Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Super quick update: We've now added transparency settings. Try it out under the "Advanced options" in the "Themes and Colors" section - and be sure to call out any designs you're particularly proud of in the comments. We'd love to show it off in the list of channels on the right hand side of this blog. In fact, you can now modify two different levels of transparency: One for the modules, and one for the wrapper. (The wrapper can even be completely transparent.)

Also fixed: The bug that occasionally caused Firefox / Chrome / Safari to crash.


  1. Great job, it works better than I expected it to! Let's give credit where credit is due!

    There's still a few things that could be worked on, but this is a great addition.

  2. este progama empieza el dia 31 de octubre del 2009 sera un poco parecido al de horror frieds o horror jackass 1,2,3 espero que les guste

  3. I hope that this will make people like the new designs better.

    Transparency was one of the biggest things that people complained about.

    However, I created a new layout for mine, so I don't need transparency.

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  5. Brian, I think you and the team are going to make alot of people happy about the transparency. Congratulations.

  6. Brian,

    There is still the grid view glitch.
    Another member is also experiencing it.
    In the previous blog, you asked me what browser I had. I replied but didn't know whether you seen it because of the spamming that was going on.
    Just incase you didn't see my reply, I use IE8, Windows Vista.
    I also made a video to illustrate the glitch:

    -N/A (aka:

  7. Brian,

    Sorry. I just went back to the previous blog and saw that you responded to the grid view glitch. Ignore my reply above.

    -N/A (aka:

  8. I've poked around a bit with the transparency options you added and found a glitch.

    The area that posts the links: "Info|Comments|Favorite|Share|Playlists|Flag" will not change from White. Even when I adjust the Wrapper text color or Wrapper Link Color to be black or some other color, it does not change when I SAVE it. Then I return to edit adv options and it is back to White.

    The channel I'm playing with is called "godsaystoshare"

  9. WHAT THE FUCK! What's with the profanity censoring?

  10. Brian,

    I am replying to your question in the blog titled "More Channel Updates" on July 8, 2009 7:33 PM.
    No, I do not have the screenshot of the overlap on the right side. I forgot who's channel I was viewing than had the overlap issue. If I encounter the overlap again I'll let you know.

    Also, a few more suggestion

    1.) You said that you may give us the ability to right click on a video thumbnail and choose "open in new window". Please allow us to right click and "open in new tab" for those who use Internet Explorer.

    2.) The "edit" button next to the player view and grid view buttons should be moved next to the "Settings". "Themes and Colors", and "Modules" button. It feels more natural to look there for the edit button.

    3.) In the future, it would be nice if the transparency settings was a slider rather than a drop down box.

    4.) The "Search uploads" button should be replaced with an actual search button, like the light blue search button used to search YouTube videos.
    To see how this would look, I screen captured my channel and pasted it into Photoshop. I then erased "Search upload" and replaced it with the light blue search button. It looked much better than the plain text "search uploads" button.
    Then I was thinking that maybe the color of search button on the channel could be changed to match the channel's "Themes and colors".

    One thing I like about the new channel is the grid view and how every video is on a single page. With the old channel, you had to click "next" to view the next set of videos. Having all the video on a single page and using the scroll bar has made browsing videos on a channel much more convenient. Thank you for this feature.

  11. Brian,
    Still messing with Transparency and I'm back to say the change of the color for Wrapper Links works for another channel I have that does not have a background graphic loaded, but for the one that has one loaded (godsaystoshare) it will not change colors.

  12. Please listen me, people of Youtube, I´m so glad to see the Transparency theme, i check it out and now the channels get a life, more brightness and i can say that have personality.
    But exists, another problems out of the "transparency", that is the "videolog".
    I want to ask you that try to offers the new channels with this option, please is like the channel left one part so much important.
    And the ohter thing that i want that you and the team of Youtube review is that in the title of the channel i can write few words, and this is so limitate, and the oter thing, is that try to build a space, a little of oxigen in the new channels, cause i think all the modules are all together, so close one module to another.
    And the last thing that i want to ask to you, is try to put the favourites modules apart to the own uploads.
    Thanks for read this message, i hope that try to review my comment, and say that we are so impatient so see the all the problems finally fixed it.

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  14. I just noticed this one... is it intentional that the wrapper can't be less transparent than the modules?

  15. I´m here again, and this comment is how to say.... mmm, social... cause i can see in the original video from youtube:

    that so much people are angry with the new design of the Youtube channels, i´m not conform with yours in totally with the newest but i trust that you make and offer us all the options finally fixed.
    I was prefer that we can decide to continue or not with the classic design, i prefer the classic, but you (Youtube) are be the responsability to bring us calm and peace cause i can see so much discusting about all this theme.
    Once again i trust in yours that you make an excellent and brilliant Youtube 2.0 with lifem and oxigen to everyone.
    Thanks, to read this mesagge.

  16. looks good, i added a subtle transparency to mine so my background texture shows through, and i'm liking it.
    thanks allot

  17. Please Make These new channels OPTIONAL!!! I am much more comfortable with the old channels!

  18. Another thing I found... when I go to edit my Profile box, the transparency makes it hard to read the options. If I click in a text box to edit it, I can see it fine, though.

  19. First of all, thanks so much YouTube! Once the ordering of videos and playlists comes out, the 2.0 channels will be perfect, now.

    (It's with a zero at the beginning (zero-z-Movies))

  20. Well done YouTube! Look my channel with the transparency:

  21. i still miss anything. how about full size vids on the channels? O.o

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  23. Thanks for the transparency looks great.
    Here's my channel if you wanna take a look.

