page or series of pages separate from the channel, like the current channels allow.

    3. Show ratings below the thumbnails in the video lists - like the current channels and video list pages do.

  145. Hey, sorry that I haven't helped out with this for awhile, but I've been pretty busy lately (I went as the vague "Chris" forever ago).

    The channels look great so far! Here is one bug I have noticed on Youtube and some other websites (like IGN):
    When using Firefox 3.5.x in Windows Vista, some of the content tends to freeze in place and start duplicating itself instead of scrolling with the screen when I am scrolling with the middle click wheel (here is an image for reference: http://i26.tinypic.com/mws8qb.jpg ). I'm not sure if this is an error in Firefox or in Youtube, since IGN also has this issue occasionally.

    Here are some suggestions I have thought of:

    - Would it be possible to have an option for the "highlight video" to randomly switch between videos a user has created? Perhaps the videos that are randomized could be generated from either "All Content" or from a "Playlist"? This would be pretty neat for giving visitors a unique experience every time they view a channel.

    - Like the previous idea, maybe there could be an option for a user's "Upload" and "Playlist" content sets to have their videos randomized (for "Playlist," I mean the all-encompassing list of playlists)? This could also give visitors a new experience every time they viewed a page.

    - I mentioned this in one of my suggestion comments from awhile ago, but perhaps the "Subscribers" and "Friends" portions of a user page could be randomized so the same users aren't always showing up in the same order?

    Sorry that these requests are all about randomizing things! Hopefully I can help out more in the future. :)

    - Chris

  146. Oh! I also noticed one more "bug" that has been happening recently: for some reason, my playlists reset their dates of creation at random (so, if I uploaded a playlist a month ago, it randomly stops saying "1 month ago" under it, and resets itself starting from "x hours ago"). It happened a lot around a week ago, and it seems to still be occasionally happening. Is this a bug, or is it going off another value (like a date of modification) for these numbers to keep resetting?


    - Chris

  147. @Chris aka Disk
    With all your previous requests for randomizing stuff you'd think you would be happy that the playlist creation dates are being randomized!

    Just having fun ;-)

  148. @VideoLeadsOnline

    Hah, good one. :)

    - Chris/Disk/whoever I really am

  149. Can you guys take a look at my channel? I think it looks really good for a non-partners. Thanks.


  150. thanks, I found yet

    partners is not available in Russia ((

    N\A (comment 142), I know about the banners on the background picture, thanks

  151. @David - YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/DMANpictures
    I checked out your channel and it looks nice and clean.

    One idea is to put a thin dark blue or black border around your White Boxes with Arrows... this will complete the illusion that the graphics are on top of the "white border" like you did with the Yellow Subscribe graphic on the top right.

  152. I like the OLD channel, why won't you listen?! over 60000 say NO! NO! NO! to beta. Leave us alone, where's OUR choice?! where's OUR say?!

  153. @Argante: where are you getting 60,000 from? Even so, that's 60,000 out of at least 10,000,000 users. You're 0.6% of the population who hate the channel at best.

  154. TaurusOxford, great reply.

  155. Brian,
    This suggestion is not that important but just thought I'd throw the idea out there.
    For the subsribers, friends, and subscriptions modules, there is a "see all" button. Rather than taking you to a new page, it should be similar to the way grid view works. Click on "see all" or a similar button shows you a list of either subscribers, friends, or subscriptions and has a scroll bar. This allows the user to stay on the channel without having to go to a new page.

    -N/A (youtube.com/movie3891)

  156. Thank to YouTube to give us this tool for free!!

    The programation behind this beta channels is more compact and reliable.
    The transparency and right click to open in a new tab have improuved the beta design.
    Still many details that we miss from the older design, but I hope it can be added later.

    Because the sort of channel I have, I will like:
    1-Small grid "videos", "favorites" and "playlists" modules similar to what was in the older design.
    2-The possibility to rearrange ALL modules (even bringing the Profile up or the player down)
    3-The posibility to take out the "+Friend" button.

    Anyway, I hope YouTube can still be here for a long time.