  24. Brian,

    Do you have a specific date on when you'll implement the feature to make URLs clickable in Channel Description?

  25. Thank you very much! I saw this last night and acted on it right away. Again, you have gone out of your way to listen to reasonable suggestions on the new layout. Thank you for including us in the process.

  26. I created a new Channel using the new design but every time I upload a video, the still captured does not appear on the Channel page, so it looks like no image has been selected for the clip.

    I've managed to get a few, but the rest show your grey and white default pic. Please tell me how to fix this!

  27. What the hell is going on here? Why can't I back to the old design? I hate the new design why did you change my old one to the new one? Even in the new my featured video doesn't appear so tell me how to fix that? For God's sake I want the old design back cause when I switch to it it doesn't work!!!!!! need answers urgently please!!!!

  28. Very Nice !!!
    I was waiting for this feature.

  29. I don't see the transparency working in the color palette's section, just in the wrapper. As a matter of fact, when I changed from None to 40% and save changed in the wrapper, it worked but when I try the opposite, 40% to None (or any other value), it stays the same at 40% and the options still says None (or any other value). Please look into this as it is not fully functional yet from what I am experiencing.

  30. Cool.

    BTW, nother bug.

    In my profile section, my education/school profile section is messing up.

  31. Alright, I refreshed my channel and it seems to be working again, sorry YouTube. I have never used transparency before (even in the old channels) and I thought I should just give it a try. My result kinda came bad on my part probably because of the lack of a background image. Well here it is anyways. Probably better with transparency so that I get less eye strain complaints.

  32. There should be an option to replace the new video navigator thing on the top of the page with just a box with the featured video, followed by the playlist box, then the boxes with the uploaded videos and favorites, simmilar to the old channels. In addition to this, there should be a way to get to the seperate view playlist/video/favorites pages from the new video navigator.

  33. Look Youtube management. I do like the idea to have the conversion to the new layout optional. I don't have negative stuff to say about the new layout except the new youtube header above (the one above the new edit bar)can you make it look like the old one, with the search bar on the right side and everything small, and also make the edit bar collapsible. That would definitely make the new layout BETTER and MORE people will LOVE it. Thanks.

  34. First of all I really like the new features. But there seems to be an intermittent problem with displaying All, Uploads, Favorites. If I don't login and I click on one of the above links I get an Unknown list message. Doesn't happen all the time and it seems to only happen when I use FireFox, Safari seems to work okay.

  35. awesome..i don't think its working quite how its suppose to yet as the transparency isn't affecting the way my channel looks..
    but check out my channel design !

  36. yes, firefox crashed on me last night when i was watchng U.N. owen was her..
    personally i do not think that flandre crashed. it was youtube.

  37. check out my channel i like it

  38. hi brian
    my channels still hopelessly broken in firefox i get a google illegal request message in IE8 i get the 500 server error when ever i try to edit AYTHING on my channel (edit channel& branding options) it does it as soon as i update then it crashes i have the beta layout on the old channel and half my profile description has dissappeared the channel apart from comments ,vids and p.m.'s is effectivly frozen ,i cant upload ,edit,customise in IE8 and firefox 3.5 and i cant do ANYTHING in firefox at all!!as much as id like to check out the new transparencies i cant!!

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  40. The transparency is okay, but the wrapper needs to hug the edge of the modules like a frame. I have this ugly black box at the bottom of my page under the modules. It would be much better if the wrapper took the shape of the modules.

  41. Looks great!
    I used a 10% transparency and turned my wrapper completely off.

    Future enhancement request: Allow channel owners to display additional background image below the content area.

    The new transparency features are 100 times better than the original beta. However, I'd still like to be able to show more of my background image to viewers without a wide-screen monitor. Allowing the bg image to extend below the content area would be a great option. This is not a top priority, though.

  42. Thank you for the recent update! ^_^ But now I can't change the colors of my theme, I'm stuck with the red and black colors I had when trying out beta. Also, when I don't have my comments, friends and other stuff showing on my channel I have a HUGE block of color still covering the background.


  43. I'm using FireFox 3.0.11 btw, looks like changing beta themes is a little buggy on it.

  44. Sorry for the triple post but I just tried it with IE8. Edit theme with IE8 seems to work but it's buggy with FireFox 3.0.11

  45. I love the new channel updates but am sticking with my old channel until these are added.
    Custom ordering of uploads & the list of playlists.

    Ability to make your default either player view or grid view.

    Showing the upload date in the video "Info" area.

    Showing the video legnth in the thumbnail.

    Once those are added I'll switch. By the way I am loving the development on the new channels, they are getting better and better all the time =P

  46. Not to double post but I also would like the feature for themes to be deleted.

  47. its a step forward but i still dont like em

  48. Hey there.

    Thanks a lot for the transparency, but did you do something that now does not allow us to have animated backgrounds? Or is it just my computer?
    I really enjoyed my background animated-- the stars just twinkle, and it wasn't garish like some animated backgrounds.

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  50. When I try to save changes to my influences it still says "I call shenanigans9" please fix this.

  51. My transparency doesn't seem to work.

    Also, I can't put an image in the background.

    PS, also, I hooked this Blogger account up with my Youtube account. Can I get them to interact somehow?

  52. Yay! Finally, after weeks! NOW I am comfortable with the new design! Thanks!

  53. Has youtube ever considered implementing the ability to subscribe to a specific playlist within a channel? I've found it's needed, in particular with Machinima (the unstoppable juggernaut that gobbles up every independent gaming video), I can't subscribe to them and get what I want to see without getting 10 other videos I don't care about. Being able to subscribe only to the playlists I like would be great.

  54. Must keep old design as option. It's an order.

  55. Also, why is there no fullscreen option when vatching videos on the channel?

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  57. Hi I just switched and like it (foxglove63). I do have one question though and it has nothing to do with transparency.

    Is there a way to keep the background from not scrolling with the rest of the page? I use my own BG and with the old design it stayed put, there was the option to do that. If that option is there now I'm missing it and I've looked every where, darn little button is lost ;)

    Thanks guys. I do love the new design though, much more organized, cleaner looking. Great job!!

  58. can you fix the white on the right of the channel if you scroll to the left there is no back ground but white and it looks weird unless you have a white background.
    Take a look at my cannel if you want to see what I mean

  59. You know the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."? Well, I dislike the new beta channels, as there was nothing wrong to begin with. Every suggestion I have is pretty much already satisfied by the channels that have been in existence for quite awhile now:

    1) Make the actual profile of the user appear on the top right of the channel; chances are, when I go to a channel, I want to quickly read about the user, and then go to the videos, not the other way around.

    2) Allow videos to be viewed in their own separate page when clicked on from the channel, as if the video was clicked on when searching videos normally, as opposed to simply displaying it in the channel; this is especially beneficial when commenting (though I personally don't comment much) and reading comments, as well as there being less "distraction" from the channel itself.

    3) You say the new design improves the ability to organize. I find it the exact opposite way around. While there was a grid view added for this beta, even that is worse than on the current channel design. You say that you can now arrange videos and playlists on your channel, but as far as I'm concerned, that was already satisfied by the current channels, which allowed users to place which 9 videos and 3 playlists can be displayed on the profile.

    Now the above 3 things were already available with the current channel design. In general, the beta just looks clunky. I'm all for change as much as the next guy, but if you can only see the outcry against the new beta channels, you would either implement my suggestions into the new channel, or you would give users the option of choosing which channel layout to use, an option which has been suggested by THOUSANDS, maybe even TENS OF THOUSANDS of users, but you have forcefully ignored. Because of the current forced implementation, many users who oppose the new channel design are boycotting or will boycott Youtube, either in favor of other sites, or just stopping altogether. Now, is that what you want to do, hinder creativity and lose valuable members, thereby decreasing the number of viewers as a result? I think not.


    Aside from this, I have a few suggestions not currently available with either channel design:

    1) Allow users to search their favorites. This would be very beneficial to those users who have a few hundred videos in their favorites, but can't remember when they favorited the video and don't know what page it's on.

    2) Allow users to choose how many videos are displayed on a page when browsing a user's videos with the grid view. Maybe options like 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, but anything to improve navigation.

    3) Allow users to go to the last page of videos when browsing a user's videos. This is especially useful if a user has hundreds of videos uploaded, and you want to see their earlier videos. Currently, it's annoying to click on page 5, then every 2 pages afterward, until you reach the end. Add a last page button, or even allow the user to skip to any page they want.

    Thank you Youtube for listening to my suggestions. If you knew what you were doing, and you really want users to be satisfied, you'd take my suggestions and USE THEM. A successful business would listen to ALL of its users as a whole, not just those users who (blindly) favor every decision it makes. Well, the time has come for Youtube to listen to ALL of its users. Otherwise, you risk losing and alienating many dedicated users who don't like the new channels, who might even go to one of your competitors instead because they didn't screw around with anything. Is that what you really want: your competitors receiving more traffic, because you made a stupid decision? I thought not. Youtube has practically become THE greatest video site on the Internet; if you screw around with its design so much, it might lose that status quickly. Once again, thank you for reading, and PLEASE take these suggestions to heart.

  60. can you fix the white on the right of the channel if you scroll to the right there is no back ground but white and it looks weird unless you have a white background.
    Take a look at my cannel if you want to see what I mean

  61. yays, thx a bunch! =D
    looking at the coding part(s), I bet that feature was was being a pain in the you-know-what..

    hmm, so finally I can make myself a proper channel theme (once I get arsed) :b

    ye, such an "attachment:fixed" function would be cool IMO.
    any chance of getting this feature added soemtime in the near future? =D

  62. Awesome job guys! I don't need transparency because I don't mind not having a bg. But I'm glad other users can use it to suit their needs. I like custom making channel colors. Do you like my color theme?

  63. Amazing job! You guys can read minds. Too sad that the settings don't apply to "Groups."

    Thank you You Tube!!

  64. THANK YOU!! Some channels who use transparency based on the previous design.

  65. Hey Brian!

    Great job with the transparency! This will open up lots of customization options for users. I create all of my YouTube channel backgrounds so Im going to work on this now.


    1. Theres no option to delete unwanted themes.

    2. The scroller doesnt work when looking at the video description on the channel.

    3. When you click a video on Grid View, it goes to the channel and doesnt play video.

    Great job! JUST FIX THESE BUGS!!!!

  66. Yay transparency :3 now most people can stop complaining about it. I didn't need it with my current design.

  67. Not sure if this was done on purpose or not, but when I click to play the featured video in 'player' view and then click on 'grid' view, the featured video continues to play.

    I can hear the audio from the video still playing even though I am currently looking at the grid of uploaded videos. Shouldn't it stop playing as soon as I click the 'grid' view?

  68. It gets better and better im very happy with how my channel has finally turned out. Did yall take away the feature where when one video finished it automatically moved to the next video? Cause i thought that was pretty cool cause you could just sit back and watch someones entire catalog.

    Check out my channel

  69. Hell, Mr. YouTube Team! After the new channel designs are implemented, when will you then add the option to use superior, classic-style channel designs? I am very anxious to know when these terrible new designs will go away! Thank you!