  157. @TaurusOxford: I already told you vairious times that the number of people who comment on the YT blog is irrelevant as to how many people REALLY hate the channels. And that number is growing fast, whether you like it or not. I don't care that you like the new channels, it just bothers me that you're calling the ones who hate the new channel a minority, and that's wrong.

    P.S. If YouTube had 10 million users, then don't you think there would be more "spam" on the YT blog?

  158. Then please japanlover97, show me where all these users who despise the new channels are collecting themselves to.

    It certainly isn't here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=213465050463 , so please show me where these supposed hundreds of thousands of youtube users are going to to discuss their "hatred" of the new channels and how Youtube is initiating it's own "death" with them.

    Also, I said there's at least 10 million Yotube users, not 10 million youtube uploaders like myself or music4machines who upload videos on a regular basis. Some only upload once in a blue moon, and some only use their channel to save favorites, but they are youtube users.

  159. Well, TaurusOxford, allow me to show you all these accounts:








    And groups:



    And videos:





    That not enough for you? Check out the many commenters, members, and subscribers, then.

  160. ohoh the return of japan12yearsold!
    BTW, nice anti beta pages you made(in beta nonetheless), if you spent half as long making something constructive instead of spamming/creating fake users, maybe you'd come up with a design instead of crying here all the time (BTW, the time you went to summer camp this week, we actually had constructive comments posted instead of having to reply to your nonsense post, so please, go anothe rmonth in summer camp

  161. The No Beta group, by the way, has more than 500 members. BoycottBetaChannels has more than 470 subscribers. Betachannelsucks has over 800 subscribers. TheNoBetaGroup2 has almost 450 subscribers. TheNoBeta has more then 1,300 subscribers. TheNoBetaBros has over 350 subscribers. NoBetaChannel has almost 1,500 sunscribers. Altogether that makes more than 4, 800 subscriber.

    Compare that to GoodNewChannels, a supporter of the beta channels, which only has 6 subscribers.

  162. 4800? and you think that makes up the majority of youtube users? Seriously?

    You're a blip on the radar at best. A rowboat next to a fleet of aircraft carriers. Come back when you have 480,000 anti-beta followers, and then you can say you guys matter in the long run. 4800? Youtube won't even notice the loss.

  163. 4800, is if you consider they are not the same in every group, make it 400 total cause they are all the same members, and probably have each 5-6 accounts like our frind japanlier

    you see kiddo, everytime you come here you are confronted with your own bullshit, why don't you just leave and let the grown up beta test?

  164. Look at the links I showed you BEFORE posting comments like that, simpleton.

  165. i looked them all, it's always the same people using diferent usernames, they can't even change their way of typing between fake accounts, making them even more recognizable as sockpuppets, and i guess the simpleton is the 12 years old, not the doctor in computer science :P

  166. I did look at the links. Was I supposed to be impressed with them or something?

    Also, nice to see you're already back to insulting us. Simpleton as well. Wow, don't let your mom catch you saying bad words like that on the internet. You might get sent to the corner.

  167. and 5 of the nobeta channels are your own accounts, japan

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. If you WERE a doctor in computer science, you would be typing correctly, caps and all, and you wouldn't use emoticons, especially the ones that are like ":P".

    Back to the point, I fail to see how people could make so many accounts nowadays with the new "linking your YouTube account to your Google account" system. And if there WERE a way, which there IS, but is overwhelmingly complicated, why would they make alternate accounts just ot express their hatred of the beta channels?

    Call us "spammers" all you want, but that comment was posted WAY too quickly for you to have seen the links thoroughly AT ALL.

  170. "If you WERE a doctor in computer sience, you would be tping corrctly, caps and all, and you wouldn't use emoticones, especially the ones that are like ":P"."

    How ironic, and nice try at ninja editing your own typing errors while trying to give herpes shit for his.

  171. This comment has been removed by the author.

  172. @ TaurusOxford: Great job realizing my spelling errors, even though I deleted that comment and posted a new one with all the spelling errors fixed.

    Also, if you're gonna continue quoting other peoples' comments, visit a forum or something.

  173. I already visit two on a regular basis, www.elder-geek.com and www.somethingawful.com, and I wasn't aware quoting was frowned upon in blogs.

    The only reason I even quoted you was cause of the irony of you giving herpes flak for his grammatical errors(which heaven forbid he forgot to capitalize his "I"s), while making far more yourself.

  174. Yes, but you and M4M quote me and other users ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Why can't I have the right to rant here just as you have the right to rave here?

  175. LOL, you are the funniest kid around

    Yeah, as a doctor, it's mandatory i don't use emoticons and type properly, hey, otherwise the doctor mafia will come and kill me :LOL:

    It's as easy as registering 10 gmail accounts and linking them to 10 YT accounts (and it's not actually required to link gmail and TY, FYI)

    No need to re-visit YOUR nobeta channels another time, you already spammed them around many times, people are not THAT dumb kid, we read the links and have that thing called memory, which you seem to lack, otherwise you'd remember you already spammed your opinions on beta here and would just STFU and let the grow ups work on the beta while you ask mommy to cook supper for you.

  176. You people exaggerate what I say so much. Also, herpes, you take the last two numbers of my user name to figure out my age, and you make fun of me with it. But that's not gonna work. I'm gonna continue ranting here, so there's no point in replying.

  177. no, i did some googling and found many proofs of that, including, but not limited to, many acounts you have with this(and 3-4 others) username(s)

    Then you made the mistake of quoting comments form your fake channels, which googled directly to your fake profiles, where the age is indicated (yeah, on one of them you claim to be 17, but it's probably the minimum age YT would allow to display)

    I don't make fun of you, i try to make you realize you bring nothing here and that you should leave and go play with your friends while adults test the BETA and make it great so we can get rid of the 2004 looking pages we have now

  178. oh, and maybe take exemple on taurus, N/A, M4M and try to work on a channel design for once, they have incredibly nice backgrounds that make the 2.0 looks years ahead of the old one, while all your nobeta channels(that use beta) are like a 1995 geocities page

  179. This comment has been removed by the author.

  180. Yes, I have 4 YT accounts. I got locked out of two of them thanks to not being able to link my Google account to them. I currently use two YouTube accounts, one for backup in case I get locked out of one of them. Get it now? Either way, you're right. I should spend more time doing what I like then constatly ranting here.

  181. Can we please return to comments & suggestions that will move channels 2.0 forward?

    It takes far less space to let those who dislike of the new channels say their peace and leave them alone. This blog is for the Beta Channel. It is OK to let folks say they don't like it here (not very helpful) but still OK. Just don't carry on such a long conversation with them. They have plenty of other places to do that amongst themselves.

    We can all take a tip from YouTube staff who on a rare occasion reply to the nay-sayers and say they appreciate their passion with their position but they most likely will never agree.

    Kind of like saying "I support your right to say that, but I'll never agree with what you say".

    Please leave the protesters alone. It takes up less space!

  182. @ japanlover97

    LET IT GO, we don't want you spamming the ONLY thing we have to make the new "BETA" channel's better. If you don't like the new beta channel's just leave, we don't want you here. Leave like all the other youtuber's "YOU" say are going to leave when the new channel's come.

    Brian, the new channel's have come a long way, keep up the good work.

  183. When I click a link on a Beta Channel, my screen goes blank. I then have to refresh it. For example, when I click a video in the Uploads section, the browser indicates it is loading. Then the page loads and it stays for a second the vanishes. You can still hear the video, but can't see it. I use Firefox 3 and run Vista. Also, you should put a full screen button on the player. It gets annoying to have to go to all this refreshing just to get it to go full screen on a separate page.

  184. (youtube.com/cucproductions)

    Hey YouTube team :-)

    I said this before, and I've noticed that in the old channels you can subscribe to playlists, but in the new channels, you can't.

    Please add this feature in the new channels.

  185. Brian,

    I have a small suggestion. It is not something that is neccessary.
    This is regarding the bar at the top that has the profile picture and channel name.
    When you change a color, the portion of the bar that has the profile picture, channel name, and subscribe button is part of the wrapper color. It would be nice if this portion of the bar was separate and not part of the wrapper.
    See my channel for example: youtube.com/movie3801. The wrapper transparency is 100%. It makes my channel name stand out.