    Hugs and kisses,

  70. Are you still going to work on letting us choose/randomize friends and subscribers?

  71. Love the new features guys.

    Here is my channel and hope you like it :D

  72. timeofmonth,

    This happens to me too regarding the featured video continuing to play when you click on the grid view button. Brian, I suggest that the video pauses when you click on the grid view button. Then if a user decides to click on the player view button, the video continues to play.

  73. Hiya I know you guys are fixing bugs and stuff so can you try and fix a bug where I can't change my background on the blog or normal channel layout.. my friends can do it for me, but not my friends from where i am from, could it be something to do with where i am located?

    My YT account is EurekaAnemone

  74. Suggestion for the side bar video list.

    7 videos fit in the side bar.

    Make each video by default.

    3 uploads.
    3 favs.
    1 playlist.

    Now, make sure there is a scroll bar at all times.

    This scroll bar will scroll all sections equally.

    Move the scroll bar down and the next video will appear in each section.

    1 (most recent)
    2 (2nd most recent)
    3 (most viewed)

    Scroll a little and now it will be...

    2 (2nd most recent)
    3 (3rd most recent)
    4 (2nd most viewed)

    That's if someone chooses ALL.

  75. Some of you are suggesting features or reporting bugs that were already answered by Brian in the last page of the previous blog titled "More Channel Updates". Go to the last page and there is a long list of replies by Brian.

    Brian, in the player view, below the video, under the "info" tab, it shows how many views a video has. Next to "From: username|# views", I would also like to see how many comments a video has. So it could be something like this:
    "From: username|200 views|50 comments".

    Also, this is regarding the profile picture at the very top of the channel. I've suggested before that the profile picture at the top should be slightly larger. My username is part of my profile picture but it is difficult to see the text. Making it bigger, however would mean having a vertically wider bar at the top, which wouldn't look good. By bar, I mean the horizontal bar that includes my username, the subscribe button, player view and grid view button. What I suggest instead is make the profile picture larger but don't let it fit inside the border that includes the username. Instead, make it overlap and be superimposed on the bar. You may need to shift the username and subscribe button to the right a little though.

    - N/A (aka:

  76. Thank. that way lot better. not i got to fix the look of it. there is 1 thing iwill like to see fix too. group: add delete and fix bug

  77. Yes I agree the Profile Picture should be Bigger

  78. oups, posted in the wrong post, so here are the "new bugs"
    chrome PC is 1 or 2px lower than on all others
    but now, it's 8 px too high in FF mac and 1px too much to the right

    there is also 1px less height in ffmac between the ad and the rest thus again weir-ing the layout

    sorry for that many posts, i'm testing on all browsers to make sure the design works, so a come across a lot of tiny weeny bugs

    button align issues when already friend
    fiecof 3 mac 10.4.11

    BTW, i use firefox 3 on osx 10.4.11 and safari 4

    the align bug is only in safary, logged in or not, here is a Sc of safari: (too low)
    and the correct one from firefox: just ok
    opera(too low):

    also notice how te arrow looks different in all 3, and the transparency is really uneven on all 3 (opera is 100% all the way)

    bonus IE6 on my old PC, not even working

    SC FF3 PC (colors are bad, its RDC)

    but the BG allign issue is HUGE

    thanks Brian

    the issue is: in the past you had which was not ideal but at least had JUST the uploads, no bio, friends, subs, comments, so faster to load and right clickable to open many clips in many tabs to load them

    now we are stuck with this: which is longer to load cause there is way more content to load(and most of it is not needed when you link from an external site (the embed also vanishad on all pages i had it...)

    i ask, because in the past i used to iframe the uploads page on my site and it still looked pretty good, now its a stale blank background (could the playlists BG match the channel?) and when i embed the whole channle in the iframe, i end up with my header, your header, my banner THEN the videos almost halfway down, plus it loads the bio (again) and comments/subs etc

    maybe if there was just an embed code for the video navigator, THAT would be really cool as i could replace the playlist with the whole navigator (with the ad) on my front page (but i guess there is probably legal objections for that one, even tho the ads will show and all clips would be piped thru the navigator)
    anyway, jsut an idea, i really miss being able to have a page with only all uploads

    also the arrow is still not transparent nor is the box around comments,, i made the wraper white for showing, and look at the arrow edges too, really cropped out and difinately not transparent :)

    for the autoplay, it's ok, i was just wondering :)

  79. timeofmonth,

    when you click on the grid view button. Brian, I suggest that the video pauses when you click on the grid view button.

    pleaso not, that the best feature of the new channel, being able to keep listening while checking out other videos

  80. theBestArts said...
    look at my channel on a 1920x1080 display, plenty to see on the 500 px each side :)

  81. I HATE these new channels, I couldn't hate them any more than I do. No more can I open videos in separate pages and wait for them to load while I view others. The right click and 'Open in new Window' thing doesn't work at all. And that is just the beginning of my problems with the new channels. I switched mine to the new channel but have now switched back.

  82. Another suggestion I've always wanted to see.

    Right now I have about... 1 billion subscriptions. Give or take a mill.

    I've always wished I could separate my subscriptions into categories.

    I have serious stuff.

    I have comedy.

    I have have weird stuff that fits neither.

    And more.

    It might not be so bad. But, right now, even if I visit the last page of my subscriptions, I can only go back 4 hours about.

    I was hoping to be able to make 'different feeds' for myself depending on the mood.

    That reminds me of another MISSING FEATURE in the beta.

    How do I subscribe to someone's favorites?


    There are 2 main types of users on YT. Uploaders. And Collectors (AKA favoriters)....

    Or did you make the subscribe button subscribe us to both favs and uploads? That would be good too. Generally I like both for any given person, and they are usually the same type.

    Here's an idea. The subscribe button should auto subscribe you to both favs and uploads. However, at the point of subscribing, you can turn one or the other off if you want. Like, when you click the Subscribe button, a box will appear and it will have two green checkmarks. At this point (or later in your subscription center) turn one or the other off. If you do nothing, then you keep both!!

    YES! Do it! ^_^


    I like, I like. Any opinions of my channel deasign?

  84. If you could make a grid that includes the player like this picture I create I think it would be a much better design than the current one.

    Personally, I think you should ditch the commenting, favoriting, sharing, a video from the channel page and just stick with the description.

  85. Oh, and by the way Brian, any ETA on that bug in my playlist thumbnails? I'm currently using the latest version of FireFox just for clarification.

  86. Well brian you actualy did one thing right Good for you but there is alot more that needs to be done

    2.Desine channal outsde of channal

    3. Give the option to make the video that we put on our page play automaticaly or not.

    4. more Desine options

    5.Make channal long like the old one


    If you do all of those things then i will stop bothering you.

  87. I have a suggestion. For the videos on the side of our profile page, we could have a scroll down thing so that we can scroll through the videos up and down.

  88. Ps: You might want to pay atention to number 6 the last one because that is the bigest thing that people are requesting and people will still leve if that request is not made!!!

  89. I take back what I said many comments up. Transparency is MAD AWESOME!!! There's so many ways to decorate my channel now!!!

  90. Ah, I remember my other idea now. Along with "grouping subscriptions" for myself, I would also like to make these subscription lists public.

    Think of them as "Subsription Playlists". Like in iTunes when you make a "Smart Playlist".

    So instead of just having a big space on our page that says "Subscriptions", have our "Sub playlists" there (if a user makes any), for everyone to enjoy. Then, when people click on our subscription playlists, they see everything we are subscribing too.

    People could even Subscribe to the playlists themselves, if they like them.

    I'd also like to group my friends into 'friend tiers'. Tops, almost tops, middle, the rest... whatever.

    Other things, if my videos or comments or PMs are set to moderated posts, I'd like to be able to set who can post there without moderation. Friends, subscribers, subsriptions, or full public.

    Other ideas... ideas for improving Groups (major work needed here, seriously bad and always has been since Youtube started), and Comments... and ah.

    I could idea spew all day if I had the time. :p

  91. This is awesome! :D

    My channel:

  92. yeah! iphone/mobile version is working now

  93. Awesome! I just made borders to all my modules! I've been waiting on this. Take a look:

  94. slyth66, which browser/os are you using?
    in ff3 mac bg is 8-12 px too high, in safari 4 mac it's 2 px too high (been spending the last 20 hours trying to make something that fits all browsers, but there seems to be some rendering differences

  95. Great job guys! I'm loving the new beta channels...

    A few suggestions:
    1. Along with the last login date, you could have a section that tells whether the user is Online/Offline (on Youtube/off Youtube).

    2. Instead of limiting it to 50%, have more transparency options for the Color Palettes section.

    3. Allowing he option to set how many channel comments you want displayed

    4. A few more fonts :)

    5. Let users rearrange their friends/subscribers/subscriptions in different orders

    6. Let users rearrange playlists in different orders.

    Thanks for hearing us out!

  96. Thanks for the update :D!

    What do you guys think of my channel :)?

  97. Hello,

    This may be a personal issue and not an issue with the whole layout. I recently experimented and turned the transparency to 100 percent on the wrapper and added boarders to my background. In Google Chrome, it looks nice and is aligned perfectly. But when I view it in IE and Firefox, the background is not lined up the way it is in Chrome and does not match up. I really like the transparency feature and would like the boarders to look nice cross-browser. Is this a personal issue with my background or is this an issue with the channel design?

    hopefully you can see what I mean. This would be an issue many would have with the backgrounds.


  98. no, it seems all browsers have some pixels diff, ff pc, safari mac, opera mac and pc are exactly the same, ff mac puts it higher(10-13px) and chrome too (less than FF mac, about 4px) and 1 px right

    i hope it can be fixed as it makes it difficult to do the borders things

  99. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  100. When I type a link out in my channel description, it gets broken up into pieces... YouTube is inserting spaces.

  101. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  102. I did adjust my transparency and it looks much better now. I can hardly wait for the BG to stay put then as far as I'm concerned it'll all be perfect.

    I love my new channel so much. I just wanted to tell you guys again, 'Thanks so much for putting in all the hard work'.

  103. The top of the screen is too bright compared to my profile (djaikou). It'd be nice if you could choose a theme for that like you can do on

    Also, When are we getting the fixed background? It's needed even more now that we have transparency!!!

  104. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  105. Kevin Cooper, I like your idea regarding the online/offline status. Maybe it could be a red light/green lite with the words online/offline next to it.

  106. Brian,

    What if we discover glitches after the July 15 release date? Will we still be able to come hear and report glitches/bugs?

    Also, I found another glich. This is on renetto's and nalt's channel, and possibly other channels. It seems to happen to the channels that have lots of videos. In grid view, some video thumbnails overlaps towards the bottom of the list. If you are not able to see this on your end, I can make a screen capture.

    .:Muzik 4 Machines:.,

    You didn't like the idea of the featured video pausing when the grid view button is clicked because you like to keep on listening to the video while you browse. I agree with you.
    But for me, it distracts me when I'm browsing though the videos in grid view. If the pause feature is added, it would be good to have an option to enable and disable the pause.