    -N/A (youtube.com/movie3891)

  186. I think that we should ignore the trolls.
    I know that it is very tempting to create a reply to their comments.
    However, arguing with them is just going to fuel them further.

  187. The groups Bubble Doesnt Work

  188. Dear Youtube,
    On my channel it says I have two videos and only shows two videos.
    But I have have three videos! It doesn't show one and says I only have two! Please fix this, it is really bugging me! Thank you!
    Youtube account: Vanillapomme

  189. Amanda (July 26, 2009 9:15 PM),

    It is now showing three videos. I noticed that you just uploaded your video 1 hour ago. Because your video was very recent, it didn't not show the correct number of videos that you have. For some, it may take a while before it updates on the channel.

  190. The comments seems to have been slowing down alot recently. Guess that means people are not having as many bugs anymore. Other than the suggestions below, I have ran out of suggestions. The channel looks great.

    The only thing that I dislike concerns the "All" view on the video list on the right side of the channel. Personally, I don't use it and I go to click "Uploads" at the top anyways. The "All" at the top of the channel should be omitted and the default should be "Uploads".

    Just to make editing the channel more convenient, each module should have an "x" button to remove a module (similar to the home page modules).

    As others have suggested, I would like an online status so that I can see if someone is online. It could be a red light (offline) and green light (online).

    -N/A (youtube.com/movie3891)

  191. YT beta/2.0 bug reports:

    - vlog doesn't appear in MODULES
    - video comments don't appear in proper chronological order
    - User Uploads in MODULES
    - keeps telling that JavaScript is turned off & get latest Adobe Flash Player in Firefox 3.5+

  192. BUG REPORT: Can't delete a video from a playlist after reordering it.

    (First, thanks for fixing the ability to reorder multiple videos in a playlist - it was very annoying to have to refresh each time I changed the placement of one video before I could change another.)

    DETAILS: It looks like the fix above broke something else.

    What works: If I open a playlist and mark a video for deletion, there's no problem.

    What doesn't work: If I change the order of one video in the playlist and then mark a video for deletion, I receive an error message that no video is marked. I then have to reopen the playlist in order to delete the video.

    Gee, I can't imagine why you didn't have a test to catch this bug. (grin)

    BROWSER: FF 3. I haven't tested this in IE.

  193. I don't know about this one. I have been continuously thinking about it for about a month now. I would suggest something, I could care either way if it implemented or not.

    How about move the Profile image, Subscribe button, + Friend button, Block User, and Send Message to the top of the channel where the existing Profile image and Subscribe button is at. I feel that it is really unnecessary to have 2 subscribe buttons as they do the same thing. Then move the All, Uploads, Favorites, Playlists, Player/Grid View down to where it is slightly above the video player. After that, get rid of the box with the Profile image, Subscribe button, + Friend button, Block User, and Send Message so that the profile/channel information can be further up which also means less scrolling.

  194. The new channel design sucks and it sucks even more that we don't get a choice between the new one and old one.

    Someone let me know if there is a petition to sign. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh

  195. Please does anybody know the way how BG is centered? I made a BG using screenshots of my channel, to know the width and length, but on a second thought, will people with higher/lower resolution see it the same? Are there any parameters a YT BG should have?

    Plus, I've noticed that channels which have perfectly aligned BG in one explorer, are often not aligned in another, but I think Brian & Co. are working on that.


  196. always centered, middle column is 960 px wide, i suggest making a bg at least 1920 px wide for us with HD monitors
    see http://youtube.com/muzik4machines
    i made a template with the measurements if you want: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/4286/templateb.gif

    damn, html not accepted here but is on the YT blog? weird

  197. Hi guys, can you pleeeeeease fix my channel, I haven't touch anything.. It just stop working... It gave me the 500 error..


    Thank you in advance...

  198. Please, give us an option to switch over or not. I really do not like them at all. They are squished together, and downright ugly. If you give us the option that we DON'T have to change over, I will be very happy. Thank you.