  107. @N/A agreed, like a big pause button aong with the gris and video player or something

  108. Can't upload a background image

  109. I have tried again and again with the new channel design (which I like) but can not get a background image to display.
    I select a jpg file 204Kb in size, the spinning upload symbol spins then nothing happens.
    Please can we sort this out.

    Can't upload a background image

  110. I made a rather cool 8-bit style design with a green glow.

    What do you think :) ?

  111. Brian another suggestion!!!!!!!
    can you add like 5%, 15%, etc, not only 10%, 20%, i want 15%, and 25%, etc you know what i mean right Brian?

  112. suggestion:
    add an option to see who is unsubscribing a user or before unsubscribing a user the unsubber must say why he/she is unsubscribing
    yes im tired of seeing my subscribers dissapear
    without a reason and i want to know who and why!

  113. I'm a web developer at A.T. Still University and recently designed our youtube EDU channel. I'm loving the capabilities I have to brand the school on youtube. Check it out at

  114. Why do the new channels have seperate pages for the friends/subscribers/subscriptions, but not for the videos/favorites/comments/playlists? These features should definately come back.

  115. Brian,

    Again I would like to congratulate you on the great job you've done with the new channels. Here's some suggestions, along with a few glitches I'm experiencing.


    1) Along with the last log in date, you could have a section that tells whether the user is Online/Offline (Logged in to YouTube/Logged off of YouTube).

    2) Instead of limiting it to 50%, you should have more transparency options for the Color Palettes section.

    3) Allowing the option to set how many channel comments you want displayed.

    4) A few more fonts would be nice! -- Comic Sans, Arial Bold, etc... :)

    5) Let users rearrange their friends/subscribers/subscriptions in a different order.

    6) Let users rearrange their playlists in a different order.

    ** I use Internet Explore 8 on Windows Vista, and these are glitches I get **

    1) Whenever I click "more info" under my featured video description, the scroll bar is broken when I scroll down to read the description.

    2) Okay this one is a little complicated and hard to explain... bare with me... Whenever I make any changes to my channel on any tab (Settings, Themes and colors, Modules), when I click save change, the spinning wheel pops up over the cancel and save changes button. When it's done saving, it goes back to my channel. Here's the glitch: If I go back to the tab, the wheel is still over the save changes and cancel button, preventing me from making any changes, and forcing me to refresh the page... Did you get that? If so, tell me if you're having the same glitch...

    3) The links in the channel description don't autolink -- it puts a space in them, which prevents them from being clicked.

    That's all I can think of for now, I'll post anything else I run up on. Again, great job Brian! :)

    Kevin Cooper
    My channel:

  116. You guys need to address the "revert back" buttons. They're about as functional as a sociopath. Please!It's nice, I guess, that you're trying something new for people, but some aren't all that hot for the new stuff.

  117. Muhammed,

    It makes not sense to revert to the old channel now because the new channel will be released to everyone in 5 days.

  118. .:Muzik 4 Machines:.,
    I didn't mean a big pause button. What I was thinking was maybe a user could enable and disable the pause somewhere in his or her account or in the channel and click "save changes" to save changes.
    After typing this I just realized a flaw in my suggestion. I forgot that other users would be viewing my channel too. Ignore my suggestion.

  119. Brian,

    Sorry about the multple posts, but I ran up on another glitch...

    4) In the grid view, the Uploads and Favorites section the 9th and 10th rows overlap each other.

    Check it out here:

  120. @ N/A that's why i suggested a pause button outside the player, so you click on grid, get tired of the music and can pause it without going back to the player (and losing track of where you were in the video list)

  121. Hey Brian,
    Thanks for fixing my channel! I have it all changed over now, error free :o)

  122. This isn't about transparency but whenever I try to view my favorite from my channel, I get an error saying "Unknown playlist requested. Please try again." HELP!!!

  123. This is great! I really like the new channel design, and now with transparency, it's even cooler. I actually enjoyed designing my channel page. As a Graphic Designer, I am excited to see YouTube use this feature in the new channels.

    A few suggestions I would like to make is adding more fonts, and improving the HD option for the videos. The side panel would move, and the video would expand to HD size right in the page.

    Keep up the great work!

    My channel:

  124. This badly sucks. I'd never want to change this older channel type, the new one is more complicated and not so user-friendly. I'm annoyed of this. Why can't users decide, which channel they want to use?

  125. I am really liking the new designs, I am a partner and prefer them much more to the old ones.

    People, change must happen, look what YouTube looked like ages ago it looked silly, Google has made it better!!

    My Channel can be found at for anybody who is interested (:

  126. I would like to see gradient text colours or even gradient channel text

  127. Awesome job the transparency works great!

    Check out my channel see what you think.

  128. Bug, grid view, favorites, scroll down very very far (I have over 1000 favorites), it doesn't play.



    Doesn't work.

    Also, when you link to a video that's deeper in the list, the video list doesn't match this position.

    Ie7, XP Media

    Another suggestion, the favorite list should list what day each video was fav'd.

    Sugg, when faving a video that YOU ALREADY FAV'd, please move it to the top of my favorite list.

    Oh, and as for whether the video should pause in grid mode? I vote no. If I want it to pause, I will pause it manually. Maybe they can make the video show up transparently? Or, if that's too CPU intensive, move it to a thumbnail over your channel's avatar. Or leave it as is.

    Suggestion: Videos in my "Recent Activity" should play in my channel video box.

    Suggestion: Change Recent Activity to have 20 spots. Change it so it shows 3-5 of each "activity". Comments and ratings are the best thing to show, so those should be 5 each. 2 upload, 2 fav, and 2 friend, and 2 subscribe, and 2 announcements. This is by default. Users can change these numbers. (number of activities, and how many of each are guaranteed showing)

  129. this is the error i get with IE8 XP SP2 when i try to edit channel design
    500 Internal Server Error
    Sorry, something went wrong.

    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

    Also, please include the following information in your error report:


  130. sorry thats when i try to go into beta

  131. this is when i try to edit my channel
    500 Internal Server Error
    Sorry, something went wrong.

    A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

    Also, please include the following information in your error report:


  132. this is what i get in firefox 3.5 when trying to access anything bar my channel

    Bad Request
    Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.

  133. Hi. Thanks for this great update. I think I've discovered a bug: when I was viewing the contents of my channel in grid view and I clicked a video, it automatically started playing in Firefox, but not in IE. In IE it gets only highlighted but doesn't start to play automatically. Also sometimes when I change the transparency settings, they don't apply after I clicking the save button, I have to reload the theme and the old setting get loaded back but after this I can make the desired changes. Thanks.

  134. I want to let you guys know it's like you're bragging about a small change in a design nobody likes. Can you guys actually listen for once? We don't want ths! You're deceiving us by taking away the visible ratings, you're taking away our choices, and you're forcing an ugly design on everyone! What focus groups told you this was better? If you're going to make changes to YouTube, make them for the better! Heck, it should say something to you when the top channels on YouTube haven't switched yet! They're making more money with the old channel setup, maybe you should take a hint and work harder on this design. You're making this too easy for your competitors.

  135. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  136. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  137. Http://

  138. weird issue with the checkerboard at teh bottom in FF3 mac, before and after "92% of the teenage population" it gous out of the wrapper for 2 squares

  139. There is no where I could find for musician channels to update the albums they have available for sale.

  140. true that, i was there(even in beta) not too long ago in performer info(which disapeared)

  141. Yay! I love the transparency! But it would be cool of you could set specific windows to be transparent, rather then everything.

  142. I don't see any transparency besides to the wrapper background.

  143. I HATE THE NEW DESIGN PLS KEEP THE OLD ONE NEW REG. PPL CAN CHANGE IT TO THE OLD ONE !! THAT SUCKS THE NEW ONE IS UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. @David: Just shut up dude. They have already said they are not gonna try to maintain two different channels.

    Also, using 20+ exclamation marks and all caps doesn't make you cooler on the internet.

  145. Thanks for Transparency. Now, I can expose my background image for better visual style of channel.
    I am now thinking for making my background image scroll-proof (like Twitter profile background image!). Isn't this a nice idea ? Even, we can forget about image repeatation, if image resolution is high.

  146. I still have a problem that when I click on a video on someone's channel, and watch it through there, every few seconds the page refreshes, so the video keeps stuttering and stopping.
    Using Internet Explorer 8 on a Vista laptop, if that's in any way relevant.
    This glitch is still making these channels awful and is, I think, much more of a fix priority than any transparency issues or anything else minor.

  147. you need to try to make the new design more better looking than it is now so people don't complain about the ugly look to it

  148. I'm one of the old school fans, been here for three and a half years (TinyDancer500), and I'm *this* close to shutting up shop on July 15th.

    The new design is too crowded and impersonal for me. For example, what happens to the description I have under my name on the left? In all the years I've been here, my playlists have never organized themselves alphabetically, which is quite annoying when I have, say, 4 different Sesame Street lists and no way of directing people from one to another (I have 34 playlists, all listed by date created, can't budge 'em), so I've had to highlight some on my channel page. It appears to me that that description will disappear, right?

    Also, I've found many users with no vids of their own, but with terrific Favorites I can subscribe to. That option appears to be gone as well.

    In the end, I only find myself asking why on earth *the* most popular and successful video-sharing site on the web needs to change so radically? There's a reason you've become so loved and respected in such a short time, it ain't broke, why are we trying to fix it?

    Thanks for your time.

  149. I LOVE the transparency options. I just noticed that there were separate transparency settings for the wrapper and the modules. Looks great!

  150. Hi. Another problem. I've added a playlist (I mean, created a new one) several hours ago, but it won't show on my channel. Any idea as to why?

  151. Brian,

    Discovered another glitch. Again, I'm in IE8 on Windows Vista...

    1) When using full screen mode in IE8, the wrapper and module backgrounds disappear (except for the video area at the top). This is kind of annoying for me, because I prefer going to full screen (by pushing f11) in IE to edit my channel

    Besides that, everything is looking good on these beta channels! :)


  152. Can you make the links and URLs clickable in the channel descriptions please?That is one of the issues with the new design.It's much easier to just click on a link instead of copying it then pasting it to your search bar.So are you going to make links and URLs clickable?

  153. I'm glad this was fixed, I love making backgrounds but I was feeling completely trapped by the lack of transparency.

    Another this you may want to work on is adding the option to not have the background centered or at least not tiled horizontally.
    At this point if I want to do something along the edge of the border I have to hope that people have the same width browser as me.

  154. I like the transparency now! but i wish you could choose MORE options like the non-beta for transparency. and if you put links in your channel description they dont work
    please fix it!
    ~Youtube: CherryBlossom297

  155. You can't ignore us forever, Brian! Soon YouTube will be deserted because of those crap new beta channels, and you'll still be wondering about it. I know it may seem that a lot of people like the beta channels on this specific blog post, but check out the comments of your own videos.

    If you still think that a lot of people like the beta channels, get some therapy. Also, expect to get fired from YouTube for being so dumb!!!

  156. And one more thing: Why are you doing this to yourself, Brian? You're making yourself the most hated man on the Internet! Why, WHY did you have to "fix" something that was working just fine before?! I admit there were some glitches on the old channel, but this one has WAY more! You've got to listen to us! Just because a few people like it you have to enforce the beta channels on everyone?! Now, that's absurd. It's not really YOUTube if the staff doesn't even listen to most of their loyal users.

    Oh, well, you're the one who's gonna be hated by everyone. I hope you'll be embarrassed to go outside your house past July 15, because no one's gonna talk to you. Except for your friends, who might not even like you anymore. Have fun destroying YouTube, jerk.

  157. Still, no one wants forced "Change". That is communist!

    Then the page still needs work. There are a lot of malfunctions. We have to be contained in one area. No cross over to related videos. We are still clumped in one area.

    I still like old templates. We should have choice.


  158. @ Brian: And another thing: "No ignoring going on. We just don't agree with everyone." MY BUTT.

    And we're gonna continue to complain and spam until you actually LISTEN to us.

    We all remember when there was a "You" in YouTube. But now it's practically gone. I hope you're happy you ruined YouTube with your butt-ugly, PAINFULLY slow, difficult-to-navigate channels.

  159. Japanlover97, just shut the fuck up already. You are being a retarded idiot.

    You hate the new channel that much? Then leave. I don't think those two subscribers you have are really going to miss you. Also, how much do you actually use Youtube when you only made one video from two or more years ago, have no favorited videos, and have only watched 64 videos since september 2006?

    Stop trying to get on the "Hate Beta" Bandwagon.

  160. @ TaurusOxford: I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not that japanlover97. There must be some kind of mistake. If you assume that I have the same YouTube username, then YOU'RE the retarded idiot. Don't make assumptions like that. I think I've made my point already. I have no videos. And thus, I have no subscribers. And I'm not telling my YouTube username. EVER.

  161. stop flaming and complaining about the beta channels! with the new transparency options it's just like the old channel!

    check out my channel :) transparency options make a huge difference :)


  162. I don't know where else to put this:

    Could we get back the "List by Most Commented" option? I had a little competition going between my videos... Otherwise I can deal with and even learn to love the new Channel desing. :)

  163. go to the my_video page and click comments, it will sort them from most to less commented

  164. why can youtube leave the old channel like it use 2 be. 2.0 beta is sucks.

  165. Not to be a hater but I dis-like the new beta channel. I'm loving the old one and hatg the beta. It's just a design that's not cut out for some people. I don't think you should make everyone have the new beta channel. Just let us pick which one since some of us don't like it. Thanks.

  166. Yes! Thank you very much! It works nicely.

    There is one issue I have with it, though: In my channel, under the videoplayer, the button "...(more info)" doesn't show any transparency according to the rest of the channel.

    Aside from this, great work.

  167. But the transparancy only goes to 50%, doesn't it?
    That's to less imho!

  168. hmmm....there is one bug...its a terrible layout and i would like to keep the one i got.

    The layout is only good if your a partner. And for all of us non-partners out's terrible.

  169. The transparency feature is great. Thank you very much! :D

  170. The new channels are stellar! And the transparency is just what we needed for our BarbecueWeb channel. Thanks guys. Check it out! -BBQ Pit Boys

  171. i like to report a bug in Internet Explorer 8
    in which i cant seem to update my channel
    hope this bug report helped

  172. i cant like um change my bg,every time i click on my pick frm my comp the channel always goes back to the normal channel b4 i can click saveit isnt my computer because i changed computers and it still wasnt working,please help me you tube!

  173. Waiting for the channel background
    YouTube SUCKS
    after you upload a jpeg under 200k you cant click update channel and on the new stupid channels it also does not work (i even waited the 6 hours and tried all other ways) - if anyone knows how to fix this bug please tell me

  174. i love the transperancy! that is the only reason y i dont hate beta channels :)

  175. I love the transparency and that we can have 100% transparency for the wrapper.

    Can someone let me know how to get back to my regular channel view quickly/simply when another video has been playing on my page?

    My new design is my all-time favorite; check it out: 1221solstice2012

  176. This comment has been removed by the author.

  177. I have only two levels of transparency - 100% or none.

    When I set i.e. 50%, or 60% I'm getting 100% transparency instead.

    I'm using Mozilla Seamonkey if this does matter (with old channels everything is ok).

    I also cast my vote for saving the old channels as they're really good.

  178. This beta is complete shit. Give your users the choice to keep the old version or say goodbye.

  179. thanks for restoring the tranparency! not sure if this is a bug or just an "unsupported browser issue" but i'm unable to view "levels" of transparency. it's all or nothing. i'm using FF and Safari 3.0.4 on OS X 10.5.

  180. At the very least give us the choice to keep the old channel design. Please don't force us to use what we don't want to. I have everything set up the way I like it and the new channel design ruins everything I've worked on.

  181. This comment has been removed by the author.

  182. Brian,

    Even though you guys are fixing all the problems. Alot of us still prefer the old channel. Most of us want it optional. I very hope you think more about this just as much as the Beta's problems. Even if you dont have it optional. Try the best you can to make it similiar to the old channels.


  183. Does anyone like my channel? (dileask)

  184. I THINK WE SOULD GET TO CHOOSE WHAT CHANNEL WE HAVE! i mean it's our channel and i don't wan't to be stuck with a channel that i hate!

  185. I use Safari, but sometimes when I change the transparency, noting happens.

  186. p.s. I really like transparency, you can see my background image through it :D

  187. Unfortunately I have no idea what you are going on about. If I could make it transparent I would be able to see my background image. Another thing, I can't revert back to the old style page. So something should be done about this.

  188. I still hate the beta channels

  189. I'm proud of my design

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